How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

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An open gazebo in the courtyard of the house is an ideal solution for those who want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Anyone who is not alien to working with carpentry tools can build a wooden gazebo. In this article, we will consider one simple and very practical version of a wooden gazebo, which is very easy to build yourself..

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

The design of the gazebo is extremely simple and at the same time massive and durable – this is the set of its main positive characteristics. Having a well-prepared wooden beam at our disposal, two people can easily assemble the gazebo in a week, taking into account the preparation of the base and interior decoration and decoration.

The idea to create such a gazebo came to the author just at the moment of choosing ready-made structures, of which there are now a lot of modern hardware stores. However, for a lot of money, structures that were very dubious in terms of strength and durability were offered, which already gave impetus to the development of the idea of ​​independent construction. Only the thought that, ultimately, it will be possible to proudly say “I built it myself” can finally decide on the independent construction of a gazebo for almost any economic person..

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

The design of the gazebo is extremely simple. It is a spacious canopy formed by a gable roof, supported by four massive support beams. For convenience, the floor in the gazebo is poured with concrete, laid out with paving slabs, or formed by a wooden flooring with a slight rise – this is optional and according to possibilities.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

First of all, you should imagine the end result. What will the gazebo be after finishing, where it will be installed and what effect it will have when installed on the backyard in general. These are essentially the most important and difficult questions that relate to the venture..

Then, having familiarized yourself with the drawing of the gazebo and adjusting the dimensions “for yourself”, you can go to the store for shopping – it is advisable to immediately acquire all the necessary materials, hardware and consumables so as not to run a second time. In general, the kit will turn out to be not too large, nevertheless, the gazebo is supposed to be extremely simple.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

To accurately imagine a picture of a future building, as well as to think over all the little things and nuances, you should use one of the many modeling packages, for example SketchUp. In it, it is extremely simple in 3D mode to model a gazebo with all its main nodes. As a result, it will be easier to calculate how many materials need to be purchased, as well as how to prepare in the optimal way a plan for sawing a bar or make a list so that all the main elements are cut in the store on a machine.

List of materials:

  • lumber – timber 100×100 (150×150) mm, edged board 122×20 mm;
  • roofing roll waterproofing;
  • steel corners and T-shaped stops with a square profile;
  • screws 12×200 (300) mm, nuts and washers;
  • concrete, reinforcement cage for the base;
  • bituminous mastic;
  • shingles or other suitable roofing material.

From the tool you will need at least a chainsaw, a drill with a set of large drills for wood, a screwdriver, a hammer, a chisel, and a plane. The presence of a circular saw, table or manual, will greatly facilitate the process of preparing sawn timber and adjusting it on site.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

Preparation of the concrete base

The gazebo is easiest to install on a prepared monolithic concrete slab. Pouring it in place will not make a pipe, even when mixing concrete by hand. Enough thickness of 100 mm with reinforcement to obtain a strong and durable floor in the gazebo.

So, in the place chosen for the gazebo, it is necessary to remove the upper fertile layer. Draw the area of ​​the future foundation and dig a pit about 15–20 cm deep. In the corners under the uprights, square pits are dug out another 15–20 cm deep. Ideally, the depth at the anchor points should be below the freezing level. Well compacted sand will serve as a base, on top of which a layer of waterproofing is spread.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

To reinforce the slab, it is sufficient to use a road steel mesh with a cell of 150 mm. The concrete is poured over a low formwork so as to end up with a slab thickness of approximately 100–120 mm. At the place of installation of the racks, it is necessary to lay 4 studs for attaching the pillars.

Erection of the frame

It’s just that wooden posts cannot be fixed to a concrete base. It is best to use steel fasteners – this is a piece of square pipe in the size of a bar and a base of sheet steel. You can try to find ready-made fasteners or weld yourself from steel with a thickness of at least 4–5 mm. It is especially important to align the racks both vertically and along the upper edge horizontally.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

The lower part of the rack, especially at the point of contact with the concrete base and steel fasteners, it is advisable to treat with bitumen mastic to protect it from moisture.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

The next step is to install the crossbars between the posts. You can connect the bars at the same time with pins and steel corners. A roof post is attached in the middle of each crossbeam. For reliability, the racks are reinforced with props.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

The photo shows the option of connecting the struts to the struts and the base of the roof using a “tooth” and a counter groove. In addition to the bot connection, this will provide a basic safety factor for the entire gazebo..

A Mauerlat is installed along the edge of the cross beams, and a ridge bar is mounted on the racks. It remains only to distribute the rafters. Optimal pitch – 600 mm.


As the first layer, you can sew up a solid sheathing of edged boards or lay sheets of plywood on each slope. The next layer is waterproofing. Especially large loads on the roof of the gazebo are not expected, so there are no restrictions in the choice of roofing material, as well as in the method of its installation. The easiest way is to use the same material as on the roof of a house or summer house, so that visually all buildings on the site look harmonious.

How to build a wooden gazebo with your own hands

Actually, this is where the construction is coming to an end. It remains only to choose which table to place in the center of the gazebo and how to decorate it additionally. The appearance of such a gazebo is impressive, and its massiveness only affects the reliability and durability of the building..

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