7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath

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In this article, we will offer several options for decorating the interior of a bath and sauna – a conservative steam room, a convenient washing room and a dressing room that is conducive to pleasant relaxation, while we will consider the design styles that are best suited for such premises..

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath

The bathhouse, whether it is a modest building detached on a summer cottage or part of a large country house, is not just a place where you can steam the bones and take water procedures, but also an excellent corner for relaxation and pleasant pastime with friends.

But just before you invite guests to your new bath or sauna, you should make sure that its interior looks attractive. Bathhouse interior design is a fascinating experience. Firstly, it is here that it is quite possible to allow yourself unusual experiments with design, secondly, you can not adhere to the general style of home decoration, and thirdly, the bathhouse itself is a very interesting place, suggesting an extremely pleasant stay.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Sauna … Hot steam, delicious hot tea, cool pool or shower water. And also – the original interior, conducive to relaxation and communication

1. Russian bath – Russian interior

The Russian style is an almost ideal design option for a wooden bathhouse, built of rounded logs or timber and does not pretend to be a special splendor and urban gloss.

The beauty of this interior design is that it does not require substantial costs and can be decorated with your own hands. In addition, in such a bathhouse, equipped according to the national traditions of our country, it will always be homely cozy and at the same time beautiful in its own way..

The Russian style in the bath is necessarily wooden walls that do not need additional decoration and decoration, a plank floor, a heater or a Russian stove, simple, rough benches and a large hospitable table made of natural wood in the recreation area. The stove is usually tiled or simply plastered and whitewashed.

An embroidered tablecloth, bath brooms hung on the walls, wicker paths and rugs on benches, as well as all sorts of little things, dear to the heart of the owners and, preferably, inherited from grandmother, will help to decorate such an interior.

The Russian style is perfect for those sauna owners who are in no hurry to throw away old things, for example, a massive sideboard made of Karelian birch, inappropriate in a modern living room, a real Tula samovar and a water ladle carved from solid wood. It is these items “with history” that will become the basis of the Russian style of the interior of the bath.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Of course, the Russian stove today is not such a frequent attribute of the bath, but in terms of its functions, a more modern and compact stove will completely replace it.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Traditional birch, oak, fir, alder, coniferous and linden brooms, rough wooden benches and a beautiful embroidered tablecloth on a massive table will become the best decoration of a Russian-style bathhouse.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath A vivid example of how easy it is to create a real Russian interior. For this, a samovar on the table, an icon framed with an embroidered towel, popular prints, round seats on benches and a set of dishes suitable for the style are enough

2. Variations on a country theme

This style, like the previous one, is perfect for decorating a wooden bath, suggesting the creation of a “rustic” interior, without any special frills and inappropriate in this case, ceremonial splendor.

In general, the Russian style and country music are very similar. However, country will bring traditions of other countries to the interior of the bathhouse. So, designers highlight American and French country, which will differ in the traditional colors of textiles and the use of individual interior elements.

French country is more sophisticated than American, which is considered one of the simplest. But the main features of this design direction remain regardless of the country of origin. So, the interior of a country-style bathhouse is:

  1. Wooden furniture, usually light colors, possibly artificially aged and simply varnished. The furniture is decorated with light carvings and polished, which makes it look somewhat more elegant than in the Russian style.
  2. Bright dishes that will serve as a highlight in an otherwise very simple interior. Ceramics, white-blue or pale yellow plates, cups depicting rural landscapes, as well as dishes made of natural wood are appropriate.
  3. Natural fabrics – cotton and linen of variegated colors.
  4. Walls made of timber or logs.
  5. Mandatory beams on the ceiling.
  6. Ceramic tiles or planks on the floor.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath A real ethnic corner, located in the baths recreation area. In country, you can use not only wooden, but also leather, wicker, forged furniture

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Everything is simple and tasteful – this is the main principle of country music. This option is more likely similar to the French “rustic” style than to the American one, which took a lot from the national traditions of Indian tribes

3. We combine the eastern traditions of the Turkish hamam and the Russian bath

Oriental style in the interior always involves the use of bright colors, lush textiles, exotic design elements and special furniture. How to combine in the same room, it would seem, completely different in style, a traditional Russian bath and an exotic Turkish hamam for our country?

