How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

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In order to correctly reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas, it is only necessary to replace the nozzles for supplying the gas mixture to the burners. We will tell you how to do it correctly and safely with your own hands, without resorting to outside help..

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

Features of connecting a stove to a gas cylinder

Jets are an important part of any stove. Each nozzle has a special hole of a specific diameter through which the gas mixture is supplied to the burner. As you know, the pressure of natural gas that enters our houses and apartments through central highways is much lower than the pressure of bottled gas. Therefore, the size of the openings in the jets of gas stoves operating on bottled gas should be smaller than in conventional stoves. Some manufacturers of gas stoves pre-equip them with jets for different types of gas mixtures (propane-butane, natural gas, etc.). However, if your stove does not have such jets, then they can be purchased separately and replaced by yourself..

List of required tools

Before proceeding with reconfiguring the stove to use liquefied gas and connecting it to a gas cylinder, it is worthwhile to prepare in advance all the tools and spare parts necessary for this. First of all, you will need:

  • new jets;
  • flexible hose for a gas cylinder more than one and a half meters long. It must be new without any cracks and damage, since the safety of others depends on it;
  • gas reducer with an outlet pressure of 30 mBar (frog);
  • wrenches (spanner 7 mm, open-end);
  • screwdrivers;
  • sealant;
  • soapy water.

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

How to choose the right jets

Gas stove jets are sold at any specialty store. Outwardly, they resemble ordinary threaded bolts. In the center they have a special hole of a specific diameter, through which the gas flows. As a rule, for the convenience of selection, manufacturers mark their products by knocking out the diameter of the outlet at the end of the nozzle.

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

When buying such a device, you should not save and even more so try to independently change the diameter of its hole. This can cause disastrous consequences. In the instructions for the stove, you must see the specific diameter of the nozzle hole for each burner. It is not permissible to use jets with a bore larger than the recommended one. This will not allow normal regulation of the flame, it will be more than permissible. Smaller jets will not produce enough flame.

Replacing the jets and connecting the gas cylinder

All work on reconfiguring the stove to use bottled gas must be carried out in compliance with basic safety rules. Replacement work must be carried out before connecting the stove to gas. It is necessary to remove the burners, and on some stoves even the top cover of the stove, unscrew the old jets with a wrench and, observing the required dimensions for each of the burners, screw in the new jets. Then collect everything in reverse order. To replace the nozzles in the oven, it is necessary to dismantle the surfaces that hide the burner of the oven and grill according to the instructions for the stove, then replace the nozzles and assemble the oven.

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

After that, you can connect the gas cylinder to the stove. To do this, we screw a fitting onto the inlet pipe of the stove, and put a hose on it and tighten it with a worm clamp. We connect the other end of the hose to the gearbox and fix it with a clamp. We connect the reducer to the cylinder using an open-end wrench. The gearbox must be strictly horizontal. To seal all threaded connections, use special paronite gaskets. They can be purchased both in specialized stores and at a gas station..

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

Secrets of a secure connection

The installation of any gas equipment in one way or another is associated with a certain risk to the health and life of others. Therefore, it is important to strictly adhere to certain rules during installation work:

  • it is forbidden to install a gas stove in rooms with poor ventilation;
  • the gas cylinder must be located at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the gas stove. A special metal box located on the street is ideal for this;
  • hose, reducer, all joints of gas equipment must be constantly accessible for visual control;
  • if you smell gas, immediately ventilate the room and do not use electrical appliances.

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

Checking the operation of the stove

It is important first to check the tightness of all connections. To do this, you need a regular soap solution, which is applied to the joints to check their reliability and that there is no gas leakage. If a leak is found, it is recommended to tighten the hose clamps tighter and replace the gaskets on the gearbox and re-check.

How to reconfigure the stove to use bottled gas

Now you can check the operation of the stove itself. If the burners light up easily, and the flame has a bluish tint without the so-called yellow tongues, burns with good strength and evenly, then we can confidently say that everything was done correctly.

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