Round mattresses: orthopedic excellence

Round orthopedic mattresses

The circle is the Eternal Sun, equal in size in all directions and equally generous to all inhabitants of the Earth. The circle is a symbol of perfection and well-being. The circle is devoid of beginning or end, and therefore there is no form that more clearly expresses the concept of limitless, serene and calm. This is how our dream should be, isn’t it?

We are used to traditionally rectangular interiors – in general and in particular. In such a room, the gaze “slips” past the filling – “preventive recognition” is triggered. Everything is more than expected, familiar and … depressing. Round mattresses, whose orthopedic qualities are not inferior to more standard forms, can radically change the impression of a room.

Today, many manufacturers offer round mattresses in their lines – orthopedic in the full sense of the word. After all, it is not at all necessary to sacrifice comfort and healthy sleep for the sake of a “fashionable” form, is it? Their filling is carried out in accordance with modern concepts of “mattress orthopedics”. These are coconut coir, ecolatex, and independent spring blocks, which exclude deflection of the mattress in “unplanned” places. At the same time, the price line ranges from very budget figures to luxury class (from $ 300 to … infinity). So the symbol of perfection in terms of comfort remains flawless.

Today many manufacturers offer round mattresses in their lines.

The only “but”: round orthopedic mattresses, as a rule, are more expensive than their rectangular counterparts. The difference can reach a very significant 20%, although usually it does not exceed 5-15%. There is one more nuance that significantly increases the cost of a round bed – any mattress requires an appropriate bed base, also made taking into account physiological requirements. Otherwise, its orthopedic qualities can be reduced to zero. In particular, the bed grate in this case should not be made across the product, as usual, but from the center to the edges. Alas, the range of such bases is much poorer, and they are very expensive. Most likely, you will have to order an individual furniture solution. The cost of such an exclusive “custom solution” starts at $ 900.

Of course, the article would be incomplete without the opinion of a feng shui specialist, which is obligatory in modern interior reviews. What does ancient Chinese knowledge say about round mattresses – orthopedic and not so -? It should be borne in mind that a circle, as a form, tends to the center, being a concentric figure. It is in the center of such a bed that the energy flows of the room will accumulate, which can harm the sleeping.

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Therefore, if you have enough courage to purchase such an unusual bed, it must be “screened” – for example, with spread screens, which can simultaneously become interior accents and a means of zoning. In addition, a round bed in any case should have a headboard, at least made of pillows, and you should not place it exactly in the center of the room, no matter how you want: the ideal solution would be to move it to the corner or to the wall.

You should also avoid white for a round bed – this is especially fraught with those for whom the influence of Metal is contraindicated on the energy map. In any case, it will be very helpful to consult with a feng shui expert before buying if you are a fan of this practice. His advice will help you avoid “mystical” mistakes, and then the round bed will become a real refuge for you – the perfect place to sleep and rest!


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