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Warm floor

Electric heat-insulated floors of all leading world manufacturers are represented in Russia today. But the largest manufacturer and supplier of these products is the Russian company “Special Systems and Technologies”, which produces at its plant in the Moscow region all known types and types of electric underfloor heating and temperature controllers. Many SST products are unique and have no foreign analogues. The portfolio of brands produced by Special Systems and Technologies includes electric cable underfloor heating and temperature controllers Teplolux and National Comfort, a unique underfloor heating on a Green Box coil, and Teplofol-nano film underfloor heating. Also, by order of the well-known German company IWARM Gmbh, SST produces electric heat-insulated floors under the I-WARM brand.

Electric cable underfloor heating is perhaps the most reliable heating device. Judge for yourself, the service life of a warm floor is more than 30 years. “SST” gives a 20-year guarantee for warm floors “Teplolux”. During this time, a set of warm floor for a bathroom with a thermostat will cost you 85 kopecks per day! Agree that this amount is negligible in comparison with the comfort that warm floors will give you.

For those who are not yet familiar with warm floors, we will tell you more about this system. “Warm floor” is an electric heating system based on a heating cable or film, which can be used as the main heating system of a room or as a source of comfortable floor heating.

Electric underfloor heating is used to heat rooms, which is especially important in rooms with cold floors (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, swimming pools) and on the ground floors of buildings. Underfloor heating creates a comfortable temperature distribution in the room, helps to heat it in autumn and spring days when the main heating is turned off.

Typically, a “warm floor” system consists of a heating section or heating mat, a thermostat, a floor temperature sensor with a protective corrugated tube. For installation, you will also need: mounting tape, thermal insulation and a cement-sand mixture (it is better to use a special one designed specifically for the installation of a “warm floor”).

The heating section is a piece of heating cable of a fixed length, equipped with installation wires for connection to the electrical network. The cable connections with the installation wires and the termination are made in hermetically sealed couplings and terminations. These couplings are highly reliable because their design has been developed based on many years of experience and special tests. Finished heating sections with couplings are repeatedly tested at the factory.

Underfloor heating systems use single-core or two-core heating sections. Both types of sections are suitable for heating any premises, including residential, office, industrial. For bedrooms, nurseries and other rooms where people spend most of the time, it is better to use two-core sections. Heating sections are laid on a flat solid base of the floor in a layer of cement-sand mixture 3-5 centimeters thick. This method of installing an electric underfloor heating is suitable for basic room heating. If a warm floor is used as the main heating, the area on which the heating sections are laid should be at least 70% of the total area of ​​the heated room, and the specific heating power should be at the level of 130 – 150 W / m2.

Before installation, make sure that the heating section is selected correctly, taking into account the characteristics of the room and the heating task.

Do not use the same section for heating different types of rooms, for example, a bathroom and a corridor or kitchen. Also, do not use the same section for heating rooms with different floors. This recommendation is mandatory, since different conditions of heat transfer in adjacent rooms can lead to local overheating of the heating cable.

The heating mat is a heating section made of a thin heating cable with a diameter of about 3 mm, correctly laid out and fixed to a glass mesh. Heating mats are very easy to install as there is no need to use mounting tape. By fixing the cable on the mesh, the uniformity of the laying of the turns of the cable (and, accordingly, the uniformity of heating) is ensured and the possibility of damage to the cable sheath during fastening.

Heating mats can be easily cut into separate fragments (by cutting the mesh and not breaking the integrity of the heating cable), which allows them to be laid out on a heated area of ​​any shape. Heating mats are used for comfortable floor heating. They are ideal for rooms in which it is necessary to keep the floor thickness low. Heating mats are installed in a layer of tile adhesive. Materials with high thermal conductivity are used as a decorative finish, such as ceramic tiles, natural stone.

All heating cables produced by “SST” and used in the manufacture of sections and mats are manufactured according to sustainable technology, providing increased reliability, on modern equipment and are tested in full compliance with the standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC) – IEC 800.

The double-layer insulation of the heating cable undergoes a special treatment, which makes it non-combustible and non-melting. The braided shield provides mechanical and electrical protection and also increases the temperature resistance of the cable. The quality and reliability of Teplolux underfloor heating is confirmed by a set of certificates: Russian Certificate of Conformity, Fire Safety Certificate and Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion.

An integral part of the underfloor heating system is a thermostat.

The thermostat saves energy by supplying voltage to the heating sections only when necessary to maintain thermal comfort in the room. Using programmable thermostats, you can set the temperature maintenance program for a day and a week. And the new development of “SST” – remotely controlled thermostats allow programming and control of several “warm floor” systems from one control panel. The use of the latest models of thermostats allows you to save up to 70% of the electricity consumed by the “warm floor” system, by turning on the system exactly at the time when heating is needed.

