Review of submersible pumps for a country house

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Choosing a water lifting pump is a responsible task, the range is great. The price range provides a choice for anyone. How not to get confused in the variety of offered models and choose exactly what suits your case – our article will tell you about this..

Review of submersible pumps for a country house

Delivery of water from the bowels of the earth to a house or to irrigate a plot is an ordinary task. Water can be deposited in different ways – in a well, a well, or in an open reservoir. Accordingly, the methods of lifting it to the surface and delivering it to consumers will also be different. We will consider one of the varieties of these devices – submersible pumps.

The difference between this type and others is that its working part is completely or partially immersed in water. A one-stage lifting system allows water to be lifted from a depth of up to 20 m. In this case, the pump itself, as a rule, is submerged in water. More precisely, it is fixed at a certain depth or simply descends into the well on a cable. The engine is then cooled by a stream of water. By design, well pumps are vibratory and centrifugal (vortex).

Vibrating pumps


A sealed membrane is installed in the pump working chamber, dividing it into two compartments. A magnetic vibrator is brought to the membrane, which during operation moves it, changing the volume of the chamber. Water is drawn in and discharged through two valves. They come with a lower and upper water intake. Relatively often only one part fails – the membrane (it is easy to replace, it is cheap, you can buy it everywhere).

Review of submersible pumps for a country house

Application area

These low-power (200-400 W) devices are used mainly for seasonal irrigation and in gentle conditions. Suitable only for clean water.


  1. Low power consumption.
  2. Compact design.
  3. Maintainability.
  4. Availability.


  1. Narrow scope.
  2. Relatively frequent prophylaxis (membranes).
  3. Requires the absence of impurities in the water (indicated in the instructions), may fail due to sand, silt.
  4. Suitable for occasional (seasonal) use only.
  5. Without automation, there is a risk of overheating in dry running.

Review of submersible pumps for a country house Vibrating pump “Brook

Note.Reliable (uninterrupted) operation when using automation will be a sign that includes both advantages and disadvantages..

The main parameters of vibration pumps:

Parameter Unit. “Stream”, Kharkov “NIVA”, Russia Downpour, Bosnia “NIVA +”, Russia
Average performance m3/hour 0.6 3.6 1,2 7.2
Head * m 60 63 50 27
Immersion depth ** m 1-60 1–63 1-50 1–63
Power W 225 220 200 400
Price (approximate) rub. 600 750 1300 1500

* – pressure – an indicator of the height of the column to which the pump can raise water

** – immersion depth – an indicator of the depth from which the pump can lift water

Centrifugal and vortex drainage pumps


The motor rotates the impeller in a sealed chamber filled with water. An impeller is a rotating element with blades or blades attached to the motor shaft. An impeller with blades at the end is called a vortex impeller, since it creates a vortex of the flow. In another case, the blades are located on the plane of the plate and when rotating, centrifugal forces come into play, creating a pressure difference across the blades.

Review of submersible pumps for a country house

Application area

Vortex pumps are of greater interest to the consumer due to their much higher performance. Such devices are reliable and suitable for use as a permanent unit in a water supply system. They are combined with other devices depending on the project requirements. Designed to pump only clean water (blades can deform from large particles and impurities).

Centrifugals, although they have a lower capacity, are insensitive to impurities, which allows them to be used for polluted water and drainage. They have significantly lower head and immersion depths in comparison with vortex, but higher reliability.


  1. Reliability. A pump of a well-known company (Europe, Japan, Russia), with proper operation and maintenance, will work for decades in a row.
  2. The possibility of installing automation. The magnetic float switch can be included or, if necessary, purchased separately. Most often it is an integral part of the factory product..
  3. Allows, when using additional equipment, to ensure uninterrupted water supply at home.
  4. High performance.
  5. High efficiency.

GARDENA 5500/3 GARDENA 5500/3


  1. Lack of adjustments (must be installed additionally).
  2. Without automation it may fail on dry run.
  3. Expensive repair.

Main parameters of drainage pumps:

Parameter Unit. Energomash NG-97400, Russia Elpumps CT 3274, Hungary Karcher SCP 9000, Germany GARDENA 5500/3, Germany *
Average performance m3/hour 7.5 12 nine 5.5
Pressure m five 7 7 thirty
Immersion depth (max) m five five nine 12
Power W 450 600 350 900
Price (approximate) rub. 2000 3600 4600 8000

* – vortex pump

Fecal pumps (sewage pumps)

In the “army” of centrifugal pumps there is the so-called “special forces” – these are devices that perform the most difficult and dirty work. They are called sludge pumps or fecal pumps, but they can pump clean water just as well. They are distinguished by their increased power and bandwidth..

Review of submersible pumps for a country house


Similar to drainage, but all parts are made of high-strength materials that are resistant to corrosion, enhanced protection. The impeller and housing are made of stainless steel. Passing particles up to the diameter of the outlet.

Application area

Drainage of reservoirs, cleaning of cesspools and sewage tanks. You can just pump clean water, but a conventional drainage pump can handle this, which will be half the price.


The main parameters of fecal pumps:

Parameter Unit. Metabo TP-6600, Germany AL-KO SVP 15000 Inox, Germany PEDROLLO MCm 10/50, Italy DAB FEKA VS 1000 M-A, Italy
Average performance m3/hour 6.6 15 thirty 27
Pressure m five five 12 12
Immersion depth (max) m 6 6 five ten
Power W 250 1.1 750 1000
Price (approximate) rub. 3200 4800 15000 20,000

As much as we would like it, creating a submersible pump with our own hands will not work quickly and cheaply. An experimental model can only be created as a hobby. Additional equipment and technical calculations are required to supply water to the house..

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