Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

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The fence is a mandatory attribute of the staircase, which serves not only for traffic safety, but also makes the room original. Which fence to choose for a straight staircase? How much will this pleasure cost? We will find out the answers to these questions from the article.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Important points when creating a fence

The fence can be created from different materials, in different shapes, making the interior original and recognizable. But before you start making such a structure yourself, it is important to know some of the nuances:

Consider in advance the attachment points for the fence. At the stage of creating the staircase frame, in some cases it is necessary to lay the fasteners (weld the nuts, install the flanges). It is also important when facing treads with stone or wood to leave technological holes for the installation of mortgages (if you plan to install the fence at the final stage).

Take care of the places where one material adjoins another. Decorative strips, skirting boards, washers should be provided to hide uneven gaps, gaps between wood, stone, glass and metal. It is also important to install rubber liners, fluoroplastic bushings between glass, stone and metal parts – to prevent the appearance of chips, cracks in fragile structural elements.

Observe the uniform inclination of the handrail in relation to the line of the steps. To move safely up a ladder, the slope must be the same throughout its length. If you change the height of the handrail, it will be uncomfortable to hold on to it, which can lead to injury.

Maintain optimal handrail heights. To move up the stairs, remember that the fence should have a height of 900-950 mm on an inclined section, and 1050-1100 mm on a flat area.

Maintain the minimum spacing of the balusters. The gaps between balusters, handrails should be such that children and pets cannot slip through them. It is generally accepted that the minimum distance between the posts should be 150 mm.

Make the fence rigid. The structure must protect a person from possible falls both on the staircase itself and from it. Therefore, it must be securely installed, do not shake when a person is holding onto it..

The main types of railings for straight stairs

A straight staircase is the most comfortable construction for movement. At the same time, almost any type of fence can be created on it. When choosing one or another option, you need to focus on the following points:

general interior of the room – for the classic design of the house, you can choose a fence made of wood, forging, and for a house made in a modern style, you can give preference to stainless steel, glass;

the price component – you should take into account the cost of a certain variant of the fence, the existing budget (you can choose an expensive solution made of stainless steel and glass, or you can create a cheaper fence made of ferrous metal);

production capabilities – before giving preference to a specific type of fence, you need to think about the production conditions, the availability of ordering certain elements (turning parts, glass parts, grinding, polishing steel).

When the main production, design and budget issues are considered, you should move on to a more detailed selection of the fence. So, all existing options can be divided into the following groups:

Glass railings

Suitable for modern-style homes where bold, non-standard solutions are used. Remember, however, that glass is a fragile material that can break. Therefore, glass should be used wisely, hardened parts should be used (when broken, they give small rounded fragments that are difficult to cut). Before laying this type of fence, it is necessary to consider options where it is possible to order glass parts, what size they can be made.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel itself does not look very attractive. However, when sanded or polished, it is able to harmoniously blend into the high-tech interior and make the room interesting. To make a beautiful fence out of it, it is not enough to be able to handle stainless steel, you should also be able to cook it with argon.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Ferrous metal fences

The simplest and most affordable option, which is suitable for both classic homes and fashionable solutions. Even, strict sections can be cooked from steel, or it can be forged, resulting in an intricate design.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Wooden fences

Suitable for classic-style houses where there are already elements of natural material (steps, wall cladding). At the same time, wooden parts can be made only for the front surfaces, and the inner frame can be made of more durable metal (which will allow you to diversify options).

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Combined solutions

A combination of wood, stainless steel with glass or black metal elements with wood – there are many non-standard fence options that will make your home unique. However, such solutions are often expensive; their implementation requires increased accuracy and experience..

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Which fence to choose depends on the person’s personal preferences and capabilities. Next, we will consider each type of fence in more detail, at what price it can cost the owner of the house, what should you pay attention to.

Glass fencing

Glass railing is a beautiful, weightless solution that will cost a person from 50 to 200 USD. That is, per running meter. The range of prices depends on the type of glass itself (transparent or colored), the type of edge (Euro-edge, pencil, Venice), the number of holes, surface treatment (without treatment, with sandblasting). To get a reliable and beautiful glass staircase, you must follow some tips:

