Accessories for fireplaces and stoves

Every owner of a fireplace or stove in his house or apartment knows that they need to be looked after and serviced. Let’s talk about what accessories are required for this, what accessories for the fireplace and stove must be bought. You will be surprised how beautiful these items can be.!

Fireplace shield

We have devoted a separate detailed article to protective screens for fireplaces, so we will not return to the selection and varieties of this important addition to an open firebox. Let’s figure out what else is needed for those who have a stove or fireplace at home.

Wrought iron fireplace

Classicism style firebox

Fireplace log

Wall mounted firebox

Firebox. If your fireplace or stove does not have a special niche for storing firewood, you will, of course, need a firebox. Mobile fire boxes allow not only storing but also bringing logs from the barn. There will be no excess debris on the floor, and the fuel supply is always at hand, near the hearth. The vast majority of modern wood burning stoves are made of metal. They are forged, delicate, very beautiful. Wooden boxes for storing firewood also have a right to exist, they can be made by hand. Also, firewood is sometimes kept in beautiful wicker baskets. True, they will last a lot less than metal fireboxes. The price of a forged firewood box can vary from 1 to 7 thousand rubles, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

Classic fireplace furs

Vintage fireplace furs

Fur. Today this accessory is found much less often than wood burning stoves and other items for the care of the fireplace and stove. It turns out to melt the stove even without bellows, in the end, the flame can be fanned by your own efforts, and the draft will help. But some homeowners still prefer to purchase a complete set of accessories for their fireplace, although the price of retro-style furs can exceed 7.5 thousand rubles.

Brass ash bucket

Wrought iron bin

Ash bucket, ash pan. The remains of burnt logs must be removed regularly. Of course, you can use any bucket to carry the plant-friendly ash to your garden. But what can you say about such ash-pan made of brass, copper and other metals? Very beautiful, real decorative elements, which with honor occupy a place near the hearth. True, the price of such products can reach 9 thousand rubles. It’s a bit of a pity to use it only to take out the ashes.

By the way, sometimes the firebox and the ash pan are the same thing! It is easy to bring firewood in a metal bucket, and after using them, remove ash there..

Forged fireplace accessories

Forged fireplace set

Forged products for the fireplace

Brass fireplace set

Brush, poker, shovel, tongs. These are important little things, without which it will be difficult to care for a fireplace or stove. Usually these useful assistants come in a set, sold in a set with a special stand or mount for hanging near the hearth. The minimum set is a poker and a shovel for cleaning ash, you definitely cannot do without them. Of course, you can buy all of these items separately, but the set is more convenient. The price can be 1–1.5 thousand rubles for a fairly simple, but functional and attractive set. And it can exceed 12 thousand rubles for antique products, real antiques.

Stand for matches

Owl-shaped match stand

Wood mantelpiece stand

Fireplace match stand. Remember that they are special, long, so that it is convenient to light the firebox. It would seem that it is a trifle that you can do without, because you can simply store matches on the mantelpiece. However, there are owners of fireplaces who are ready to pay over 6 thousand rubles for an exclusive stand for matches made of brass or valuable wood.!

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