Choosing and caring for crystal glassware

Crystal differs from glass mainly by the addition of lead oxide to the initial mass. The higher its percentage in the crystal mass, the louder, more transparent and … more expensive is the glass. High class crystal – 24-30%. The general passion for minimalism is reflected in the design of the glasses. Today it is believed that good wine does not need decoration, and the best glass is the one that does not interfere with admiring the color and play of the noble drink. Therefore, thin-walled glasses of simple and sophisticated shapes are popular. However, a modest cup can rest on the most exotic and unusual leg.

For those who like to watch how the wine sparkles and plays, reflected in crystal edges, interesting collections of magnificent massive glasses made of cut or pressed crystal have been developed. Accessories look amazing on the table – napkin holders, small vases, candlesticks, designed in the same style with glasses.

As for the quality, it is worth paying attention to the absence of turbidity, air bubbles or foreign inclusions in the crystal mass. The quality is evidenced by the clear, sonorous and long “crystal” ringing. However, reputable, well-known firms value their brand and are very strict about their products. The high percentage of rejects entering the battle is considered a prestigious indicator for the manufacturer. In the most expensive series, almost half of the manufactured products are rejected and broken..

Crystal dishes do not wash in very hot water, from this it fades and may even become covered with a network of small cracks. It is better to wash the crystal in warm water with a solution of baking soda or some mild detergent. After washing, wipe it with a woolen cloth with blue-stained blue starch – the dishes will shine better.

And also, crystal products wash with soapy water and ammonia (for 1 liter of water 1-2 tablespoons) and rinse with clean cold water.

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