For which they can be fined in the country and in a country house

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If you are the owner of a country house or cottage outside the city, it is important for you to know what you can do on your site, and for what you can impose penalties. Our advice site will tell you about each of these cases so that you do not break the rules and use your summer cottage or house as required by law.

What can be fined in the country

Gardening and gardening, outdoor recreation with the whole family, picnics are all great. But spending time in the country or in a personal plot, you need to adhere to the norms and rules established at the legislative level.

1. Fire safety standards

The first thing for which summer residents can be fined is violation of fire safety requirements. The portal devoted a separate article to the rules that must be followed when burning garbage on the site. It is better not to do this at all, but for barbecues to equip a separate area with a barbecue or fireplace, away from outbuildings and the house.

Campfire area on site

A fine for violation of fire safety standards – 4 thousand rubles from an individual.

2. Hogweed

The Russian authorities continue to fight this plant, which causes burns on the human body and completely displaces other crops from the sites, even stubborn weeds. In the Leningrad Region and the Moscow Region, land owners who did not mow the hogweed, did not fight it, are punished with a ruble. The Federation Council recommended introducing the same measures to the authorities of other regions..

Destruction of hogweed

A fine of 2 to 5 thousand rubles.

3. Shading of the neighboring area, improper location of outbuildings

We advise you to re-read the article on our site, which tells in detail at what distance from the neighbor’s fence all buildings and tall trees should be located. If the requirements for the location of buildings have been violated, and your trees shade the neighboring territory and threaten the roof, you will have to fix all this.

Shading a neighborhood plot

Fine – up to 5 thousand rubles.

4. Construction waste

If you started new construction or repairs in the house on the site, all the garbage after such work will need to be taken to a special landfill. Anything that, in the opinion of the authorities, spoils the appearance of the street, must be removed. Yes, you will have to pay for transport and, if necessary, movers. However, otherwise, you face penalties..

Cleaning of construction waste

The fine is up to 2 thousand rubles in the Moscow region for the release of solid waste. In the rest of the subjects – at the discretion of the authorities.

5. Well

According to the new rules, which took effect from the beginning of 2020, all SNTs are required to obtain licenses for a public well. In 2019, the procedure was free, but now you have to pay 7.5 thousand rubles for the license. If you have your own well for personal use and the water consumption does not exceed 100 cubic meters per day, then a license is not required.

Well on the site

Fine with SNT – up to 1 million rubles.

You should not think that you can do anything on your own site. It is important to comply with fire safety rules, not to violate the rights of neighbors and not to spoil the street view with your garbage. Only in this case, you will definitely be insured against penalties, the amounts of which may not be so large, but still become unpleasant expenses..

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