How to make a cache in an apartment

Hidden cellar hatch

We wrote how to make such a hidden hatch into the cellar. Safely hidden under the carpet, it will not be conspicuous at all and will become a spacious hiding place.

Gun safe in the couch

Weapons are another item that owners want to keep in the first place. How do you like this safe, hidden in an ordinary-looking couch?

Cache in the baseboard and mouse

Money does not take up much space; if you wish, you can hide it even in a computer mouse or in the voids of a floor plinth.

Stash for money in the interior door

An original way to hide money and, for example, a USB flash drive, is at the top of the interior door. You will need a magnet to reach the capsule that looks like a regular mount. Few of the thieves will guess to get up and see if there is anything in the doors between the rooms..

Double bottom drawer

The double bottom drawer is a true classic that still works today.

Stash in jars of cereals

At first glance, these are ordinary glass jars with food supplies. It is difficult to guess about the hiding place inside, especially since jars of cereals usually stand in a prominent place on the kitchen countertop.

Secret drawers

Drawers can be not only with a double bottom, but also secret, securely hidden under the windowsill or in the most ordinary-looking bookshelves.

Stash in the chair

It’s easy to make such a cache inside the chair, the main thing is that the hinges are not noticeable.

A cache in the wall behind the tiles

A more time consuming option, which should be thought about at the stage of repairs in the bathroom or toilet. It is convenient if there is a spring in the secret drawer behind the tiles, which allows you to open it by pressing. Otherwise, a suction cup is required. However, this is even more reliable.

Housekeeper in the birdhouse

An outdoor stash option, great for storing spare keys. Only households will know that the bird house actually serves as a secret vault..

Among the rest of the original hiding places, we liked the version with a diaper, inside which you can place many valuable items. You can sew a bundle of money or jewelry and inside a soft toy.

Although by right, the most reliable at the moment is the storage of valuables in bank deposit boxes for the period of long departures.

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