  • at the design stage, lay gaps between the individual elements of the fence of the order of 8–10 mm (in the production of glass parts, there is an error that should not affect the installation of the fence);
  • leave a sufficient distance from the holes to the edge of the glass – the close arrangement of the holes to the edge can contribute to the appearance of chips, cracks during glass tempering, as well as during its operation;
  • choose glass of sufficient thickness for the parts of the fence – to provide the fence with the necessary rigidity, use a material not thinner than 8–10 mm;
  • when ordering glasses from third-party companies, it is necessary to indicate the processing of sharp corners – 2 mm chamfers should be removed from all edges in order to prevent not only cuts of people, but also to reduce the residual stress in sharp corners (which also leads to the appearance of chips);
  • holes for fasteners should be made with a margin of 15–20 mm – when measuring and installing mortgages, there may be errors that should be compensated for by a sufficient gap;
  • for installation, it is necessary to provide rubber, silicone or fluoroplastic bushings, seals – glass must be fastened through gaskets, adapters to prevent breaking, cracks in the glass;
  • when receiving glasses from the manufacturer, they must be measured – no one is immune from errors, therefore it is better to check all sizes of parts before installing them;
  • It is advisable to install glasses at the last stages of repair – so as not to break fragile elements when performing other repair, construction work.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Stainless steel fencing

The use of stainless steel in the staircase fence is a beautiful and reliable solution that resists various adverse factors (high humidity, high air temperature, aggressive chemicals). To create a durable and stylish fence, you need to spend at least $ 100. i.e. per running meter.

When creating such fences, it is useful to adhere to useful tips:

  • provide for the attachment points of the balusters to the stairs;
  • pre-order the necessary turning parts – in order to beautifully arrange the joints of the elements, you should use special adapters;
  • weld stainless steel with each other using argon welding – it does not splash, ensures the imposition of a neat and even seam (with skill);
  • when welding pipes, do not weld the inner corners with a solid seam – it is almost impossible to clean it, therefore, it is enough to make a few tacks;
  • when using handrails or only balusters, remember the minimum gaps between the elements (400 or 300 mm, respectively);
  • in order to obtain a beautiful surface of stainless steel, it is necessary to process it to a polished or polished surface;
  • the sanded surface is obtained using abrasive belts with a grain size of 60;
  • polishing of stainless steel is carried out in several stages – at the beginning, the parts are ground with a belt, then with flap wheels with a grain size of up to 320 or 600, after which the metal is processed with felt or felt wheels to a polished surface.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Ferrous metal fences

A staircase with a black steel railing is the cheapest option, which will cost from $ 30. That is, per running meter. With the right approach and high-quality processing, such a fence can turn out to be quite beautiful, stylish.

To minimize errors of various kinds, you should adhere to some recommendations:

  • when designing, lay a sufficient number of fence fasteners – if necessary, you need to fix the handrail to the wall;
  • use steel with a low carbon content – the higher its content, the worse the metal is cooked;
  • after welding steel elements, clean up irregularities;
  • be sure to clean the metal from rust, degrease it, prime it;
  • it is necessary to putty and paint metal products with automotive materials – they are resistant to various negative factors, they can maximize the life of the fence (especially if it is located on the street);
  • cook in a room where there is furniture, facing work has already been carried out, you need to cover all the decor elements with cardboard, plywood sheets, or use argon welding.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Wooden fences

Wood is a classic option that will help make a room both respectable and stylish. To create a sufficiently attractive fence, you will need to spend from $ 100-200. That is, per running meter. The price will depend on the type of wood, the number of elements, the complexity of the parts.

To get a high-quality fencing, you must follow several rules:

  • leave gaps of 2–5 mm when designing wooden elements;
  • think over the joints of wood among themselves;
  • think over the fastening of wooden elements to the stairs – if necessary, you can lay a pipe inside the structure, which will become a kind of rigid frame;
  • order wooden parts from reliable manufacturers or strictly adhere to the surface treatment technology when manufacturing them yourself;
  • take care of the quality of raw materials.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Combined options

Combining wood with glass or metal, combining different solutions together is the most laborious process, which gives the most effective result. To create a fence using different materials, it will take from 150-200 cu. that is, per running meter – it is necessary to use different technologies, use different tools, mount many parts together.

To get an attractive fence, you need to consider all of the above recommendations, while remembering a number of other tips:

  • when connecting wood to glass, leave large gaps from 5 to 15 mm in different places – parts made of these materials may have their own errors;
  • joints of different materials may look ugly – large gaps must be covered with overlays, washers;
  • when joining metal with glass or wood, leave allowances on pipes, metal elements – pipes and strips can be cut during installation, while short parts will have to grow, spend a lot of time on alteration.

Choosing a fence for a straight staircase

Staircase railing is a necessary element both in the house and on the street. Which solution to choose depends only on personal preferences and capabilities. Try, experiment and get aesthetic pleasure!

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