Heating a private house with gas cylinders

The lack of natural gas mains is forcing homeowners to look for alternative heating options. Some stop at LPG equipment. Our site of advice decided to figure out in which cases it is justified, when gas cylinders will become a good option for heating a house.

Heating a private house with gas cylinders

It seems that there is nothing complicated; to heat a house with liquefied gas from cylinders, you need to do only three steps:

  1. Buy the gas equipment itself, valves to it and a reducer;
  2. Choose and purchase a gas boiler. The overwhelming majority of boilers that run on natural gas from a main pipe can also use liquefied gas. In order for the boiler to work normally on this fuel, you need to change the nozzles. Sometimes it is necessary to reconfigure the control system;
  3. Connect the entire heating system and adjust it.

However, you need to decide how long one cylinder will last and whether it is possible to provide the house with heat in this way at all.

If for a hob or stove one gas cylinder of a standard volume of 50 liters is enough for a couple of months, even if the family is large enough, then much more is needed to heat the “blue fuel”!

Experts have long calculated that no more than 42 liters of gas can be placed in one cylinder. This is 22 kilograms in liquid form. Any boiler will consume 15 liters of gas per day per 100 square meters of living space. Thus, one cylinder is enough for only two days of continuous work, if the area of ​​the house does not exceed 100 “squares”.

Is it a little or a lot? On average, filling one cylinder with a volume of 50 liters with a mixture of propane and butane costs about 900 rubles. And this is gas filling. First you have to buy the cylinder itself, but it costs about 2800 rubles (with a safe valve).

Heating a private house with gas cylinders

A cubic meter of natural gas in Moscow costs 4.905 rubles. One liter of liquefied gas will cost an average of 20 rubles. It turns out that heating with liquefied gas from cylinders is four times more expensive than using main gas. Yes, the owners do not need to spend money on the project at the first stage, to stretch gas pipes to the house. However, you will have to constantly, on average, once a week go to a gas station with empty cylinders. And this is also a fuel consumption for a car and a waste of time.

According to the owners of houses heated with liquefied gas, depending on the temperature outside, one cylinder is enough for a period of 1 to 7 days. That is, it is at least 4 gas cylinders per month – November or March, in winter more fuel is required. And this is for a house with an area of ​​70 to 100 square meters, no more.

Important! Experts are sure that it is inexpedient to heat cottages with an area of ​​about 150 square meters with bottled gas. Too expensive. In addition, if the house is poorly insulated, then the costs will increase significantly, gas will literally “fly into the pipe”.

Heating a private house with gas cylinders

In operation, the gas tank, about which the portal wrote in detail, turns out to be cheaper than heating with bottled gas. And you only need to fill it once a year. However, at the first stage, only an underground gas tank will cost over 200 thousand rubles. At the same time, connecting a heating system from cylinders on a turnkey basis will cost 13 thousand rubles, plus the price of the cylinders themselves. The costs are not so high, which makes gas equipment a more popular choice than a gas tank..

Heating a private house with gas cylinders

Experts are sure that it is advisable to heat a private house with liquefied gas in cylinders in the following cases:

  • They do not live permanently in the house, they come in winter for the weekend. In this case, connecting heating to cylinders turns out to be cheaper, a little fuel is consumed;
  • House no more than 100 square meters;
  • The house is perfectly insulated, energy efficient;
  • The owners expect that soon gas will be supplied to the village and they will be connected to the main pipe. In this case, you should not spend money on a solid fuel boiler, it is better to immediately buy a gas one and for now, temporarily, use cylinders;
  • The heating system is combined. For example, in addition to the gas boiler, wall-mounted electric convectors are installed. Then you can turn off the gas heating during the day, while the owners are at work, and use convectors set at low power. Or, in addition to the boiler, the house also has a coal-wood stove.
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