Remote power control

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What is the limit of modern automation tools? This article will cover the issue of remotely controlling your home power grid using a GSM / GPRS signal. Turn on landscape lighting in the country by sending SMS, or have a complete interactive diagram of the entire energy system of the house – possibly thanks to new technologies.

Remote power control

The remote power supply control system can be used both in country houses and in apartments for the purpose of remotely switching on heating, controlling lighting, creating the effect of being present at the moment of departure, and so on. It is possible to establish control in any electrical network, including an existing one. The technology is based on the operation of logical controllers that receive commands via one of the GSM / CSD / GPRS communication channels and execute either them or the command scripts corresponding to them.

Equipment at a glance

The first step to remote power management is buying the right hardware. A complete power management system consists of five components, for each of the points a sample will be selected to draw up an assembly diagram:

Type of equipment Name Features: Price
Communication module GSM / GPRS modem “OWEN PM01” Automatic reboot with variable interval.
Connection via RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces.
Communication channels: GPRS / CSD / GSM.
4 500 rub.
Programmable controller Logic freely programmable controller “OWEN PLC 100” Freely programmable.
No pre-installed OS.
Highly compatible CodeSys software environment.
Four communication interfaces.
9,000 ~ 10,500 rubles.
Load switching Modular contactors ABB ESB-20 1,500 rubles.
Circuit breakers ABB S201 RUB 300.
Differential automatic machine ABB DSH941 2 500 rubles.
Environment analyzers Contact type sensors
Semiconductor sensors
Pulse counters
Limit switches: 600 rubles;
Reed switches: 1400 rubles;
Temperature sensor: 800-1100 rubles.
I / O module Discrete input-output module “OWEN MDVV” 12 discrete inputs and 8 outputs operating in combined mode: e / m relay, transistor switch, open collector. 5,000 rubles.

Remote power control Controller OWEN PLC 100

Remote control systems also use a variety of peripheral devices:

  1. UPSs remain operational when power is removed.
  2. Relay automation blocks make command execution safe.
  3. Programming scripts extend the capabilities of the controller.
  4. Wireless modules allow unlimited system expansion.
  5. Custom graphical interfaces allow you to configure hardware without connecting to a PC.

Typical connection schemes and ready-made solutions

It is almost impossible to list all the possible uses for GSM controllers in a household. Modern SCADA systems are so diverse that they allow you to solve any tasks of a domestic nature without exception. Standard complexes, such as “XITAL GSM” or ESIM120, perfectly cope with general tasks such as controlling lighting or heating. Everything is simple with them: the controller is installed at the actuator and controls the power through the relay output.

Cons: you have to supply each node with a separate control module, and this is confusion with mobile numbers, limited capabilities and the lack of a single control center.

There are more advanced options for schemes, but you will have to assemble them yourself. Let’s consider only some typical options.

Remote power control

The controller performs the task of greenhouse and garden irrigation, is connected to the general control system, and is controlled remotely through it. Both commands and program scripts can be executed. Relay interlocking will prevent accident on user error.

Remote power control

A powerful freely programmable controller and multiple I / O modulators control all systems in the home, including burglar and alarm systems. This is one of the most advanced schemes that can be successfully integrated into a smart home system..

Remote power control

Sometimes a single device is sufficient, which is both a modem and a controller and an I / O module. Control circuit based on ES-ForthLogic communicator.

SMS exchange, Android app or remote desktop

It is better to decide in advance how advanced the user interface of the remote control system will be. If we are talking only about heating, a simple SMS-exchange will be enough, during which command codes are transmitted to the boiler, to which it responds either with a report or by turning on the actuator. Command codes can be preset in the device, although most devices can override the default.

More advanced interfaces use data exchange via a GPRS server. The user can use any of the available control channels. For example, being far from home, he can control the controller through the Windows utility, monitor the system status through the Android application, while using CSD dialing to open the gate.

Remote power control

As for the software of the devices themselves, they do not lend themselves to strict classification and critical evaluation. The point is that each manufacturer uses their own development environment. Naturally, each device is supplied with a detailed programming, configuration and parameterization manual, but it can be quite difficult to understand it. The situation is aggravated by the partial incompatibility of equipment from different manufacturers with standard presets of program memory. Of course, no one bothers you to try your hand at logic programming, and in case of failure, contact an experienced specialist.

From theory to practice – an example of a device of a simple but functional circuit

The ES-ForthLogic communicator was mentioned above, as well as the list of devices, including the modem, controller, and I / O module. Let’s consider them as an example of an assembly and make sure that the possibilities of individual solutions exceed typical automation solutions..

The assembly is carried out in a modular box for 36 places: first, the power wiring and switching equipment are mounted, then telemetry devices and low-current conductors are installed. Assembly wiring diagram:

Remote power control

This assembly allows you to remotely activate any of the operating modes of the pumping station in the pool, heat up the water, fill the heating system with a coolant and warm up the room, turn on watering of the lawn or separate sections of drip irrigation, illuminate the yard and area, activate the procedure for walking or feeding dogs. The beauty of the assembly is that it is quite simple and interesting to program using the manual, because all elements are fully compatible.

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