How to install water meters in an apartment

Installing a water meter in an apartment is a simple and necessary matter. You will need some special tool, but even if you don’t have one, we’ll show you how to do without it. The main condition for a successful start of work is the presence in the apartment or on the riser of a working shut-off valve, a tap to turn off the water supply to the apartment for the duration of the work.

How to install water meters in an apartment

The first step is to close the water supply tap in the apartment. We check if there is water in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If there is no water, then you can get to work. If the shut-off valve does not hold in the apartment, you will have to go down to the basement and shut off the water in the entire riser (this is the work of a locksmith from your housing services or management company). In this case, we recommend starting work by replacing the riser valve in your apartment..

Tools and accessories for work:

  • pipe (gas) wrench;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • plumbing pliers;
  • hacksaw for metal or grinder;
  • file;
  • klup (thread cutting device);
  • flax, FUM tape, sandpaper, metal brush.

Meter installation

Install the meter on the pipe section from the shut-off valve to the first branch to the plumbing fixtures. In addition to the meter, you need to have: a half-inch sleeve (or in accordance with the size of your pipe), an oblique filter of the same size, a barrel (a short piece of pipe with threads at both ends).

How to install water meters in an apartment

We collect the next node. On one of the nuts that come with the counter, while without a seal, we screw the coupling, and the nut onto the counter. We screw the second nut from the kit into the oblique filter, into which we screw the barrel on the other side. We wrap the construction with the filter on the counter. The fitting knot is ready. We measure the distance from the shut-off valve to the desired cut point of the pipe directly with the manufactured unit. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the thread of the barrel by one and a half to two centimeters will screw into the tap, and an overlap must be left on the existing pipe for threading, which will be screwed into the coupling. We put a mark on the pipe. Let’s increase the distance from the tap to the mark by five to six millimeters. When assembling a unit on a tape or FUM tape, its size will slightly increase.

How to install water meters in an apartment 1 – water supply shut-off valve; 2 – double nipple for connecting pipes; 3 – mesh filter; 4 – counter nuts; 5 – connecting sleeve; 6 – water meter

We cut the pipe with a hacksaw or grinder, the main thing is to try to cut it perpendicular to the pipe axis. After the pipe wall has been cut, it will be necessary to drain the remaining water from it by substituting a container under the cutting site. If the cut is uneven or not perpendicular to the pipe axis, you will have to work with a file. Having cut off the pipe, we unscrew it from the tap. The crane must be held with an adjustable wrench so that it does not loosen its tightening on the riser. We clean the threads in the tap.

How to install water meters in an apartment

We remove paint and rust in the place of thread cutting, use a knife, file, sandpaper, metal brush. Use a file to chamfer the edge of the cut pipe. For easy threading, the chamfer needs to be removed more. The place where the thread is cut must be lubricated, for this it is better to use a piece of pork fat, but you can also use ordinary machine oil, grease.

We take the shank, put it on the pipe, pressing it with the palm of the hand against the end of the pipe, rotate it, cutting the thread. Perhaps, if the shank does not immediately capture the metal of the pipe, you will still have to work on the chamfer. The length of the threaded portion of the thread should be within 2–2.5 centimeters. When tapping, don’t try to cut everything at once. Return from time to time, removing the seal, clean the thread from shavings, lubricate. After completing this work, check the quality of the thread by screwing a sleeve onto it.

How to install water meters in an apartment

During further assembly, keep in mind that both the meter and the filter are installed in only one position. For this, arrows are molded on their bodies (they can be drawn). The arrow shows the direction of water movement through the meter and filter, from the tap on the riser to the plumbing fixtures.

Now, using flax and FUM tape (first we wind some flax, and then we make 4-6 turns of FUM tape), wrap and tighten the barrel into the tap on the riser. We screw the filter onto the keg, do not forget about the arrow. Hold the tap.

Advice! The filter must be installed so that its lower part, the sump with a mesh, looks straight down. This is necessary so that the dirt, passing through the filter, settles in the sump.

How to install water meters in an apartment

We tighten the nut from the meter kit into the filter, also sealing the connection with flax and FUM tape. We screw the coupling onto the threaded thread, and the second nut from the meter into the coupling. We check the distance between the ends of the nuts, it should be two to three millimeters larger than the counter itself. If the distance does not meet this requirement, some flax will have to be added or removed in the places where the threaded connections are sealed. True, for this you will have to disassemble the connection, completely clean it of used flax and FUM tape, and pack it again, taking into account the adjustment of the distance to the counter.

When the distance between the nuts in the filter and on the pipe meets the requirement, you can install the meter itself on the nuts. Do not forget to install spacers between the ends of the nuts and the meter, and also check the direction of the arrow on the body. While tightening the nuts on the counter, observe its position. It should be installed so that later it is convenient to look at it while taking readings. To do this, hold the meter body with pliers and tighten the nut with an adjustable wrench. Since the seal in this place is provided by rubber (silicone, paranite) gaskets, it is not necessary to exert great efforts when tightening the nuts.

How to install water meters in an apartment

You need to check the reliability of the resulting connections by opening the water tap in the kitchen or bathroom, and then turning on the water by opening the tap on the riser. If no water leaks are visible, you can close the water drawer and check the quality of the resulting seals again.

To be more sure that there will be no leakage, you can take a piece of tissue or toilet paper and attach it to the joints. Napkins and toilet paper absorb moisture well, and even with minimal water leakage through the seals, they leave a wet mark. If some connections are leaking, the thread sealing operation will have to be repeated. We unpack, pack, check. Flax and FUM tape are wound on the thread clockwise when looking at the thread cut.

How to install water meters in an apartment

If you don’t have the right tool

Not always in the household there is such a tool as a screwdriver that allows you to cut a thread on a pipe. In this case, you can do with a pipe die with a die holder, only it will be less convenient to work, it is more difficult to start cutting. It is more difficult to press the die evenly against the pipe end.

How to install water meters in an apartment

Today on the market, in plumbing stores, you can find such a thing as a device for connecting metal pipes without a thread. It is also called muffa-gebo. It is installed on the cut edge of the pipe, you can not remove the chamfer, it is clamped through the rubber ring with a metal cone and a union nut, all this is part of it.

How to install water meters in an apartment

The reliability of such a seal is large enough, you can not fear for a leak in this place. There is a finished thread on the opposite side of the gebo coupling. When purchasing such a coupling, pay attention that this thread is internal for the convenience of installing the counter nut on it. When installing the gebo coupling, carefully clean the pipe surface from paint and rust..

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