Choosing furniture for the hallway: an overview of options

Hallway with elements of industrial style

Let’s start with the simplest but essential piece of furniture, for which there is definitely a place even in the tiniest hallway – clothes hangers. They can be wall or floor mounted. Wall hangers take up less space and are therefore more popular. It is convenient if the hanger, in addition to the clothes hooks, is supplemented with a shelf on which you can put, for example, umbrellas and hats.

Hanger in the hallway made of branches

Plastic hanger for hallway

Forged floor hanger

Designer wooden hanger in the hallway

Wall hanger with mirror

Hangers for hallways are very different – from simple traditional options to designer ones, made to order or by hand. Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose a hanger that will fit into the style of the interior of your hallway and will become its decoration. As for the price, the simplest clothes hangers can be found for 500-1000 rubles. Forged floorboards will cost significantly more.

The second most important and necessary piece of furniture in the hallway is a pedestal, a bench for shoes. It is convenient if there is a place for sitting on top to make your shoes comfortable. In general, a hanger for outerwear plus shelves for shoes represent the minimum, without which the hallway cannot perform its functions. We advise you to supplement this set with a housekeeper – it’s easy to find a place for her, and you won’t have to look for keys throughout the apartment.

Shoe cabinet with seat in the hallway

Wooden shoe rack for the hallway

DIY shoe rack

A very popular option is ready-made hallways. Usually this piece of furniture includes a small closed cabinet, several shelves, a shoe cabinet, a mirror. Of course, before you go to the furniture salon, you need to take measurements at home so that the hallway ideally matches the size of the room and fits exactly into the corner of the room or wall. The cost of finished hallways can be very different – from 5 to 120 thousand rubles. It all depends on the size, material of manufacture, design idea, exclusivity of the model.

Narrow hallway to a small corridor

Corner hallway

Hallway in classic style

Corner hallway furniture

If the size of the hallway allows, you can place a wardrobe here, which will become a full-fledged storage place for many things. Sliding wardrobes for hallways are usually made to order, according to the size of the room. Corner models are popular, with mirrored doors and open shelves on the side. The cost of a wardrobe can also vary greatly depending on the size, material, and assembly complexity. Be sure to think over the internal filling of the cabinet, provide for various storage systems.

Sliding wardrobe in a small hallway

Sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors

Sliding wardrobe in the corridor

Light wardrobe in the interior of the hallway

The modern trend is the use of open storage systems in the hallway. They don’t clutter up the space as much as closed cabinets. At the same time, things are always in sight and at hand. Pay attention to the pegboard. This is a very convenient and interesting way to organize a place in the hallway to store clothes and even sports equipment..

Open hallway

Pegboard in the hallway

It is not difficult to make a hallway comfortable and beautiful now – the choice of pieces of furniture is very large. The main thing is not to get lost among the many proposals, choose the appropriate option according to the size and style of the room.

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