False fireplace in the interior: choice of material, ready-made models, decor

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The fireplace has always been a symbol of home comfort and warmth, becoming a place of attraction for guests and households. At the same time, only residents of private houses, top floors and old apartments with a chimney have the opportunity to build a real fireplace. However, the rest should not despair – they have a great chance to decorate their interior with a false fireplace.

False fireplace in the interior

In this article we will talk about the types of false fireplaces, the features of choosing ready-made models from manufacturers, the choice of material for the construction of a “fake” hearth, its decoration and decor.

False fireplace in the interior A false fireplace may look like a real one, but it does not require a chimney and a special floor screed device, so it can appear in the most ordinary city apartment

Varieties of false fireplaces

All false fireplaces are usually divided into the following main types:

  1. Complete imitations of real fireplaces. They differ from ordinary fireplaces, in which logs or coal will burn, only in that an electric fireplace or a biofuel firebox is installed inside. Otherwise, such a false fireplace is indistinguishable from a real hearth either in size or in design. Some electric fireplaces are even capable of imitating the crackling sound of logs. To maintain the proportions of a real fireplace, it is important to observe the depth of the firebox – up to 40 centimeters.
  2. Conditional imitations of real hearths. At first glance, such false fireplaces can be easily distinguished from real ones – most often it is just a portal protruding slightly from the wall. The depth of the firebox in conventional models is no more than 20 centimeters. An electric hearth, candles or just a beautiful vase can also be installed inside it..
  3. Symbolic imitations of real fireplaces. It can be just a drawing on the wall, a beautiful image of a flame, a few wooden planks folded in the form of a portal. Such false fireplaces do not even pretend to be similar to real ones – they are rather a hint, a symbol of the hearth and just a beautiful piece of decor.

False fireplace in the interior The simplest imitation of a fireplace – it is quite possible to build one with your own hands

According to their functional features, false fireplaces are divided into:

  1. Complete heaters. In such a fireplace, an electric heater must be hidden, which is able to heat the entire room and replace a radiator.
  2. Decorative. They do not carry any additional functional load, except that they can serve as a shelf for souvenirs and a beautiful vase, become a stand for a television panel. The main function of decorative false fireplaces is to serve as an unusual and attractive detail in the decoration of a room, one of the elements of interior design.

False fireplace in the interior The firebox of an electric fireplace not only simulates a flame, but is actually capable of heating the entire room

According to the method of placement, false fireplaces are divided into the following types:

  1. Wall mounted. The most popular and frequent option when the portal is installed near the wall or securely attached to it.
  2. Corner. Of course, they are installed in the corner of the room, so they do not take up much space.
  3. Suspended. Unlike its “counterparts” of wall and corner false fireplaces, such a hearth cannot pretend to be similar to the real one. Rather, it will look like a picture, an image of a flame in a beautiful frame, matched to the style of the interior of the rest of the room..

It is convenient that false fireplaces, especially conditional imitations that perform a decorative function, can be made portable. Are you tired of the fireplace in the bedroom – moved to the living room or vice versa.

False fireplace in the interior Such a flat electric fireplace can be hung on the wall and even without additional framing it will look very unusual.

Ready models

For those apartment owners who do not want to waste time building a false fireplace directly in the room, ready-made models will be an excellent option. Most often these are electric fireplaces, modern models of which look like a finished hearth, often already framed by a portal.

From the products presented today on the Russian market, one can single out the electric fireplaces of the English company Dimplex. These are stylish and reliable models that fit perfectly into almost any interior style – from high-tech to classics..

The only drawback of Dimplex false fireplaces is their rather high cost. More affordable models are offered by manufacturers such as the Swedish company Electrolux, as well as the domestic company GRANDPORTAL.

False fireplace in the interior Electric fireplace from the British manufacturer Dimplex. Such a contemporary-style model, already framed by a very attractive and laconic portal, is called Gibraltar and costs about 55 thousand rubles

If your plans do not include the construction of a complete imitation of a real home and you do not need an additional heating device, you can simply purchase a ready-made portal for a false fireplace. The cost of a ready-made portal for a false fireplace primarily depends on the material chosen. Numerous domestic and foreign companies are engaged in the production of ready-made portals, the products of Russian enterprises are traditionally cheaper.