In fact, if you do not go into the specifics of the bath procedure, but consider the issue from the point of view of design, then the main difference between a regular steam room in a Russian bath and the hottest room in a Turkish hamam is in decoration. In the first case, a tree is always used, and in the second, a mosaic.

Yes, mosaics are much more expensive than simple wood shelves. But the view of the steam room will also turn out to be more original, ceremonial and expensive. If your plans do not include a radical change in the appearance of the steam room, elements of the oriental style can be used in a room with a shower and a swimming pool – this is where bright mosaics and oriental ornament on the tiles will be more appropriate than ever.

In addition, a full-fledged hookah room can be arranged in the relaxation room at the bathhouse by hanging bright curtains, setting a low table on curved legs and scattering multi-colored pillows. The result will be bright, inexpensive, and original..

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Mosaic seats are the main stylistic difference between the Turkish hamam and the usual Russian steam room.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Even the smallest dressing room can be turned into a cozy and oriental-style lush hookah room. Bright covers on sofas, multi-colored pillows, a low carved table, light, multi-layered curtains and, of course, the hookah itself – that’s all you need for this. And tea can be drunk not from an ordinary cup, but from a bowl to emphasize the original style of the recreation area

4. Scandinavian style is a great option for a sauna

Another style of interior decoration that strives for simplicity and naturalness, and therefore is the best suited for a bath or sauna. The Scandinavian interior is not for nothing considered the predecessor of the eco-style that is relevant today. It is in it that the simplicity and deliberate roughness of country is combined with the strict forms and proportions of the classics, ethnic trends find their modern continuation, and the naturalness of wood is adjacent to more technological materials.

In the Scandinavian style, you can decorate not only a wooden bath or sauna, but also a brick building, as well as a relaxation room, which will become an integral part of the house. In this case, walls plastered and painted in neutral tones will accentuate the simple forms of wooden or wrought-iron furniture..

Bath or sauna in the Scandinavian style are characterized by laconism, functionality, light colors and simple decoration. It is important not to overload the room with details, while creating several bright accents – for example, by hanging a lamp in a rich red lampshade over the table in the recreation room or by decorating the wall with an unusual picture.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath There can be a lot of natural wood in the Scandinavian style, as well as in the country. However, in general, this style is more “urban”, versatile and allows you to combine wood with artificial stone and other modern materials.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath The steam room is always the most conservative room of a bath or sauna. It is difficult to offer something new and original here. And yet, a Scandinavian-style steam room will definitely be distinguished by the lightness of light wood – most often linden, aspen and African abasha tree are used for this purpose, which is not afraid of either heat or moisture. Experts advise to equip shelves with slots from 1 to 2 centimeters

5. Exotic option – Japanese bath

If you prefer the Japanese style in the interior, you can build not just a bathhouse, but a Japanese-style bathhouse. The main difference between this option is the absence of a steam room as such – it is replaced by a barrel of hot water (furako) and a rectangular barrel with aromatized sawdust or pebbles heated to 60 degrees (ofuro).

The room in which the furako and ofuro will be installed should also be decorated in the style adopted in the country of the Rising Sun. Bamboo screens, a large Japanese fan on the wall, natural shades in the decoration of walls and ceilings – a laconic Japanese interior tends to natural simplicity.

