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In Russian climatic conditions, it is especially important to make the right choice of a heating device – our harsh winters require increased heat transfer, and the features of heat supply systems require increased strength and unpretentiousness of the radiator to the coolant.

On the market today there are many models of radiators from different materials, differing in design, technical characteristics and price. What kind of radiators to prefer?

Most popular at present aluminum radiators. This is due to their high heat transfer and low inertia, due to which the room heats up in a matter of minutes. In addition, due to the lightness and plasticity of aluminum, the design of such radiators will delight the most demanding.
Seagull Aluminum Radiatorscreated specifically for Russian operating conditions – they have high heat transfer, which is achieved due to the geometry of the heat-transfer surfaces, the structure of the internal collector and due to the heat-conducting properties of aluminum. Seagull radiators can be installed in autonomous and centralized heating systems with an operating pressure of up to 1.8 MPa inclusive, depending on the radiator model, with a temperature of up to 120 ° C and a hydrogen index (pH) of water of at least 6.5 and no more than 8.5. The low inertia of the radiators ensures effective thermal control with a guarantee of maximum comfort. The most popular are extrusion models Seagull Al 70/500and Seagull Al 100/500and cast model Seagull LUX 80/500. By purchasing a Seagull aluminum radiator, you get a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. The main condition for the longevity of the installed radiator is the compliance of the selected model with the technical characteristics of the heating system in which they are used.

For central heating systems, you should also pay attention to bimetal radiators Seagull Gelius. Bimetallic radiators successfully combine the best properties of aluminum and steel radiators: strength, durability and a high level of heat transfer combined with modern design. The use of steel in the heater increases the operating pressure and provides increased corrosion resistance due to the absence of direct contact between the coolant and aluminum. Bimetallic radiators are more resistant to sudden hydraulic drops in comparison with aluminum devices, which is of considerable importance in domestic systems. Seagull geliusdesigned for operating pressures up to 3.0 MPa.

Both Seagull aluminum and bimetallic radiators undergo multi-stage quality control, have several layers of anti-corrosion protection for the inner and outer surfaces of the sections. Seagull radiators are insured by Ingosstrakh. Seagull radiators – elegant, reliable, warm!

Well suited for autonomous heating systems steel panel radiators SaniComfort. Steel panel radiators also have high heat transfer and low inertia, and thanks to a large model range and various standard sizes, they will easily fit into any room. Working pressure of radiators SaniComfortup to 1.0 MPa. They are easy to install by simply choosing the model that suits you best – 4 or 6 holes, bottom or side connection. SaniComfort radiatorsmade in Germany and meet the highest European requirements.

Still popular in Russia cast iron radiators, known for their reliability and longevity, as well as undemanding to the quality of the coolant. Cast iron is quite resistant to corrosion, therefore it practically does not suffer from the effects of solid particles present in the coolant. Among the disadvantages, it is worth paying attention to the high thermal inertia (the cast-iron radiator cools down for a long time and heats up for a long time) and the large weight of the device. Among the cast-iron radiators, there are both classic MC-140-500 devices produced by the Lugansk, Minsk, Nizhniy Tagil plants, as well as more modern models Konner Hitand Konner Modern, which have an aesthetic design and are perfect for replacing outdated appliances.

So, the choice of a radiator primarily depends on the parameters of the heat supply system in which the device is planned to be installed. Be sure to check that the characteristics of the heating radiator correspond to the parameters of the system and the quality of the coolant. In assortment CJSC firm “PROKONSIM”You can always choose the best option for heating any room.

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