Looking to improve your productivity? Change your office furniture!

Foreign scientists and researchers are not asleep and publish reports on new research almost daily. In particular, a large-scale study was completed this summer on the influence of the characteristics of office furniture on such a factor as the company’s productivity..

The essence of the study came down to months of monitoring the work of employees of several dozen offices at once, equipped with various furniture. As a result, scientists were able to record a very curious trend – the company’s performance is indirectly related to the characteristics of the furniture that is used in its interior. Suspicions regarding such a connection have existed for a long time, and this scientific project only confirmed its existence..

For example, in offices where interiors are distinguished by the presence of bright positive colors and colors, employees show high productivity. However, at the same time, monotonous and repetitive work in such conditions causes fatigue and, as a result, a decline in the level of productivity..

Classic office interiors, dominated by black, white and silver, provide an atmosphere of maximum productivity. Employees of such offices can work equally effectively throughout the working day and not feel tired..

If the office is decorated with natural wood-colored furniture, its management risks getting at its disposal employees who are constantly distracted by extraneous objects and unable to concentrate on their work..

As one of the members of the research group commented on this situation, such results can be explained very simply. The fact is that bright colors contribute to an increase in the tone of the body and its performance, however, they do not allow them to stay in this state for a long time, causing rapid fatigue. At the same time, the interior design with calm colors ensures the concentration of employees on the task at hand and a measured mode of work, which results in high productivity and no fatigue. The colors of the tree, on the other hand, evoke a melancholic mood in a person, which leads to a loss of concentration and cannot serve as a stimulus for fruitful work..

Of course, the results of the study cannot be applied to all offices and employees, since in addition to the general characteristics of color perception, there are also individual differences for each employee individually. However, it is not only possible to use this scientific project as a reference point, but even necessary..

Focusing on the peculiarities of the human psychology of color perception, the office management gets the opportunity to select such office furniture that will increase overall productivity and, at the same time, the comfort of the interior. Thus, the task of choosing office furniture in a modern variety of interiors and design solutions is somewhat simplified..

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