Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

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It is customary to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and various celebrations in a large company. It’s great if the holiday is held outdoors. But how to accommodate so many people on your own personal plot? In this article, we will tell you about different ways to organize a cultural outdoor recreation..

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

Outdoor recreation challenges

To begin with, let’s define a list of factors that can potentially hinder a comfortable stay:

  1. Limited space may not allow you to squeeze in as many guests as you have planned. Start from the norm of at least 5 m2 for one person.
  2. Of course, adverse weather conditions can turn the holiday into a real nightmare. The focus is on protection from precipitation, wind, direct sunlight, low temperatures and high humidity.
  3. Places to sleep. Please note that you will settle the visiting guests yourself, and there may not be a place for everyone. Options include hammocks, tents, sleeping bags or folding beds at the site of a former feast.
  4. A large crowd of people. The larger the company, the higher the likelihood that under the influence of alcohol and festive courage, emergency situations may arise – fires, injuries, conflicts.
  5. Nearest neighbors should be warned about the upcoming celebration, so that the close feast does not come as a surprise to them, and for you – a lawn mower or snow blower working behind the fence.
  6. You must solve all the everyday difficulties of your guests in advance and yourself. Among them: the need for hygiene, routes of movement around the site and settlement, the presence of small children, the elderly, people with disabilities and other specific situations.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

The list of things that can cause any kind of inconvenience can be very informative, but the ways to solve the main problems are quite simple..

Choosing and preparing a place

In principle, you will not be able to accommodate guests with amenities more than one for every 30-50 m2 land plot. Again, it all depends on the desired level of comfort and the length of the holiday. To celebrate the anniversary with a large company, you can squeeze into a small summer cottage for several hours. Well, at a rate of 5 m2 free space for each guest, we can calculate that 15-20% of the total area of ​​the site is allocated for a holiday under normal conditions.

Here are some tips for choosing and preparing a location for your celebration:

1. Place yourself whenever possible at natural supports: buildings, flagpoles, trees. This will significantly speed up the construction of the shelter and allow you to keep personal belongings of guests and food with drinks nearby. An example of a successful solution is to join a fairly spacious bathhouse as a shelter.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

2. The ground under your feet must be dry. If there is a layer of turf or a lawn on it, it’s half the trouble, but clean soil definitely needs to be covered, especially if the groundwater table is close to the surface. Old pallets, ladders made of boards, a large amount of fresh dead leaves, spruce branches, sawdust or straw will come to the rescue. This mulch lining is a good idea for a picnic, but it is not suitable for a holiday in evening dresses..

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

3. Remember that even if there is cover, the ground will still be saturated with moisture during rain, especially on slopes. In the latter case, you can open a trench “with a bayonet” under the upper fence of the site and dig in the slate sheets, or simply open a channel 30-40 cm deep to divert water to the side.

Shelter from bad weather

It is possible to isolate a small comfort zone from almost any bad weather, if it were necessary. Here are the main methods by season:

1. Cold winds and very intense sunlight prevail in spring. At the same time, no one wants to hide in a tent, losing the benefits of a warm pore. Therefore, the best option for spring is a stretch pavilion, but always with large opening windows. Both frame and cable variations are possible, and to reduce wind loads, a hexagon or dome shape is preferable. Don’t forget the lining: the ground is damp and cold in spring.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

2. In the summer and late spring, the air and the ground are sufficiently well warmed up, so there is no need for over-protected shelter. In dry, windless weather, it is better to limit yourself to wide outdoor umbrellas above each table: this way, overheating will not occur, at the same time there will be no constant feeling of an overhanging ceiling. A small wind is not a hindrance on the lawn, but it sweeps snow on the bare ground, which is why everything around is quickly covered with dust. You can protect yourself with a half-open pavilion, you can fence the tables with a small garden parapet from the windward side. If forecasters promise a thunderstorm for the holiday, you will have to hide in a closed pavilion with a dry floor.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

3. For autumn, the already described weather conditions are characteristic, but the probability of precipitation is much higher, besides, the weather can be very changeable. Starting from the end of October, it is probably better to take refuge in a solid frame tent with a drained floor..

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

4. In winter, all efforts are directed to heating the shelter and its thermal insulation. Tents in winter are mainly used domed: they are easier to heat, higher resistance to wind. It can be heated with infrared emitters at an air temperature of 9–12 ° C, and at a lower temperature – with electric and gas heat guns. The floor must be drained, a vestibule is encouraged.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

As for the shelters: you can build them yourself, you can buy or rent ready-made solutions. In particular, for winter recreation, you can consider the option with rigid frame pavilions, SIP floors, and to protect from drizzling rain in warm weather, use tension awnings for open areas.

Safety regulations

The main risk factor for temporary shelters is the occurrence of a fire and its almost instantaneous spread. Smoking inside shelters is strictly prohibited, as is the use of open fires or the use of incendiary pyrotechnics..

Electrical wiring runs only under the ceiling or over the masts in the case of umbrellas. Heating devices are installed strictly at a safe passport distance from surrounding objects and walls.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

Other safety rules are more familiar and obvious: a sufficient width of aisles between tables and in the dance area, the number of entrances and exits is equivalent to the number of guests. In addition, the structural elements of the shelter must present a minimum injury hazard..

Solving other inconveniences

A person drinks up to two liters of water per day, with the use of alcohol and high-calorie foods – 50% more. Make sure you have a supply of bottled drinking water for guests.

The issue with the disposal of sewage is very relevant: even the drain pit will not withstand several volley discharges from several dozen people, while the septic tank will be flooded instantly. One of the options is to rent a dry closet or build a temporary latrine.

Holiday in the country: how to organize a vacation on the site

A similar situation is with the shower, which can be important at multi-day celebrations. In summer, it is relatively easy to assemble a field shower, while in winter it will be relevant to adjoin the shelter to the bathhouse or add a small awning connected to the heated pavilion. But the main thing – don’t forget about the children’s corner..

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