Common mistakes when arranging a heating system

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Not only the comfort of all its inhabitants, but also their safety depends on how correctly the heating system of a private house is arranged. Our tips site has collected the most common mistakes that are made by owners in the process of arranging a home heating system.

Common mistakes when arranging a heating system

The first mistake – the wrong choice of the heating boiler

It must meet the capacity of the house area. If the boiler is too powerful, it will cause additional costs. And a boiler with insufficient power simply cannot heat the whole house. The efficiency of the boiler must also be taken into account. The portal wrote in detail about how to choose a gas boiler, in particular a wall boiler. We are sure that our articles will help you avoid mistakes when choosing the “heart” of the heating system at home.

Wall hung gas boiler

Second mistake – wrong pipes

Conventional water pipes are not suitable for the heating system. Looking for welded steel, copper or plastic with an anti-diffusion coating. The pipes must have a certificate confirming that they are intended specifically for the heating system.

Polypropylene pipes in the heating system

Important! All pipes must be of the same diameter so that no pressure drops are created at the joints.

In addition, pipes of different materials cannot be used, because at the joints, due to different thermal expansion and chemical properties, reactions can begin that are difficult to predict. Even pipes from different manufacturers are not recommended to be used, buy at once in one place for the entire heating system.

Mistake three – wrong choice and location of radiators

The calculation of the required number of radiator sections is done for each room separately! On average, according to experts, one section is needed per square meter of the room. It is also important to install the radiator correctly. Traditionally – under the window so that it occupies about 2/3 of its width. External walls should not be left without heating batteries, if they are not sufficiently insulated, this will lead to freezing.

Tubular heating radiator

Mistake four – wrong choice of expansion tank and circulation pump

The power of the pump must allow it to create a pressure that exceeds the resistance created by all pipes and devices. Otherwise, the system will not work. The expansion vessel is specially selected for open or closed heating systems. Its volume must be at least 15% of the total coolant in the system. Better even a little more, with a margin.

Expansion tank in the heating system

Important! The expansion tank is installed higher for the system to work properly. Just on the floor, without an additional base it is impossible.

Error five – incorrect heating circuit

Ready-made schemes can now be found on the Internet. However, they do not take into account the peculiarities of each private house and often contain errors. There are no universal heating schemes! You need to either use the services of professional designers or plumbers, or carry out calculations and draw up a diagram yourself.

Connection diagram of a solid fuel boiler with a heat accumulator Connection diagram of a solid fuel boiler with a heat accumulator: 1 – chimney; 2 – thermostat; 3 – security group; 4 – air separator; 5 – circulation pump; 6 – heat accumulator; 7 – three-way mixer; 8 – weather-dependent automation; 9 – heating radiator; 10 – circulation pump; 11 – check valve; 12 – expansion tank; 13 – protection against dry running; 14 – make-up valve; 15 – laid-on temperature sensor; 16 – solid fuel boiler

Mistake six – refusal of shut-off and control valves for radiators or its wrong choice and installation

Taps, gate valves, Mayevsky taps, safety valves are needed to ensure the safe operation of the entire heating system, their installation cannot be neglected.

Electric thermal head on the radiator

Important! Thermal heads, which are installed on radiators in order to control the temperature in the room, are not always needed. For example, a solid fuel boiler can boil if the thermal valves cut off the coolant supply when the set temperature is reached. In general, in a small private house, the temperature is often easier to regulate on the boiler itself, without installing thermal heads on each radiator.

Mistake seven – hiding hydraulic equipment and not providing a safe supply of electricity

You cannot hide gas supply lines. The hydraulic equipment is also not worth it, because the leak in this case can be overlooked. If at least one element of the heating system of a house is powered by electricity, it needs a modern relay device. An electric boiler will need a voltage stabilizer.

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