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Our tips site devoted an article to how you can arrange a place for a dog in the house and on the site. Most often, the owners do this on their own, but some are ready to shell out a substantial sum for a designer house for a pet. Let’s see what the coolest options you can choose today.

Noise-protected dog kennel from Ford

Noise-protected dog kennel from Ford

This dog house doesn’t just look very stylish. Inside there is a built-in audio system and microphones. And not at all for the dog to listen to music! It’s no secret that dogs are afraid of loud sounds of fireworks, fireworks, thunder during a thunderstorm. So this audio system is designed to emit opposite frequencies in order to reduce noise. And the pet will not be so scared. In addition, the house is built of high density cork, which has excellent sound insulation properties. Many apartment owners would not refuse such modern sound insulation!

Eco-box for a dog from the Schicketanz company

And this is a real eco-house, to which the portal has dedicated a separate article. For the dog only. The project was created by the Schicketanz studio. A dog house was built from natural, safe materials, there is a green ramp along which the pet can climb onto the roof. Not only that, this mini dog cottage features a solar powered fan, built-in water faucet, and a whole ramp grass irrigation system. What else is needed? Not every private house can boast of such an effective communication system as this “booth”.

Modern dog house Woof Ranch

Modern dog house Woof Ranch

This charming house from PDW studio is called The Woof Ranch. This time the covering at the entrance is artificial, but there is room for pots of flowers. Convenient bowl stand and tapered tiled roof complete the overall look of a stylish and cozy dog ​​house.

Minimalistic Dog House by Bad Marlon

The Bad Marlon studio considered that for the owners of cottages in a modern minimalist style, an appropriate booth is also needed. What? Let everything on the site meet the design idea and architectural project. Therefore, the dog house has minimalistic shapes and looks incredibly stylish..

Puphaus Dog House by Pyramd Design Co

This booth is also designed to meet the general stylistic direction of modern design of sites. The concrete slab became the basis, the house itself is built of cedar, the roof is flat. Stainless steel food and water bowls recessed into the base plate. The dog house was named Puphaus, a project by Pyramd Design Co.

Dog tower 9

Dog tower 9 is a rather complex structure that can be installed not only on the terrace, but also in the living room. The combination of a coffee table and a bed for a small dog stands on stylish stiletto heels. Appreciate the graceful lattice of the deck-veranda of this house, and you will definitely decide that it deserves a place in the center of the room.

Dog House Collection by Barkitecture

A whole collection of dog houses from Barkitecture. You can choose color, size, patterns. All booths are very lightweight, waterproof and durable. In addition, they can be reassembled and disassembled without tools if needing to be moved or transported to another location..

Boomer & George Booth

Boomer kennel for dogs weighing up to 45 kilograms & George. Strong, durable, simple enough. Constructed from corrugated plastic and spruce. Without any special frills, with an industrial spirit and laconic design.

Stylish booth from Lambert & Max

This booth is called the Matterhorn, after a summit in the Swiss Alps. The sharp roof angle really gives this dog house a very original look..

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