How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

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Having installed a video intercom in your apartment, you will never regret it. With its help, you can not only hear the voice of someone who came to visit you, but also see his face. You will always be able to see the one who is behind your door. Let’s talk about how to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment correctly.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

What is a video intercom and what advantages does it give

A video intercom is a complex system that consists of a monitor, a video camera, an intercom, an electronic lock and a power supply. All links of this system are interconnected by a single communication channel. The fundamental difference between such a device and a conventional intercom is not only the ability to see all visitors, but also (optionally) the ability to record video or receive photos of guests if necessary, some models can send you a photo of the one who approached your door by e-mail. Also, in modern models of video intercoms, it is possible to connect several security cameras at once from different angles, for example, not only at the entrance of an apartment building, but also near it, near the elevator, in the apartment hall, etc..

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment 1 – monitor with built-in intercom; 2 – power supply unit; 3 – electromechanical lock; 4 – calling panel; 5 – video camera

In addition to the fact that the video intercom is able to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry of unauthorized persons into the protected area, it provides a number of other advantages:

  • this is a relatively affordable way to ensure security. Today on the market you can find video intercoms that are affordable for a large number of consumers;
  • ease of use and durability;
  • high functionality;
  • the ability to control the electric lock remotely without leaving home;
  • high strength and unpretentiousness to weather conditions. All video intercoms have a vandal-proof housing that reliably protects such equipment from mechanical damage and any other external influences;
  • the presence of infrared illumination allows you to get good image quality even at night;
  • automatic recording of what is happening thanks to the built-in memory system and many others.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

Varieties of video intercoms

To date, all video intercoms that are on sale differ from each other mainly in the set of functionality and their cost..

So, for example, the simplest budget models allow the user to visually control the front door, communicate with the guest and open the lock. Such devices are equipped with a black and white monitor, and despite the fact that they have a minimal set of functions, they are able to quite effectively cope with their main task..

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

More sophisticated and, accordingly, the most expensive video intercoms provide buyers with almost unlimited possibilities. Such devices are equipped with several color cameras with a wide viewing angle, motion sensors, have a large amount of memory for storing videos and photos, and can also be connected to the Internet and notify the owners of the house about visitors remotely via SMS messages or e-mail..

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

Also, modern video intercoms, depending on the connection method, are usually divided into two categories:

  • wired models – in such devices, the outdoor panel is connected to the monitor with a special cable;
  • wireless models – video intercoms that operate on radio frequencies. Such devices do not have wires, which greatly simplifies the process of their installation..

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

In addition, there are video intercoms:

  • with a hidden camera – a device whose camera is invisible to others. It allows you to conduct covert video surveillance of the object;
  • with an open camera – device models in which the camera is visible to visitors. According to experts, this disciplines others, makes them refrain from illegal actions..

How to choose the right video intercom for an apartment

When choosing a video intercom, most often buyers are guided by the cost of such a device. However, experts recommend taking into account other features, namely:

  • type of access equipment – if you buy a video intercom for an apartment, then it must be integrated with an already installed entrance intercom system;
  • determine the number of controlled areas and, accordingly, CCTV cameras;
  • area of ​​an apartment or house – for a large room it is better to choose a video intercom with a wireless intercom tube, a remote control or the ability to display an image on a TV screen. For a small apartment, compact devices without a tube are suitable;
  • number of guests – if your home or office has regular guests, then a video intercom with a memory card is an ideal solution. So you can make video recording in automatic mode and keep everything under control;
  • if you are often absent at home, then it is better to choose a video intercom with the function of sending photos and videos to your mobile phone.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

In addition, it is also worth considering the design of the equipment, the reputation of the manufacturer, the possibility of service, etc..

Step-by-step installation of a video intercom

The stable operation and durability of a device such as a video intercom is largely dependent on a quality installation. Such work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Installation planning.
  2. Cable routing.
  3. Installation of equipment.
  4. Functional check.

1. At the first stage, it is necessary to precisely determine the places where the cameras, outdoor and intercom panels, as well as the video intercom power supply unit will be installed. This is done before the completion of finishing work in the house, which will hide all the wires, the power supply, etc. It is recommended to install the outdoor panel and cameras at a level of at least 160 cm.It is important to correctly calculate the camera’s angle of view, as well as the absence in its path any obstacles. It is also worth noting that you should not install the video surveillance camera of the outdoor panel facing the window, otherwise in the daytime in the monitor you will most likely see a dark silhouette of a guest against the background of a bright light from the window. As for the negotiation panel, it is installed in any convenient place of the apartment. However, it is important to ensure good audibility of the signal.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

2. Next, the cables are laid. This is one of the most crucial stages. The stability of the entire system depends on it. Experts recommend using special signal cables or twisted pair for this, the maximum working length of which should not exceed 40 meters. Otherwise, the signal will be weak. In addition, a supply wire and a cable for installing an electric lock are carried out.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

3. The next stage involves the installation of equipment: sources, cameras, outdoor and intercom panels, etc. This must be done according to the scheme that comes with the video intercom.

How to choose and install a video intercom in an apartment

4. After the completion of all installation work, check the operation of the equipment and, if necessary, eliminate the mistakes and malfunctions.

Thus, a properly selected and skillfully installed video intercom is able to provide reliable protection of your home, apartment or office from unauthorized persons..

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