Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

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It is sometimes much easier to plan a large area than a small one. There may simply not be enough space for a home, garden and vegetable garden. To accommodate and correctly arrange all the necessary buildings and plants in a small area, you need to adhere to special rules. Let’s look at them.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

Choosing a place for a well

Competent determination of the place for the construction of a well is a paramount task, especially if the site has not yet been planned and built up. It is much wiser to first choose the right place for the well and, with this in mind, arrange the rest of the territory, because the quality and purity of the water completely depends on the location of the well. Therefore, you should take this with full attention..

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

To choose the right place, you first need to check where the underground waters lie and determine the presence of stone layers and quicksands on the site (they can complicate the work). Next, it’s important to make sure the water is safe to drink. You cannot build wells near sources of pollution (toilets, car parks, septic tanks, burial places).

Selection of a place for a septic tank

In order to correctly position a septic tank on the site, you need to find out in which direction the groundwater is moving. According to SNiP 2.04.03–85, which regulates the construction of external sewer networks, the removal of the septic tank from the house should be at least 5 m. In order not to create problems with neighbors, it should be borne in mind that the minimum distance of the septic tank from the fence is 2 m. spoil the quality of the water in your well, position the septic tank as far as possible from the source of the water intake.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

Choosing a place for a home and recreation area

The distance of your house from your neighbors’ house depends on the materials from which they are built. If this is a house made of stone, concrete or other non-combustible materials, then the distance can be from 6 m. If these are wooden buildings, then the distance should be more than 15 m. Compliance with this point is necessary for fire safety and is regulated by SNiP 30-02-97.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

On a plot of 6 acres, the optimal calculation of zones is as follows: buildings – 100 m2, paths and platforms – about 50 m2, vegetable garden – 100 m2, garden – 250 m2, recreation area, lawns – 100 m2.

If a house, a barn, a garage and other outbuildings are planned on the site, then 100 m2 must be divided among all buildings. Naturally, the house will occupy the largest area..

When choosing a place for a residential building, remember that it should not stand on the roadway. It is best to place it in the depth of the site, or no closer than 5 m from the road.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

As for the choice of a place to stay, it is difficult to find a free spacious place in small areas. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon the lounge area. On a plot of 6 acres, you can build a small gazebo. However, the best solution would be a cozy open veranda. It will allow you to abandon the gazebo and will well save space on the site.

Placement of outbuildings

Greenhouses, toilet, shower and shed should be located in a place opposite to the roadway. At the same time, remember that the toilet should be 12 m away from the house..

Advice:it is best if you position the toilet and shower on the same side as the neighbors. This technique will significantly increase the choice of places for building a well..

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

According to SNiP 30–02–97, the collection and treatment of shower and utility water drains must be carried out in a filter trench, at least 4 m from the borders with neighbors. It is also allowed to discharge water into an external ditch through a special ditch. At the same time, for each individual case, coordination with the sanitary and epidemiological authorities is required..

The garage should not be built in the depths of the site, because the entrance to it will take up a lot of space. At the same time, you do not need to save space on the width of the entrance and main paths.

Placing a garden and a vegetable garden

On a plot of 6 acres, the optimal area for a vegetable garden will be 100 m2, for a garden 200-250 m2.

Do not save space at the distance between the fruit trees, it should be about 3 m. It is advisable to locate the garden on the south side of the house. In this case, the building will be a good protection for trees from cold winds..

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

Shrubs (raspberries, rose hips) are best planted along the fence, this will save space and decorate the perimeter of the site.

To maximize the use of space in a small area, some plant beds can be placed under the trees. Vegetable plants require much less light than garden plants, so you can choose a place for them where there will be sunlight for only half a day. Plant legumes, cucumbers and other climbing plants in round beds with a frame inside. Plants will braid it and take up a minimum of space.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

For a plot of 6 acres, it is undesirable to build a large compost pit, it is quite possible to do with a small plastic tank.

Mistakes when planning small areas

When planning small areas, it is very important to place everything as compactly as possible and at the same time not to overload the area. Let’s consider the most popular mistakes that interfere with the rational use of space..

1. Congestion. Do not try to squeeze everything into a small area: trees, a pond, fountains, a bathhouse, a greenhouse, etc. Decide and select the objects that you really need.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

2. Randomness. In small areas, order is even more important. To do this, you need to carefully and accurately plan the zones of the site and the place of each object on it..

3. High fence. If possible, build a fence that looks light and will visually increase the space..

4. A pile of garden figurines and architectural decorations. In a small area, the accumulation of these objects looks ridiculous and gives the impression of being cramped..

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

5. Reducing the distance between plants. Do not try to get more yield through dense planting of plants. After a while, they will begin to oppress each other due to lack of sun and space..

6. Mixing styles. Maintaining style in a small area is very important. The motley design of different areas of the site will “steal” the place and make it even smaller. Strict compliance with the design in a single style, on the contrary, unites all parts into one and makes the site beautiful.

Design techniques for small areas

In order to make your small plot look harmonious and spacious, there are several design techniques. Consider them.

1. Hide the corners, or rather, use them. In each corner, put some element, for example, a bench, a small podium, a flower garden. The main thing is that this place has some kind of useful or aesthetic function, since empty corners limit the space.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

2. Create a relief. Creating even a small drop on the site will greatly help to change its appearance..

3. Block your eyes. Place small garden partitions, screens, arches. This will prevent you from seeing the entire area, respectively, will help to visually increase the space. Winding paths will be helpful too.

Correct layout of a small plot of 6 acres

4. Round off the shape of your site. Any element clearly outlined by the corners looks smaller, so try to give rounded shapes to the objects of your site: garden, lawns, gazebos.

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