Inflatable furniture without inflate

Inflatable furniture

If you are among those who have encountered similar difficulties or are just looking for information about inflatable beds, then the online store will solve your problems and give answers to all your questions..

Today offers customers a wide range of Intex double and single inflatable beds, which are distinguished by a high level of comfort, compactness, proven quality and reasonable prices..

When buying an inflatable bed, you must be guided not by the appearance, but by the dimensions and tasks that you set for the new furniture..

Articles on the advantages of various types of inflatable beds and the rules for their operation, presented on the website of the online store, will help you make the right choice. The main thing is not to forget that when buying an inflatable bed, first of all, it is necessary to be guided not by the appearance, but by the dimensions (width, height and length) and the tasks that you set for the new furniture..

So, if you want to buy a bed for home, then you should stay on a bed with a built-in electric pump, but if you are interested in furniture for nature, then beds with autonomous pumps are suitable for you..

Additional advantages of are the guarantee that is provided for all purchased goods, and the presence of its own courier service, which allows delivery in Moscow as soon as possible. In addition, the company pleases its customers with constant promotions and gifts..

Online store

The online store is also engaged in the sale of air mattresses and chairs, beach air mattresses, children’s pools, inflatable jacuzzis, inflatable play centers, inflatable boats, vests, oversleeves and all the necessary accessories. The store’s website contains not only inflatable, but camping goods, including hammocks, tents, cots, sleeping bags, sun loungers and much more..


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