Choosing the best table lamp for your home office

In an article about the five indispensable attributes of a home office, Our website wrote how important it is for this zone to have proper lighting. Most often, owners use a table lamp in addition to the general light. We will present you lamps for the workplace at home, named by the designers as the best.

Table lamp NHDK-WR-BK

Let’s start with the classics. This is a table lamp by architect Wright, whose buildings the portal told about. Black, comfortable, laconic, suitable for any home office and will definitely never go out of fashion, because the classics do not age.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED

The opposite is the ultra-modern Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED. The lamp is wireless, one USB charge will last for 40 hours. Easy to move to a new location, looks very laconic. Perfect for a hi-tech office with the latest technology.

BenQ e-Reading LED

Another novelty is BenQ e-Reading LED. The whimsical shape does not prevent this table lamp from efficiently and evenly illuminating the work surface. The lamp is “smart” and adapts to the ambient light by adjusting the luminous flux.

Humanscale Horizon LED Task Light

Humanscale Horizon model. Differs in a modern form, there is a choice of seven levels of lighting. The light starts up smoothly, so it doesn’t hit the eyes. According to the designers, an excellent choice not only for the home office, but also for the bedside table.

Haitral Industrial Desk Lamp

Haitral lamp is made in retro style. There are fewer options compared to previous “smart” models, but this choice is suitable for those who appreciate industrial design in the loft style.

Dyson lightcycle

Dyson Lightcycle luminaires perfectly simulate natural sunlight. Eyes get tired less with this kind of lighting, and work comfortably. Can be an excellent choice for a student’s desk. The design is also industrial, but modern and bold.

Table lamp Green Link

A very interesting Green Link model. Bright, beautiful LED table lamp with two levels of light intensity.

Cork lamp Kurk

Kurk lamp. The shade and stand are made of cork, an environmentally friendly material. Thanks to this solution, the lamp looks very cute, suitable not only for a home office, but also for a children’s room..

Wooden table lamp

This model is called very simply – “Oo”. The lamp made of natural wood looks elegant and stylish, just for those who want to decorate the interior in an eco-style.

Table lamp E.T.

And this model with the laconic name E.T. suitable for those who have absolutely no space on the desktop for additional accessories. This is both a table lamp and an office stand, two in one. Available in different colors, the light can be directed at the desired angle by turning the lamp head.

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