Ways to connect electrical wires

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When installing electrical wiring, you cannot avoid connecting wires. This is a very important point, because the operation of the entire electrical system of the house will depend on the reliability of the wire connection. Strict safety and reliability requirements are imposed on the connection of electrical contacts. Now there are several ways to reliably connect wires, which we will tell you about..

Wires connection methods

The first way to connect wires

The most popular method due to its simplicity is twisting the wires. In fact, simple and no additional materials other than electrical tape are required. Before twisting, remove the insulation from the wires to be connected. Experts advise stripping the insulation for at least five centimeters so that the twist is secure enough. Electricians distinguish several ways of twisting:

  • consistent twisting;
  • parallel;
  • with branch.

In turn, each of these three types of twisting can be simple, bandage or with a groove..

Wires connection methods

After twisting, the ends of the wires are securely insulated with a special PVC tape. However, now you can buy here such PPE caps (connecting insulating clamps). They are easy to use and quite reliable, although specialists in such cases often prefer screw terminal blocks..

We emphasize: you cannot twist copper and aluminum wires!

Wires connection methods

The second way to connect wires

Twisting in most cases turns out to be a completely reliable option, but the results of improper use of this method of connecting wires will melt the insulation, short circuit and fire. No matter how hard the master tries, the wires will still heat up in the places where they are twisted. Therefore, soldering is considered a more reliable method, in addition, it is used together with twisting, in addition.

Wires connection methods

Copper wires lend themselves particularly well to soldering. There are special fluxes for brazing aluminum, but experts advise avoiding this method. Note that now the overwhelming majority of the wiring used in residential buildings is made of copper, aluminum popular in the USSR is becoming a thing of the past, but in some places it still remains.

For soldering wires in an apartment, an ordinary soldering iron with a power of at least 100 watts is perfect. Do not forget to strip the wire to a metallic sheen before soldering, of course, after removing the insulation. In the process of soldering wires, rosin and tin-lead solder are traditionally used..

Wires connection methods

The third way to connect wires

Terminals are used wherever aluminum and copper wires have to be connected. As we already wrote above, in this case, twisting and soldering are not suitable, a special device is needed. However, for connecting wires created from the same metal, terminal blocks are excellent. The terminal block is an insulating plate with contacts. According to the method of tightening the wires, the terminals are divided into:

  • terminal blocks with clamping plates;
  • terminal blocks with tightening screw;
  • spring terminals.

The disadvantages of electrical terminals include the fact that, compared to soldering and twisting, this method of connecting wires takes up more space in the junction box.

Wires connection methods

Wires connection methods

Replacing the terminals in the case of connecting aluminum and copper wires at home will help the usual nut, bolt and washer. This method turns out to be somewhat more cumbersome, but, according to experts, it is in no way inferior in reliability to the terminals.

Wires connection methods

It is not recommended to use screw terminal blocks for aluminum wires, because during clamping this soft metal can be damaged and broken off. Spring-type clamps are better in this respect and therefore more popular..

Wires connection methods

The fourth way to connect wires

“Nuts”, as they are commonly called informally, or branch clamps are necessary in cases where it is necessary to join the main line so as not to create a gap. The clamp includes three metal plates with screws and an insulating box. A branch clamp is needed if you have to connect to an aluminum air line.

Wires connection methods

In general, it is relatively easy to connect the wires even for a home craftsman, but if you decide to change the wiring throughout the apartment, the help of a professional will not hurt. Remember that electricity is dangerous, you cannot neglect the requirements and safety standards.

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