How to replace a gas stove with an electric one

At first glance – a strange idea – to replace the gas hob with an electric one. However, in some cases this is justified and even necessary. Our tips site will give you detailed instructions on how to replace a gas stove with an electric one according to all the rules.

How to replace a gas stove with an electric one

Immediately, we note that abandoning a gas stove in favor of an electric one is a reorganization of the kitchen! As the portal has already written in the article on the approval of the redevelopment of real estate, it is not necessary to coordinate with the regulatory authorities only the replacement of engineering equipment with a similar power and technical device. Refusal of a gas hob and installation of an electric oven does not exactly fit this definition, agreement is required in any case.

There are not so many reasons for refusing a gas stove:

  • Combining kitchen and living room. The most common reason. The designers are sure that the current SNiPs are outdated, they do not take into account the capabilities of modern gas hobs, which are equipped with a gas control system. But these SNiPs are still valid and, according to them, the kitchen with a gas stove should be separated from the living rooms. Therefore, it is very difficult to coordinate the combination of such a kitchen with living rooms. There should be at least a light partition. As a result, homeowners who decide to demolish the wall between the kitchen and living room or former bedroom often have to ditch the gas stove to get open space..
  • Many people think that cooking on an electric hob is more convenient. Modern induction models are generally the latest in technology. However, this discussion can be continued for a long time, for those who are used to cooking on a gas stove, it can be difficult to rebuild and assess the capabilities of an electric.
  • Electric stoves are safer. This opinion also deserves attention. While much can be done to protect yourself from gas leaks, risks remain, albeit minimal..
  • I would like to move the hob to, for example, a kitchen island. There will be problems with gas, because you need to transfer and extend pipes, leave access to them in the floor.
  • Electricity, if transferred to a special tariff for apartments with electric furnaces, can be cheaper than gas. Strong enough argument.

How to replace a gas stove with an electric one

The process of getting rid of a gas hob in favor of an electric one looks like this:

  1. Go to the local power supply company – RES at the location of the apartment. And find out if the house has enough capacity to install an electric stove. She usually needs from 7 to 10 kW, in old houses – “stalinkas” and “Khrushchev” – this can cause problems. In this case, it is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to increase the power of the network. If yes, a project for the installation of new electrical equipment is needed, which is coordinated in the RES. If not, you may have to pull a new power cable at your own expense, again, coordinating everything with the power engineers. Or just choose a low-power hob, for example, with two burners of 2 and 2.5 kW.
  2. Having found out in the energy sales whether there is enough power for the electric stove, having received permission to install it and having resolved the issue with the meter (it may have to be replaced), it is time to go to the gas service. Here you need to write a statement stating that you refuse the gas stove.
  3. Coordination of the replacement of a gas hob with an electric one is carried out as part of an apartment redevelopment project, which the owner should have. He will have to make changes to the technical passport, apartment plan, so the project is needed at the first stage, before the start of the overhaul.
  4. The gas service will send specialists who will cut the gas pipes leading to the stove and install a plug. An act is signed, and the apartment is officially cut off from gas supply.

Important! Most often, it is impossible to completely get rid of the gas riser. This is the privilege of the residents of the upper floors. It is impossible to cut off the riser through which gas enters the apartments above, because the rest of the owners in most cases are not ready to switch to electric stoves.

  1. It is imperative to lead a separate cable to the electric stove and install a special three-phase outlet. If in the kitchen a hob and an oven are a popular modern option, then each such powerful electrical equipment needs its own cable and its own outlet.
  2. A contract for electricity supply is concluded with power sales, taking into account new electrical equipment. For apartments with electric stoves, a special tariff is set, which is approximately 70% less than usual. But often the energy supply company decides that since the house is supplied with gas, such a tariff is not required. There were cases when the owners of apartments in the old house were denied a special tariff for electricity, noting that they have wood stoves according to the BTI’s plans. Although, in fact, the tenants have long abandoned them, switching to electric stoves. This issue must be resolved on the spot in your energy supply organization. Most often, if everything is done officially and the apartment is cut off from the gas supply by specialists, the energy supply company sets a new tariff.

How to replace a gas stove with an electric one

Important! Residents of Moscow need to coordinate the replacement of a gas hob with an electric one in Mosenergosbyt, Mosgaz and Moszhilinspektsiya.

Some homeowners think they can simply turn off the valve on the gas pipe and replace the gas stove with an electric one yourself. This is an illegal redevelopment! There will be problems. In addition, in this case, you will have to pay both for gas (if there is no meter) and for electricity, and at regular rates. This results in double costs. Gasmen will sooner or later come to check the equipment and the owners who illegally replaced the stove with an electric one will face a fine.

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