Correctly selected thermal insulation will also save energy (up to 10-30%) during the operation of a heated floor, reducing heat losses for heating the floor, soil and other structures lying below the heated room.

The heat-insulating material must have a low thermal conductivity, not worse than 0.05 W / (m ° C). If the “warm floor” is used as the main heating system, it is worth using solid types of expanded polystyrene (PPS) with a thickness of 30 mm, covered with a layer of aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.3 mm with a polymer protective layer.

For comfortable heating, it is permissible to use thermal insulation based on foam materials (for example, foil foam) with a thickness of 3-10 mm; best of all – foil thermal insulation, protected by a polymer layer to increase durability. Thermal insulation should be used whenever the floor is close to the ground or in the basement. For basements, garages and other rooms where the floor is in direct contact with the ground, it is better to use rigid foam or mineral wool boards with a thickness of 30 mm or more..

All the variety of types of electric underfloor heating can be seen on the example of the products of the company “Special Systems and Technologies”.

Warm floors “Teplolux” have been produced by “Special Systems and Technologies” since 1994. “Teplolux” is the most famous brand of electric underfloor heating in our country. The line of warm floors “Teplolux” is represented by single-core and two-core heating sections designed for heating areas from 0.7 to 29 sq.m., as well as single-core and two-core heating mats, which are designed for heating areas from 0.65 to 15.3 sq. .m. A special line of underfloor heating with increased power is produced for floor heating in “cold” rooms: on balconies, loggias, in winter gardens.

In mid-2010, the production of an updated line of stationary wall-mounted thermostats for warm floors “Teplolux” was launched. Thermoregulators TP 115, TP 715 and TP 725 are improved versions of devices widely known in Russia and abroad since 1994. When designing a new line of thermostats, all modern user requirements for underfloor heating control devices were taken into account. Classic design, user-friendly interface and the highest quality of the updated thermostats allow them to harmoniously fit into the interior of an apartment or house.

Also in 2010, a line of 800 series Teplolux thermostats was presented, which are designed for remote control of warm floors, as well as systems for complex electric heating of an apartment or house, including warm floors and Teplolux radiators. New remotely controlled thermostats, which have no analogues on the Russian market, consist of executive modules that are attached to the wall and control panels.

Commands from the control panel are sent to the executive module via a radio channel, so you can control the comfort in the house from any room. Simple and intuitive interface, ergonomic design of the remote control make the control of electric heating of a house or apartment pleasant and stylish. On the remote control, you can set the required comfortable temperature in a particular room and program the system to turn on at the right time. The new thermostats have a self-diagnostic function that monitors the status of the heating system and displays warning messages.

The most “advanced” model of the new series of thermostats “Teplolux” TP 840 is designed to control a complex electric heating system in several rooms of the house. Such a system may include aluminum radiators and executive modules, with the help of which “warm floors” (heating mats, sections or foil) are controlled in different rooms..

In addition to underfloor heating and thermostats, under the Teplolux brand, SST produces a wide range of heating electrical appliances and stylish metal and glass electric heated towel rails.

Warm floors and temperature regulators “National Comfort” have been produced by “Special Systems and Technologies” since 2002. The “National Comfort” brand is known to consumers for its optimal combination of high quality and affordable prices. Warm floors “National Comfort” are represented by single-core and two-core sections, and single-core and two-core mats, designed for heating areas from 0.5 to 13.5 square meters.

Green Box heated floor, unique for the Russian market, is a warm floor based on an ultra-thin shielded two-core cable with a thickness of only 3 mm. Green Box is the optimal solution for arranging underfloor heating in a heating area with a complex configuration. Green Box can be conveniently mounted where it is necessary to “bypass” furniture, plumbing, or the room has a complex geometric shape.

Underfloor heating Green Box is very easy to install: it is easily mounted from a convenient plastic coil, does not require a screed device (the heating cable is laid directly under the tiles in tile adhesive), and can also be laid under the screed if a heat storage system is required.

Green Box is a reliable and safe heating device, it is made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials and fully complies with international sanitary standards.

For floor coverings with which it is not desirable to use an electric cable heat-insulated floor, such as: laminate, linoleum, carpet and parquet, the SST company offers Teplofol-nano film heat-insulated floor. The undoubted advantage of a film warm floor is that there is no need to carry out repair work when laying a warm floor. Ready-made sets of the Teplofol-nano film floor with all the accessories necessary for installation are designed for a heating area from 0.9 to 10 square meters. Film heated floors are controlled using a line of classic or remotely controlled thermostats “Teplolux”.

As you can see, underfloor heating has become a common electrical appliance in recent years to provide comfort in many families. Electric underfloor heating is reliable, durable, energy efficient, invisible and safe. The Russian company “Special Systems and Technologies”, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2011, offers consumers electric underfloor heating for any type of premises, any floor covering and any heating modes. Welcome to the world of comfort and coziness!


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