Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

It is no secret that in our country not all settlements are supplied with gas. And an important question arises before the owners of houses, how to provide their homes with heat. After all, a summer cottage is one thing, but a warm house for permanent residence or arrivals in winter is quite another..

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

What options do the owners of houses not connected to gas supply have:

  • Build a furnace. Heat with wood and coal. Cons – you need to hire a stove-maker or buy a ready-made metal stove, whose efficiency is lower. We’ll have to watch the fire, stock up on solid fuel. The stove is ash, smoke, the need for constant maintenance. In addition, live fire is always a fire hazard..
  • Buy a gas holder – a container in the form of a metal tank – and install a boiler operating on a propane-butane mixture. Autonomy will be ensured, but the gas tank itself costs a lot – from 225 thousand rubles. And that’s just the reservoir itself! If we calculate the costs of installing a gas tank underground, protecting it from corrosion, laying pipes, the gas supply project itself, then the costs can easily exceed 1 million rubles. And you will have to deal with the arrangement of heating at least all summer, spending time and money. In addition, the gas tank will have to be filled regularly when ordering a gas carrier.
  • Install a liquid fuel oven. The question of environmental cleanliness will arise immediately! This is the “dirtiest” type of fuel, which is not recommended for permanent heating..
  • Solid fuel boilers. Again, there are costs for the purchase of the device, the arrangement of a spacious, separate boiler room, fuel supplies, which are often difficult to obtain – pellets, for example, are not yet very common in Russia.
  • Use electricity. Let’s talk about this option in more detail..

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

Electric heating boilers are a good option. But again, additional costs arise – you need to dissolve pipes throughout the house, buy and install radiators, purchase the boiler itself and arrange a place for its installation. According to the calculations of experts, equipping a heating system with an electric boiler for a house with an area of ​​130 square meters will cost at least 700 thousand rubles. Cheaper than in the case of a gas tank, but still.

In addition, if the house has already been renovated, then the installation of heating will lead to the need to redo and update it. Again, money and time, the need to hire specialists, because the owners will not be able to cope on their own. Therefore, in the first place in popularity among homeowners who are not connected to gas and who want to quickly and cheaply turn summer housing into winter housing are electric heaters.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

Let’s figure out the features of each type of electric heaters:

  • Fan heaters or, as they are popularly called, heat-blowers. The device is simple, inexpensive, lightweight and compact. This option is well suited for temporary warming – when you arrive, turn it on, direct a stream of warm air towards yourself, it is already more comfortable. Not very suitable for large spaces.
  • Oil radiators. Inert. They heat up longer than the fans, but they can also retain heat for some time. Safety is guaranteed only if the heater has a fire safety certificate – if the device is not of high quality (read cheap Chinese), then hot oil may leak from the radiator when dropped or hit. Move only after the device has partially cooled down.
  • Infrared heaters. They do not make noise, they provide zoned, spot heating (great for unheated balconies, garages), as a rule, they are more economical than previous options. But the use of these in the living room is limited. With the wrong selection of power, and most importantly, the installation location, objects that cannot tolerate this can overheat. For example, furniture.
  • Convectors. Economical, heat up the room evenly, heat becomes very fast. Of all the existing electric heaters, they are best suited for permanent use. When installing on a wall, be sure to follow the instructions!

Important! The main difference between the convector and standard radiators and other electric heaters is that it provides air circulation, guaranteeing an even distribution of heat and the comfort of all residents of the house.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

The advantages of using convectors for heating a summer house and a house are obvious:

  • Minimum investment. The devices themselves cost a little, you do not need to lay pipes, do wiring, and so on. Convectors for work only need a place under the window or on the floor of the room and an outlet nearby.
  • The heating problem can be solved very quickly. Go to the supermarket and buy convectors for each room, focusing on their capacity and the area that will need to be heated. Bring home, hang or install, turn on – that’s it. After a couple of minutes, the rooms will begin to warm up evenly.
  • Modern convectors do not dry the air, do not burn oxygen, their operation will not negatively affect the microclimate of the house.
  • Can be used constantly, the dacha will be suitable for year-round living.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

The only thing that can confuse owners who decide to heat the house with convectors is the cost of their operation. Yes, electricity costs money, if the house is constantly heated, the amounts will run up solid. There is a way out – to purchase a modern inverter convector, which is much more economical than usual.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

For example, let’s take a novelty on the Russian market – the Electrolux Transformer System electric inverter convector. It has two important technological features:

  1. HEDGEHOG.This is a monolithic heating element that does not burn oxygen, has a heat transfer area increased by 20%, and is light in weight and size. Such convectors are heated to lower temperatures, they can be safely used all the time, there is a fire safety certificate from the Ministry of Emergencies. These convectors heat up to the set temperature 20% faster;
  2. Digital INVERTER.It is this technology that is responsible for the economy of the Electrolux convector. Electricity costs are reduced by 70%, that is, three times, which is proven by laboratory studies and relevant technical conclusions.

How are these significant electricity savings provided? How does a conventional convector with a mechanical block work – it heats the room to the set temperature and turns off. It’s simple. A conventional convector will turn on only when the temperature in the room drops below the one set by the owners.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

The inverter convector reduces the power when the temperature approaches the set one. That is, it does not turn off, but goes into economic mode. A conventional convector operates at full power every time it is switched on. The inverter convector consumes electricity economically, constantly maintains the set temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C, after warming up the room, smoothly reducing the power, and, accordingly, the power consumption to the minimum required level.

Important! To make it clearer, let’s compare the costs of maintaining a fire in a wood-burning stove by periodically adding fuel and starting from scratch. It takes a lot of firewood to heat the oven. Easier to keep warm by using fuel sparingly and keeping the stove cool.

Let’s make simple calculations – a convector with a mechanical block per day, working in on / off mode, will consume about 15 kW. With a tariff of 5.47 rubles per kWh, we get 82.05 rubles per day. An inverter convector will consume 70% less electricity per day, that is, approximately 4.5 kW. Costs per day will amount to 24.61 rubles. The difference is almost 60 rubles, which is 1.8 thousand rubles a month. Sparingly? Still would.

Choosing the most economical way to heat your house with electricity

In addition, for Electrolux Transformer System, the control unit can be supplemented with a Smart Wi-Fi module. This allows you to remotely control your home heating from your smartphone. For example, let’s say you are going to the dacha for the weekend. An hour before arrival, you need to send a signal to the “smart” device through a specially developed application so that the convector starts heating the house. Or lower the temperature in the morning, when everyone is leaving, and raise it remotely before returning home. This is additional energy savings.

Experts assure that inverter convectors with the “heart” of HEDGEHOG and the “brain” of Digital INVERTER are the most economical, fireproof, durable and convenient to use today. Take a closer look at the Electrolux Transformer System if you want to quickly and inexpensively provide your home or summer cottage with safe, comfortable warmth.

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