False fireplace in the interior Polyurethane portals are not afraid of fire; they fit perfectly into a classic interior thanks to the ability to create rich stucco moldings. Usually sold separately in three pieces – legs and arch

Services for the installation of a finished false fireplace in an apartment cost on average 50% of the cost of the portal itself or an electric fireplace with decoration. Thus, the most expensive pleasure is the installation of a full-fledged copy of a real fireplace, since in this case the dimensions of the product and its price will be significantly higher than in the case of installation of a conditional imitation. However, it is not so difficult to mount a ready-made portal, so there is an opportunity to save on the services of masters.

The choice of materials for the construction of a false fireplace

A fake fireplace, in principle, can be built from any materials, and even choose for this purpose such unusual options as a case from an old TV. However, the most popular materials are:

  1. Drywall. Traditionally attached to a frame made of metal profiles. The disadvantage of this design is the need for high-quality finishing, otherwise the false fireplace will look too simple and unattractive.
  2. Wood. Boards, beams, rounded logs – raised fireplaces made of these materials initially, without additional finishing, look original and perfectly fit the country style.
  3. Chipboard. A false fireplace made of laminated particle boards, MDF and other similar materials will look neat and will not cost too much. To make the hearth perfect, you should make a drawing of it in advance with all dimensions and order, according to the sketch, sawing laminated chipboard in a specialized furniture workshop or store.
  4. Sheet metal. Such a false fireplace will look solid, but rude, therefore it needs careful finishing..
  5. Brick. It is from bricks that complete imitations of real fireplaces are most often built. If the brickwork fits harmoniously into your interior, you can simply paint it or cover it with matte varnish for protection.
  6. Glass. Stylish and unusual false fireplaces made of reliable tempered glass will perfectly fit into a modern industrial interior. However, they cannot pretend to be similar to the real ones..
  7. Polyurethane. Most often, in the case of constructing a complete imitation of a real hearth, moldings and semi-columns are used only as a decor for a plasterboard or brick fireplace. But if you are satisfied with the conditional similarity, you can attach the polyurethane portal directly to the wall.
  8. Cardboard and foam. Lightweight and very cheap designs, the main drawback of which is the dissimilarity with a real hearth. In addition, they are short-lived and can easily be damaged..
  9. Gypsum. Gypsum is used to cast portals for false fireplaces in classical or baroque style, usually these are factory blanks, but you can order the product according to your size, an individual sketch. Today, gypsum portals are increasingly inferior to polyurethane products – more durable and lightweight.
  10. Plastic panels. A conditional imitation of a real fireplace can also be built from such an inexpensive material that can be “disguised” as wood or stone.
  11. Foam blocks. Such a false fireplace is being built in general according to the same scheme as a brick one, but it definitely needs additional decor. The rest is quite lightweight and reliable..
  12. Plywood. To build a false fireplace from this material, you only need a board for the frame, a hammer, nails and wood glue, as well as paint, which will be used to decorate the structure. Ordinary plywood is suitable for creating a box, and flexible plywood for finishing the edges.

Raised fireplace trim

In the case of buying a ready-made model or portal, the need for additional finishing simply disappears, since the product itself looks complete and ready to take its place in the interior of the room.

