Plastic furniture for a summer residence

As fashionable novelties, it is worth noting the combination of cast iron with wood: the frame is openwork casting made of cast iron painted in black or dark green, and the seats are natural wood.

Plastic furniture is not often bought, so the assortment is small, but it can be ordered from catalogs. Italian furniture is made antique, but sometimes with modern elements: the table may have a glass surface, the chair – wooden handles, etc. But some models are not designed for the garden, so watch when you choose.

It is interesting to use openwork forged or welded steel structures for garden chairs, benches and tables. For protection against corrosion and decoration, the metal is covered with a 1-2 mm layer of plastic. This furniture is very elegant, but also expensive.

Of the metal garden furniture, rocking sofas with awnings for two or three people are the most widespread: they are comfortable for relaxing and are very affordable. Quite a large assortment of rockers made in Belarus, Russia, Italy is on sale.

Sun umbrellas are very popular. Umbrellas covered with polyethylene and leatherette are inexpensive, but tear quickly, fabric is better, you just need to look at the quality of the fabric when buying – it must be strong. Consumers unanimously argue that if you have an unguarded cottage, plastic furniture will be removed from the site immediately. You also need to look diligently at the legs when choosing garden furniture: they should be on a wide basis so as not to sink into the ground.


In fact, garden furniture is a rare phenomenon. Most often, furniture has a dual purpose: it can be used both in the garden and at home. Still, garden furniture has its own charm, features. Remember this when choosing furniture for a summer residence.

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