Operation of radiators in questions and answers

Having devoted many articles to the installation and selection of heating radiators, our site of advice decided to answer the most common questions that relate to their operation.

Beautiful heating radiator

Do I need a Mayevsky crane?

Yes, it is highly desirable to install it on every radiator. This is a manual air vent. If air accumulates in the sectional battery, it interferes with the uniform distribution of the coolant. At least twice a year, when the heating season begins and ends, air must be removed from panel and tubular radiators.

Mayevsky crane

What is system test pressure?

According to Russian standards, the test pressure is one and a half times higher than the operating pressure, which is established when the heating system is operating normally. The portal wrote in detail about crimping. During it, a pressure test, increased pressure is supplied to the network. If the radiator and the entire system have withstood it, then in the operating mode it will all the more function normally. There is also a third parameter – the pressure of destruction, rupture. It is three times higher than the working one! The likelihood of such a situation occurring is low, but your battery should be able to withstand a short and sharp increase in pressure to such an indicator..

Will a heat-reflecting screen behind the radiator help make the room warmer??

Yes, according to experts, a foil shield placed behind the battery increases heat transfer by about 5-10%. However, this method is only suitable for radiators with a high radiant power component..

Installing a heat-reflecting shield for a radiator

Which radiators dry less air in the room?

Those with a higher percentage of radiant power. For example, in classic cast iron and steel tubular radiators, the convective power accounts for 70% to 75%. The rest is for radiant power. This is the best indicator to create a favorable microclimate in the room. You can find out the indicators of the radiant and convective power of the heating device from the instructions for it – the manufacturer is obliged to indicate these important characteristics.

Steel panel radiator

Do I need to put a filter for the coolant if it is water?

The heat carrier is an invariable part of the most popular heating system with liquid circulation in our country. Most often it is just water. If we are talking about a private house, a cottage, then a filter for the coolant is not needed, because you will initially use distilled or boiled water. It also makes no sense to install a filter for the coolant in a high-rise building – it simply does not clean what is launched into the general heating system.

Private house heating system

When it makes sense to put a thermostat on a radiator?

It is advisable to install thermostats or thermal heads, if you have steel or tubular, sectional radiators and a new heating system! Again, new, not worn out. Thermostats are now being installed in new buildings. But in old houses, where the coolant is often at a low temperature, the thermostat will only create completely unnecessary hydraulic resistance. In addition, it makes no sense to put the thermostat on cast iron batteries, they are too inert..

Radiator thermostat

Is it true that cast iron radiators do not rust?

Yes, they are practically not afraid of corrosion. But we must not forget that in a cast iron radiator there may be parts such as steel nipples and gaskets between individual sections. And so they can start to rust.

Cast iron heating radiators

Can radiators be painted?

Sure. But first, you should clean the surface, cover with a primer with special additives against corrosion. And choose the right paint, it must withstand high temperatures. Remember that too many layers of paint will reduce heat transfer. In addition, dark objects radiate heat better. Therefore, it is worth abandoning the white color traditional for radiators..

Cast iron battery painting

Important! Modern aluminum radiators are painted at the factory with a special powder composition. At home, you cannot achieve this smooth finish. In addition, while the heater is under warranty, it cannot be repainted..

Flushing the heating radiator with water

How to flush a cast iron radiator?

Flushing is needed if the battery does not work well. Most likely, plaque has accumulated inside due to the poor quality of the coolant of the common building heating system. The radiator should be dismantled, all plugs removed, and transferred to the bathroom. Direct a powerful jet of water inward. This may not be enough; you can use pipe flushing and sewer cleaning products. The radiator must be turned several times, shaking out all particles of the washed off plaque. Yes, it’s hard, because the cast-iron radiator weighs a lot. But he will work better.

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