Sewer cleaning machines

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Today he will talk about installations for mechanized cleaning of sewer pipes, heating or chimney. The article also contains information on the varieties and prices of these devices. You will learn how to select a cleaning machine according to your needs.

Sewer cleaning machine

In the previous article, we described portable hand-held devices for cleaning pipes, but it should be borne in mind that working without the use of drives is convenient in the case of light and medium blockages or prevention of home sewage networks of a relatively small cross-section. To service pipelines of significant diameter (from 40 to 250 mm), the effort of the operator will not be enough and it becomes necessary to use a drive device as an activator.

The engine can be driven by an internal combustion engine with a capacity of 1.5-16 liters. from. or electric motor 150-7500 W. The properties of the drive are reflected in the operational and consumer qualities of the cleaning machines in the same way as in other devices. Electric drive versions are traditionally lighter, cheaper, more reliable, but the internal combustion engine allows you to work in autonomous mode.

Drum cleaning machines

A special case of such a device is a manual machine with an electric drive. It has a built-in electric drive with a drill-type handle. Rope length from 4.5 to 7.5 m, thickness from 8 to 12 mm.

In its basic form, it is a large (from 20 m) manual “spinner” with a drive that rotates the drum. It is the presence of a cable, which is part of the entire device, that is its distinctive feature. The main advantage of this arrangement is compactness – all parts and accessories are placed on a frame with wheels, and the cable is in the drum. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the scope, limited by the parameters of the cable.

Gerat SP-HD75 Gerat SP-HD75

Drum cleaning machines have some features of work:

  1. The power of the electric motor is enough to cut through the roots of plants, which are often found in sewers. For this, the system is equipped with an automatic system that lowers the engine speed to increase torque when the cable meets an obstacle..
  2. Three-way switch allows you to stop the automatic cable feed, rotate it in place and retract it back into the drum.
  3. The starting key is made in the form of a pedal in a rubber sheath and is brought out to the operator.
  4. The machine has a torque regulator.
  5. All units of the device are arranged on a tubular frame equipped with transport wheels.
  6. Allows working with two cable diameters.

This type of cleaning machines is optimal for use at enterprises and facilities that have a previously known amount of work (pipeline structure). Having chosen a model with the necessary set of additional equipment, technicians will be able to quickly and accurately use the machine..

Drum cleaning machines with electric drive

ModelManufacturerRope diameter, mmCable length, mPipe diameter, mmWeight, kgPrice, rub.
Gerat SP-AU50China9.523one hundred3853,200
Gerat SP-MD50China13231504270,500
Gerat SP-HD75China13thirty18058106,400
ROTHENBERGER ROSPIMATIC (manual)Germany8-107.5755.250,000
ROTHENBERGER ROSPEED 3FGermanysixteen15/3012547.5190,000
RIDGID K-45AF-5 (manual)USA87.6 / 10.7756.532 500/46 200
RIDGID K-3800USA122311037.7159,200
General Pipe Cleaners PV-F (manual)USA67.6756.843300
General Pipe Cleaners MR – DUSA132315036.453,500
VIRAX VAL 80Franceten22.5one hundred23.690,000
Electric Eel SK-3 / 8EIC25 (manual)USA9.67.66515.946,000
Electric Eel EK-P-1 / 2IC75USA13237541.256,500
Electric Eel RK-3 / 4IC100USAnineteenthirty15088.5160,000

Sectional cleaning machines

It is a cable feed mechanism with control devices (start pedal and reverse lever) and a pressure roller device. This type of machine does not have an integrated drum – the cable is on a separate coil.


Features of work:

  1. Allows the use of three or more different types of cables (thickness).
  2. Can be docked in the length of the rope section.
  3. The machine is compact and relatively light, but coils with cables require a separate space.
  4. Controls and controls are identical to the drum machine.

Sectional cleaning machines are used by professional pipe cleaners, whose volume and nature of work is very changeable. Sectional layout allows servicing a wide range of objects.

Sectional cleaning machines

ModelManufacturerPipe diameter, mmPipe length, mLength / diameter of one sectionMachine weight without spirals, kgPrice, rub.
Gerat SP-180BChinaone hundred505 m / 22 mm15102,000
Gerat D-65China150655 m / 16-22 mm19.3145,800
ROTHENBERGER R 550Germany150408 m / 8-32 mm16.2110,000
ROTHENBERGER R 750Germany150808 m / 8-32 mm18.5140,000
Electric Eel CK-1-8DCUSA250657 m / 12-22 mm42170,000
RIDGID K-50-8USA11013.72.5m / 8-16mm34.9187000
RIDGID K-60SPUSA150284.2m / 16-22mm57.5200,000
RIDGID K-1500AUSA250325.5m / 22-32mm115.2256,000

Hydrodynamic cleaning devices

Such devices are, in fact, high-pressure washers with a long hose and various attachments. Water mixed with air is supplied under pressure through the hose to the nozzle and breaks the blockages. The sleeve is wound on a reel and can be either part of the machine or remotely located. If it is not possible to place the unit itself next to the workplace, use an external coil with a control pedal.


