Sliding wardrobe: modern trends

A sliding wardrobe is not just a purchase. When it is made according to an individual project, it turns out that you create it yourself, choosing a color, finish, design … It is only important to find your own from an infinite number of finishing options for sliding wardrobes, one that will fit into the interior of your home, will combine beauty, sophistication with ergonomics.

A stylish high-brand wardrobe is like an expensive men’s suit. Well tailored, a little austere, outwardly discreet. Chic is visible in the material, the “seams” -profiles, in details imperceptible at first glance. The similarity is that both the wardrobe and the elegant men’s suit are conservative to a certain extent in their design: all sorts of unnecessary delights only spoil the impression of the established “general style”.

The aesthetics of a modern top-class wardrobe are extremely functional. Its task is to fit as many things as possible in the optimal-minimal space. The sliding wardrobe, ideally, should be as invisible as possible at the maximum volume, should not “eat up” the space, but, on the contrary, visually expand it. Hence the requirements for the facade. Its profiles, finishing should effectively discharge the volume of the room..

Most manufacturers of wardrobes offer glossy and matte panels of any color and texture, including imitation of valuable wood species. The ends can be straight or curved, it is desirable only that they are finished not with a simple furniture film, but with a modern volumetric PVC edge that does not chip, does not peel off, and it looks prettier.

Another material is gaining more and more recognition – MDF, which allows you to embody the most complex design projects. It can be milled, which means that the sashes after processing will become paneled or even mottled with patterns. MDF is more durable than chipboard, more environmentally friendly, has a perfectly flat surface that you can not cover with a film, but simply paint it in any color.

Not so long ago, the Mazzall company proposed monumental picturesque facades – tapestries – for wardrobes. And the EmmeBi company has created reproductions of pop-art masterpieces for the same purposes. Partly playing the role of false walls, the facade must be in harmony with, say, wallpaper, but not merge with them. Paradoxical as it may seem, the plot of the wallpaper, passing over to the facade, does not hide it, but strengthens and, as a rule, makes the cabinet array heavier. So experiments remained experiments, but fashion was not created.

Nowadays, the design of the interior – fluorescent illumination of interior items – is developing very actively. That is why facades with frosted or etched glass filling remain fashionable for many years now. The effect is fascinating, besides, the contents of the cabinet are unobtrusively visible and remind once again what and where is laid out there. Glass is a heavy material in all respects: processing it requires a lot of effort and time. However, the result is unparalleled. Glass partitions create the visual effect of expanding the space, they do not age, do not go out of fashion, harmoniously complementing the most sophisticated interior. Transparent doors are used in bookcases and cupboards. For a greater effect, full or partial glass tinting is possible in almost any color, including metallic. Mirrored doors are usually installed in wardrobes, and the glass can also be tinted. Serious manufacturers use only safety glass in furniture production – either impact-resistant or covered with a transparent film that protects against fragments in the event of an impact. Of course, a door with a mirror is more expensive than an ordinary one, as a rule, two to three times.

The dark tone of wenge also remains in favor. In a bedroom where wardrobes are often placed, this tone soothes the nerves..

Textile facades appear. Recently, following the new upholstery of upholstered furniture with tweed textures, this type of textile has appeared on the facades of wardrobes..

Above we talked about the conservatism of the wardrobe. Evolutionary perfection in it was achieved in a very short time. This applies primarily to sliding door systems. Recently, more complex mechanisms have appeared that allow movable facades to be combined with their ends and form a solid plane when the cabinet is closed. But they did not receive wide distribution – apparently, since when opening the door they require a specific, for many uncomfortable hand efforts.

Original fittings and harmonious structure of profiles, zoning the space in a special way, become very important and recognizable features of high brands. Any wardrobe door has a rigid frame made of aluminum or stainless galvanized steel. The metal is nickel-plated, imitated for gold, silver, bronze, powder paints or plastic spraying, painted in white or black.

Even in the world of classic wardrobes, multifunctionality is starting to play an increasing role. The most promising are those models that can be adapted not only for the needs of the bedroom, but also used in the living room, dining room, and other functional rooms. The most promising are the models of sliding wardrobes, capable of taking on the functions of a spacious dressing room with a smaller volume. The internal architectonics of the cabinet, with all its apparent simplicity, can be a technological masterpiece.

And one more important point. From wardrobes, which are now made to individual orders, at every corner, high-end models differ, as a rule, in a smaller range of step sizes. Which undoubtedly pays off with a higher quality construction.

A sliding wardrobe is a “station for two”. But there may be accents. Towards masculine or feminine taste. And no other piece of furniture can so clearly indicate their home harmony..

In our review, you could see the most interesting models of wardrobes that have appeared in the last one and a half to two years. None of them are outdated or out of circulation. This choice, of course, is not limited, professionals will help you make the right choice.

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