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The peculiarities of the office are that it combines the features of the premises for both work and leisure. A person’s performance directly depends on how correctly and rationally his workplace is equipped. Today we will acquaint you with some of the rules for the layout and arrangement of the main elements of furniture in the office. These tips are acceptable for both home offices and offices..

If the room is small, you should not have the workplace with your back to the door or window.. In this case, the workplace should be shifted or darkened, arranged so that glare does not fall on the monitor. This reduces eye fatigue. If the area of ​​the office is large and there are many workplaces in it, then zoning of the room can be arranged. Zoning is carried out by arranging furniture. It is good to group workplaces in blocks. Sometimes, to emphasize the border of the zone, a rack is installed perpendicular to the wall..

In addition to shelving, mobile modular partitions can be used in combination with any office furniture. Partitions zone the room, while maintaining the unity of space, contribute to sound absorption. This zoning is good because it allows you to quickly rearrange partitions in accordance with the changing requirements for the layout of the room. Modules come with double glazing (sometimes tinted), built-in blinds, with sets of hanging furniture. Blind parts of the module can be finished with panels of various colors and textures.

Designers strongly advise giving part of the office or a separate room for a recreation area. Upholstered furniture, a coffee table, indoor plants are placed here..

The color scheme of each specific office and office is individual, but there are certain rules that should be followed. Here, in addition to subjective preferences, one must also take into account the recommendations of color psychology. The best option is when walls and floors are kept in light colors, and work chairs and chairs become bright accents. Office chairs can have luscious, open colors that are rarely used in upholstered furniture for residential interiors. A neutral palette can be contrasted with a modern solution: paint the room in a deep, rich color. You can find an interesting contrasting combination when one color predominates..

The choice of color for the workroom also depends on what conditions the work requires: concentration or stimulation and revitalization. Cold neutral colors create a business mood, warm saturated colors are suitable for a creative atmosphere, contribute to a friendly work climate. The color scheme depends on the quality of the lighting and on which side the windows are facing. If the windows are facing north, it is better to prefer warm colors. If the windows face south or artificial lighting is used in the office, the walls are made light, cold. These simple tips are familiar to many and apply equally to office and residential premises..

Meeting rooms and showrooms, as opposed to work rooms, are recommended to be painted in brighter and more saturated colors. Psychologists say that they are conducive to communication, and because of a short presence in them they will not tire. But at the same time it is important to preserve a uniform style solution for the office. The use of carpet for covering floors creates additional sound insulation. Choose colors that are close to natural or neutral.

They are greeted by clothes… This truth fully applies to office furniture – the first impression of a client or business partner about you and your company is formed by visual information. The design of the office and its furniture should correspond to the company’s image as much as possible. Office furniture is an expression of the company’s style, therefore, when choosing it, it is necessary to take into account not only the design and technical characteristics of the product, but also its compliance with the company’s image.

The advantages of modular furniture. If you opted for cabinet furniture, then you need to imagine how its color will be combined with the color of the walls and other interior elements. Remember that repainting a wall is easier than replacing a furniture set or moving a partition. For cabinet office furniture, restrained colors and neutral dull tones are preferable: gray, white, beige, less often black. Furniture of wood-like color is also good, it brings comfort and naturalness to the room. The main requirement for both cabinet and modular furniture is that it does not focus on itself and does not irritate the eyes.

The cabinet is most “tolerant” to the presence of furniture made from different, natural and artificial materials. Combinations of plastic, chipboard, laminate, melamine, veneer, plywood, metal, glass and plexiglass are found in office furniture more often than in other functional rooms. Everyone can choose furniture and the material in which it is made, depending on their tastes and needs. Designers note the following tendency: on the one hand, the “office” style of furniture is increasingly penetrating home life, and on the other hand, in recent years, the idea of ​​humanizing the working environment has been clearly seen. From here came the multifunctional furniture, suitable for both office and home..

When we talk about a bedroom, we first of all imagine a bed, which largely determines the face and style of the entire room. As applied to an office, such a load is undoubtedly borne by the workplace – the table and the seat. The surfaces of work tables are more susceptible to exploitation than usual and their material, shape, color are determined. It is difficult to imagine a modern desktop without a computer, hence the designers “dance”. Models of computer tables offered on the market make it possible to complete both a very simple workplace and structures of varying complexity, supplemented by a system of connecting elements and partitions. They can have a wide variety of configurations – from a simple rectangle to a complex shape with bends, roundings, side attachments. Compactness and functionality are the main arguments when choosing computer tables for many buyers who are more likely to experience a shortage rather than a surplus of living and working space. The computer desk can be placed both along the wall and in the corner (corner combinations of computer tables are provided). It is often equipped with pull-out keyboard shelves, a corner table, a system unit shelf under the table, and a monitor stand. All this creates additional convenience when planning the working area of ​​the office..

Armchair. This piece of furniture is most responsible for the comfort of the workplace.. What would the most comfortable table mean if it was uncomfortable to sit at? The consumer is offered dozens of types of chairs with the most romantic names. But it would be impractical to define them by their appearance alone. An ergonomic work chair must be transformed to suit the individual user. With a minimum of effort, all levers must be easily switched, and the seat height adjustable. Backrest height and depth adjustment allows the spine to relax. New models of work chairs have a special lumbar support.

If the financial condition allows, you can turn to the ready-made furniture cabinets offered by the companies. There are offices of executive class leaders, designed in noble colors and using expensive finishing materials (leather, veneer, wood). Such furniture is designed for adherents of traditional design lines, it gives rise to a feeling of stability and calm elegance..

there is business class rooms, which combine constructive lightness and modern design, a variety of details and additional elements.

Finally there is economy class cabinets – ergonomic and multifunctional, designed to meet mass demand.

It is almost impossible to determine the quality of furniture only by its appearance. Experts advise when choosing to run your hands along their edges. In good furniture with high-quality processing, the edges are smooth to the touch and do not cling even to very thin fabrics, there are no sharp edges. Hardware fasteners are usually hidden from view.

Working in comfortable conditions – who among us has not dreamed about it! There is such a simplified, but vital formulation of happiness – “this is when you joyfully go to work and happily return home.” In this case, specialists are quite capable of bringing us closer to a state of happiness..

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