Gas stove for summer cottages

Recommendation points

Technical requirements for the premises

There is an opinion that it is unacceptable to install a gas stove in a room whose walls and ceiling are upholstered with wood or other flammable materials. This is not true. Subject to all other safety measures, the operation of gas equipment in such a situation is not illegal or fire hazardous..

The mandatory minimum requirements for the room where the gas stove is installed are the following indicators:

  1. Room volume:
    • 21 cubic meters m. – 4-burner stove and heating boiler;
    • 15 cubic meters m. – 2-camphor stove.
    • 7.5 cubic meters – boiler.
  2. Room height – from 2.2 m.
  3. Windows – one window opening facing outward.
  4. Air shaft.
  5. Separate heating boiler chimney.
  6. Gas detector.
  7. The service life of a gas stove is up to 5 years, the presence of a technical passport is mandatory.

In some cases, when installing a gas stove, it may be necessary to create a wall or ceiling protective screen. Only a specialist in this field can give precise recommendations on the need or expediency of its installation..

How to choose the optimal gas stove for a summer residence
Heating boiler flue

How to choose the optimal gas stove for a summer residence

There is no fundamental difference – the gas stove will be installed in a country house or a city apartment. The only exception is equipment designed to operate on liquefied (propane) – bottled gas, which cannot be operated in an apartment building. When choosing a gas stove for a summer residence or a country cottage, it makes sense to take into account the following points:

  • if the volume of the country kitchen is insignificant – up to 20 sq. m., it is allowed to install only a 2-burner gas stove;
  • in the summer, you may want to transfer the cooking process to the summer kitchen. In this case, it makes sense to consider purchasing a mobile desktop gas stove with the ability to connect it to a gas cylinder;
  • the color of the slab should be determined not only taking into account the general interior design, but also taking into account the specifics of life outside the city. If the family has small children, it will be quite problematic to maintain the snow-white surfaces of the new acquisition in perfect condition..
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Installing and connecting a gas stove
Dark working and front panels of the stove are a good option for giving

In addition to all of the above, before buying a gas stove for a country house, you need to decide in advance on the place of its installation in the room .. Its optimal dimensions may depend on this. If the standard height of stationary gas stoves is 80 cm, then the depth and width can vary from 50 cm to 60 cm and more – depending on the model.

How to design a gas pipeline tapping point to connect a gas stove

At this stage, it is important to know that the maximum length of the flexible hose through which the gas stove is connected to the central line cannot exceed 2 m.Thus, the key parameter for the location of the stove, in the case of a sufficiently large kitchen area, will be the entry point of the gas pipe.

Installing and connecting a gas stove
Gas pipe with a tap for connecting a gas stove

After accepting the gas project, it is certainly possible to independently increase the length of the flexible hose by joining several standard ones using a special adapter.

However, the feasibility and safety of this procedure is in doubt – it is much easier to think over in advance the layout of kitchen furniture and equipment, and then determine the optimal point of the gas pipeline tie-in. In this case, a prerequisite is that the gas supply shut-off valve must be easily accessible, and, therefore, be at a distance of 80 cm and above from the floor level.

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Installing and connecting a gas stove

Installation and connection of any gas equipment must be carried out by qualified specialists in accordance with all established standards and safety requirements.

The installation of a gas stove in the premises of a country house is its connection to the entry point of the central gas main by means of a flexible hose, as well as leveling the working surface of the stove with adjusting feet in a horizontal plane – parallel to the floor plane.

Gas connection
Inlet for connecting a flexible hose on the back of the gas stove

Types of flexible gas hoses with gaskets
Types of flexible gas hoses with gaskets

Gas in the country
Leveling foot

After the gas stove is installed, you must make sure that all the requirements for the conditions of its further safe operation are met..

There are parameters of the permissible bending angle of flexible hoses, which in no case should be violated.

Safety requirements

The development of a gasification project for a country house must also include technical support for the parameters of safe operation of gas equipment.

In the case of a gas stove installed in the premises of a country house, they provide:

  • mandatory presence of a ventilation duct;
  • installation of a gas detector;
  • installation of a gas meter;
  • free access to the gas pipeline shut-off valve.

Ventilation duct
Ventilation duct

Gas detector
Gas detector

Installation of a ventilation duct is a prerequisite for the operation of a gas stove in a country house and is not an alternative to a conventional kitchen hood.

The gas detector is a small device that is connected to the mains and fixed at a distance of 15-20 cm from the ceiling. In the event of a gas leak, it emits an annoying audible signal.

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A fragment of a gas pipeline pipe with a shut-off valve inside the building should be painted yellow – the same as the external gas pipeline.

All issues related to further maintenance and repair of gas equipment should be resolved in accordance with design, regulatory and warranty documents – specialists in this field.

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