But if the fireplace is built on the spot, for example, from drywall or brick, then you cannot do without finishing. For this purpose, the following technologies and materials are most often used:

  1. Paint. The easiest and cheapest way to ennoble a false fireplace made of almost any material. Just do not forget that before painting, for example, brickwork, you must carefully seal all the cracks and level the surface.
  2. Fake diamond. An excellent option for a complete imitation of a real hearth, which always looks rich and beautiful. Fits with special tile adhesive or liquid nails.
  3. Paneling with wood or MDF panels and moldings. Finished bars, carved parts and half-columns can be attached to the base with wood glue.
  4. Tile. Glazed, unglazed, porcelain stoneware – all of these types of tiles can be successfully used to decorate a raised fireplace. Tiles are laid according to the usual technology, only the basis for it must be strong enough, cardboard, of course, will not work.
  5. Tiles. They can only be used to decorate false fireplaces that completely imitate real ones, since they have a solid weight and need a solid and reliable base, for example, strong wood or brickwork.
  6. Self-adhesive mosaic. Nice and reliable, but in the case of laying on drywall, you must additionally putty the base.
  7. Marble and granite. Another rather expensive and heavy material, in the case of finishing a false fireplace, it is not very popular, it is usually used to decorate real hearths.
  8. Decorative plaster. A simple and inexpensive way to perfect a plasterboard false fireplace.

False fireplace in the interior Often, the finished model of the electric fireplace does not require any additional finishing. And here is how, in this case, to purchase a flat model and simply wedge it into the wall. Of course, it is better to do this at the stage of repair.

False fireplace in the interior The framing for the electric fireplace is often wooden portals – respectable and never out of fashion, but quite expensive

False fireplace in the interior In this case, the electric fireplace is built into a niche lined with delicate ceramic tiles.

Fireplace decor

A false fireplace will not stand in your home just like that – it will become part of the interior of the entire room, therefore it needs an appropriate decor. How to decorate your home, albeit artificial? Yes, literally anything – there is amazing scope for the embodiment of fantasies!

Particularly noteworthy is the shelf above the false fireplace – this is the ideal place to showcase your own collection, a beautiful vase, figurines, mantel clocks, books, indoor flowers or souvenirs. In no case should you neglect such a prominent place, and if the shelf is too narrow or simply absent – well, the wall above the false fireplace can be occupied with a beautiful picture or a TV panel can be hung.

False fireplace in the interior In this grand living room, the portal of the false fireplace became the only decoration of the laconic white wall. He himself is decorated with only three identical vases on a shelf and a carved portal

Another very popular technique for decorating a false fireplace is candles. It is they who will bring a living light to the “fake” hearth. Candles in beautiful candlesticks or just on a large dish can be placed not only on a shelf in front of or above the fireplace, but also in a niche in the firebox, which will make the hearth even more like a real one.

By the way, a vase with flowers or a statue can also take its place in the firebox – a fake fireplace will allow everything, of course, if this place is no longer occupied by an electric hearth for heating.

To get closer to nature and bring the scent of fresh wood, juniper or pine into your home, you can put ordinary logs in a beautiful pile in the firebox of a false fireplace. And it looks beautiful, and they look very appropriate here. And if you put the logs on a metal grate and illuminate from below with red-yellow light, then an imitation of a real hearth will turn out to be almost perfect.

In addition, the bottom of the firebox can be laid out with stone or beautiful pebbles, which will be an excellent background for logs or candles..

Facing the interior space with mirrors will visually make the firebox of a false fireplace deeper – with this decor, your hearth will become a fabulous entrance to the world of looking glass.

False fireplace in the interior If the electric fireplace is built into the wall or hangs on it, then to decorate it, it is enough to choose a beautiful frame in the style of the interior of the whole room

By the New Year, the false fireplace is traditionally decorated with a garland, pine branches and Christmas tree decorations. In Western Catholic countries, for example, it is customary to hang a number of socks on fireplaces in which Santa Claus should put gifts, but just a composition of a pine branch, toys and candles on a shelf or in a firebox will be a wonderful New Year’s decoration.

False fireplace in the interior Candles in the firebox of a false fireplace, a large mirror above the shelf, a small elegant vase – a vivid example of a harmonious decor

An imitation of a fireplace in an apartment can be made in a variety of stylistic solutions, it allows you to beat interior partitions, niches and ledges that are already in the room. In addition, thanks to an electric heater, such a fireplace can become not only beautiful, but also a very functional piece of furniture. And you can also make a false fireplace with your own hands.

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