Features of work:

  1. Cleaning with water not only breaks through the blockage, but also flushes the pipe walls.
  2. No moving parts during operation.
  3. Pressure connection required.

Washing machines are effective in residential and public buildings where plastic piping is used and there are no technical blockages in the form of leaves, branches, and large debris. The jet well removes grease from the walls of the pipes, washes away deposits, restoring the factory qualities of permeability to the pipe. Powerful units with a pressure of 100 bar not only clean the sewerage system, but can also knock down old plaster and paint, bark trees.

Hydrodynamic cleaning machines

ModelDiameter / length of pipesPressure, barPump capacity, l / minMotor powerMachine weight, kgPrice, rub.
Cam Spray CS1500A.2 (USA)150 mm / 30 mone hundrednine2 kW63240,000
Cam Spray CS25006B.3 (USA) ICE petrol200 mm / 30 m17213.66.5 l. from.55.8256,000
Z-TECHNO Poseidon VNA 120-50 (Russia / Italy / USA)350 mm / 50 m150257.5 kW85194,000
Z-TECHNO POSEIDON VNA-200-15-B (Russia / Italy / USA)200 mm / 50 m200155.5 kW81121,000
ROTHENBERGER HD 13/100 (Germany)150 mm / 30 mone hundred132.3 kW42220,000
ROTHENBERGER HD 19 / 180B (Germany) ICE – petrol200 mm / 40 m18019.26.5 l. from.59370 00
RIDGID KJ-3100 (USA)250 mm / 61 m20521.516 l. from.125485,000

Industrial pipe cleaning machines

What other types of pipe cleaning devices are there:

  1. Electrohydropulse installations. They are a transformer combined with a capacitor system. The tool is an electric steam, to which a powerful electrical impulse is transmitted, which effectively destroys solid deposits. Used for cleaning factory manifolds, heat exchangers, water pipes. Pipe diameter – up to 1 meter.
  2. Channel washing machines. High power hydrodynamic devices are installed separately on the car trailer. They have a powerful pump that does not require pressure in the feed water supply. Engine power – from 4.5 liters. from. The largest plants are combined with truck-based sewage pumps. Used for servicing utility and industrial facilities.
  3. Cleaning pistons. Special patented devices for cleaning pressure pipelines. They are the articulations of the petals in the form of an umbrella. Introduced into the system, they move in the pipe due to the pressure of the water. At the same time, vibration is created on the “petals”, which knocks down the deposits – they are washed away further by the flow of water. Thus, the pipes are cleaned without electricity and operator..

ISUZU NQR90ISUZU NQR90 sewer washing machine

How to choose a cleaning machine with an activator

The principle of choosing such an apparatus for your own use always depends on the scope of work. So what to choose in the end?

For indoor work, a hydrodynamic apparatus is best suited. The domestic sewage system of the building is rarely subject to blockages from large inclusions, mainly fat deposits and occasional small objects. The drain channels in the overwhelming majority of cases are made of plastic pipes of a relatively small section – from 50 to 120 mm.

The jetter will clean the internal drain to a new state, while mechanical cleaning can, albeit slightly, damage the inner surface of the plastic. Plus, there are no problems with water connections in buildings..

Spartan 717 Electric Mini Jetter Spartan 717 Electric Mini Jetter Hydrodynamic Machine

If you have to periodically clean the combined steel, plastic and asbestos-cement pipelines, external and internal chimneys, sewers and other channels of a specific known object, it is optimal to choose a drum electric machine. It has a good combination of feature set, usability and cost..

To organize a profitable pipeline cleaning enterprise, we recommend that you take a closer look at sectional devices. They have the widest range of working diameters of pipes, cable, channel length, engine power, and execution options. The machine allows you to work with more powerful cables (up to 28 mm) than the drum one, which means that it is suitable for servicing municipal utility networks. The sectional apparatus is the simplest in design, which means it is more reliable and cheaper to maintain. Another advantage of the sectional design is that you can buy additional sections of the cable if necessary (the drum cable is solid and its length is unchanged).

After choosing a machine according to the principle of operation, it remains to determine the scope of work, namely the pipe diameter, the maximum channel length and the degree of contamination. Hydrodynamic and drum machines operate in the range from 40 to 150 mm in diameter with a length of up to 76 m. Sectional machines serve pipes with a diameter of up to 250 mm with significant blockages and overgrown roots. All length and diameter indicators are necessarily given in the instructions.

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