Individual alarm systems for private houses

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Individual alarm systems for private houses – today they have become so widespread and accessible that there is a clear need to classify and streamline them. Therefore, today we will describe the types of protective systems, their main functions and scope.

Individual alarm systems for private houses

A few general guidelines

Your own alarm system is gradually ceasing to be a common whim. Everyone wants to calmly go about their business, being sure that the home will remain intact by the time the owners return. This is becoming more and more difficult in the face of growing crime: according to statistics, in the Moscow region alone, up to 25 thousand burglaries are registered annually, in fact, twice as many.

Individual alarm systems for private houses

Everyone who is authorized to advise people on the protection of their homes unanimously declares: even the simplest alarm system plays a significant deterrent. A complex multi-level system will not only scare off amateurs, but also make more experienced thieves think: is your apartment worth the time spent? Moreover, it will delay, but will not stop: do not forget that attackers are improving their knowledge and technical means for penetration, not yielding to the development of security systems.

Wireless GSM Alarm Kit Wireless GSM Alarm Kit

Alarms, designed and assembled independently, are practically invulnerable systems that cannot be used on a tip. At a minimum, they are guaranteed to inform the security control panel about a violation of the perimeter, and unwanted guests simply will not have enough time to finish their affairs – the average arrival time of a dress in a large city is 1.5-2 minutes.

Connecting the house to the security console

The need to install an alarm, as well as the degree of its technical perfection, is determined based on two factors. The first is the actual value of the property stored under protection. The second is the crime situation in the village, which inevitably aggravates in proportion to the increase in the number of residents..

Connection to the security console

The first stage in organizing a security system is always its most primitive part – a kind of automatic panic button. In typical systems, the simplest equipment is used, but the usual alarm system quite copes with its task of emergency calling the security crew. But only if a number of conditions are met:

  1. Do not establish communication with the security console using the main communication channels: Internet, telephone line and others like them. Route a line outside of the common header, possibly through a plumbing pipe or ventilation duct, through an attic or basement to an additional switch.
  2. Do not use wireless communication lines, radio and UHF transmitters are easily jammed.
  3. Do not place the control box against an external wall, portable EMP generators are no longer a fantasy.
  4. Be sure to supply the security complex with an autonomous power source, and monitor its performance all the time.
  5. Equip the system with means of reporting a disconnection of communication and eliminate all the potential for damage to the line.

UPS for power supply of fire alarm devices UPS for power supply of fire alarm devices

In most ordinary cases, you can stop at this. Developing your own security perimeter is the next step in improving the system, but it does not always have a rational need. The communication system with the security console should remain an invariable part of any complex, especially since security systems of even different levels of complexity can easily work together.

Organization of a security perimeter

Security systems are supplied with two types of detectors as standard. The simplest are contact sensors for opening doors or breaking windows. More sophisticated ones are infrared presence detectors. The problem is that their obvious location and primitive principle of operation make it relatively easy to deceive the system and get into the security zone. Therefore, after the installation of a typical security complex, there is almost always enough space for a further upgrade..

Door open sensor Magnetic door sensor

The first step is to list all possible and impossible ways to enter a home. Even windows and loggias of the higher floors, as well as rather spacious technical wells or ventilation ducts, can provide access to your home. This is especially true for residents of high-rise buildings with complex internal infrastructure..

House burglar alarm project

The second stage is the replacement of standard detection tools with more advanced ones and the installation of the latter where they are not provided for by the typical system. The third stage is the hidden placement of security sensors, the location of which is unknown to anyone except the owner. Usually, a hidden presence detection circuit is implemented by volume and pressure sensors, and they are able to detect even a small rodent by heartbeat.

Motion sensors Motion sensors

Do not be too lazy to equip the room with light and sound annunciators, and the louder they are, the more powerful psychological impact they will have. In smart home systems, for example, violation of the security perimeter is accompanied by frequent blinking of the main lighting, which, combined with the sharp sound of a siren, is very disorienting.

Multilevel security systems

When installing additional detection tools, you may be faced with the need to reorganize the central security unit. Usually the problem is solved by installing an additional unit for the internal security system, which exchanges status information with the unit transmitting messages to the console.

Security alarm installation

If the system uses high-level digital sensors, it may be necessary to transfer the complete data set to the console. In this case, the serial port interface is used to communicate between the two units. In a simpler version, only I / O modules are connected, thus, the operation of one unit will only serve as a signal about violation of a certain zone of another and vice versa..

One of the special cases of an additional security circuit is a video surveillance system. It can interact with the security system, providing a visual representation of the state of affairs at the protected facility. Video surveillance, in addition to a deterrent factor, has a beneficial effect on the investigation of a crime: cameras record the personalities, actions, escape routes and license plates of the attackers’ transport, that is, almost all classic hot trails.

Security alarm in a smart home

The simplest example of a multi-level system is the separate organization of the internal and external security perimeter for a private house. These circuits use completely different types of sensors, and it would not be entirely appropriate to combine them under the control of one unit. When dividing it, it becomes possible to further adjust the logic of the complex operation: one security circuit can not only cause a general alarm, but also exchange information with others to prevent false alarms. This is especially useful if there are large pets in the house or area..

Perimeter security sensor Perimeter security sensor

Security system of own design

Lastly, don’t forget that it might make sense to ditch the services of third-party contractors, whether it’s just cabling or a complete system setup. In any case, it is very useful to find out the legal side of the issue and ask what responsibility the contractor bears for disclosing the details of the implementation of a particular system.

Installing a motion sensor in the house

You must understand that without experience in the development of security systems, you cannot create a truly effective means of protection, you still have to get advice. Try to do this anonymously and not disclose the details of the implementation of the system to strangers, work hard on the placement of hidden surveillance and detection systems, reorganize the system for locking windows and doors. Take all responsibility into your own hands and ensure the safety of your property.

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