Glass in the manufacture of stairs: opportunities

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The staircase with glass elements looks stylish, modern, “airy”. You can create such an elegant design on your own – in this article we will consider the main cases of using glass parts, the complexity of their manufacture, as well as the approximate costs.

Glass in the manufacture of stairs: opportunities

When is glass used to create stairs

Glass is a transparent material, at first glance, fragile and easily breakable. However, properly processed parts from it are hard enough, reliable to create complex structures. Stairs with such elements look modern, visually “dissolving” in the interior.

Glass objects can be used in the following cases:

  • as steps – it is appropriate to use them on objects with a small number of people passing by, in offices, in modern buildings (during operation, glass is scratched, losing its presentability);
  • as a fence – suitable for both private houses, apartments and business centers, ideally fitting into almost any interior;
  • as load-bearing structural elements – they can be both bowstrings and fences, or they can be made as independent units (stringers), require special attention, responsibility during manufacture and assembly;
  • in combination with each other – glass steps can be combined with glass railings, stringers, forming a single composition.

Glass steps

Such elements should be made of thick glass (8-10 mm) using triplex technology – to reduce the risk of injury when parts are broken. It is advisable to use anti-skid elements. Fasteners can be glued to the glass, or they can be screwed through the holes.

The cost of making steps from triplex glass (with two films) will cost from 150 USD. e. per sq. m.

Glass in the manufacture of stairs: opportunities

Glass structural members

Bowstrings and stringers are made of thick tempered glass (10–12 mm), triplex technology can be used. For the installation of steps, metal flanges are used, fixed to the glass elements through large holes (o 26-30 mm) with bushings.

The cost of manufacturing such elements will cost from 200 USD. e. per sq. m.

Glass in the manufacture of stairs: opportunities

Glass fencing

Glass railings are made of tempered glass of medium thickness (if they do not bear additional load). Fastening of elements can be done both with the help of special tires and through holes.

Such a “weightless” fence will cost from 80 cu. e. per sq. m.

Glass in the manufacture of stairs: opportunities

Glass elements in the staircase not only bring beauty and style to the interior, but also provide the structure with all the necessary parameters of rigidity and reliability. How to combine some details with others, in which cases to use glass products – it’s up to you individually. Imagine, create and have real fun using the stairs!

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