If you do not intend to give up the steam room and the purchase of furako and ofuro is not included in your plans, you can decorate only a rest room in Japanese style. Tatami, a low table, a drawing of a sakura branch on the wall – decorating such an interior is not as difficult as it seems.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Light bamboo screens can serve not only as a partition, but also as a decoration for an otherwise ordinary wall, helping to create a Japanese interior in a relaxation room or washroom

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath A podium with scattered pillows and a low table may well replace a traditional table with chairs in a rest room

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Furako is a barrel with a height of 1.2 meters and a diameter of 1.2-1.8 meters. You can also purchase more spacious copies. Furako must be equipped with a water heater, a small ladder or a side chair, and the drain at the bottom must be connected to the sewer system

6. Modern classics

It is most often used in fairly large relaxation rooms in a sauna or steam bath. Assumes the presence of such classic elements as columns that serve as a space divider and decoration of walls, as well as arches, stucco moldings and multi-level ceilings.

The classics are easily applicable in the interior of a bathhouse built of brick or cinder block, but in some cases, elements of this timeless style can also be used in rest rooms with walls made of timber.

At the same time, it is not at all necessary to turn a small dressing room into an analogue of an antique hall. Sometimes it is enough to equip the doorways in the form of an arch, decorate the ceiling cornices with stucco elements made of polyurethane, lay out the floor with matte tiles and purchase furniture with straight, laconic forms.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath A good example of a sauna interior with classic design elements. Arched vaults, tiered ceilings, walls painted in pastel colors and simple tiles on the floor have made the dressing room a very inviting and cozy space. At the same time, simple wooden benches, appropriate, rather, in the country style, harmoniously fit into a fairly strict interior

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath If finances allow, then an ordinary relaxation room in the bath can be turned into a hall with all the attributes of the classic style

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Even if your bathhouse is a wooden structure and you do not plan to decorate the walls with plaster, you can create a classic interior with the help of strict furniture of straight shapes, paintings in simple frames, lamps traditional for this style and light curtains with numerous folds

7. Sauna in modern style

We’ll warn you right away that Art Nouveau is not used very often in the interior of the bath. If we compare it with the previous versions, then it is the complete opposite of the “rustic” country and the Russian style adhering to folk traditions.

And this is not surprising, because Art Nouveau presupposes the arrangement of a modern interior, the rejection of straight lines and strict forms in favor of abstract, bright colors, bizarrely curved lines of decor, large images of flowers and floral ornament – all this does not at all evoke associations with a traditional bath.

However, if you are ready to experiment and are not limited in finances, Art Nouveau can be used as the main style of the bath interior. Such an extraordinary approach will ultimately allow you to get an unusual and bright room, an amazingly beautiful lounge and really “come off” experimenting with colors and shapes.

Conveniently, Art Nouveau practically does not place restrictions on the choice of colors or finishing materials. This feature allows you not to limit the design impulses of sauna owners and make full use of modern technologies and the latest trends.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Bright mosaics are a must-have for a modern washroom. Try to avoid strict straight lines, be sure to use bright lighting and at least a slight hint of floral patterns – only in this case the style of your sauna will be easily recognizable

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Glass, leather, shiny chrome are quite appropriate in an Art Nouveau lounge. But the log walls traditional for a bath will spoil the overall impression of the modern and original design.

7 original ideas for decorating the interior of a bath Too bright? Well, the walls could be painted in a less saturated color and do without large images. But the round sofa with bright pillows in the sauna relaxation room will immediately tell your guests that it was the modern style that inspired you to create such an unusual interior.

And finally, a few tips:

  1. You should not mix several styles when decorating such a small room as a dressing room or steam room. It is better to stick to a pre-chosen direction and not turn the interior of the bath into a chaotic collection of the elements you like..
  2. The steam room is a modest-sized room that performs a utilitarian function, so you should not overload it with decor. But the use of several types of wood of different shades or a mosaic of two or three colors is quite appropriate.
  3. The style of the interior should be chosen based on the construction material of the bath – timber, log, brick – each has its own optimal decor option.

Even the most modest bathhouse, built according to the principle “from what was” at the summer cottage, can be arranged in such a way as to spend time here not only with benefit, but also with great pleasure.

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