How to make a furnace for a cauldron made of metal or brick with your own hands: drawings and ordering

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A picnic in nature, whether in the forest or in the country, is accompanied by the preparation of interesting dishes. If you like to cook in a cauldron, then you will definitely need a special oven for it. How to make it yourself, we will tell you in this article..

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

There are many types of special ovens for cauldrons, including portable ones. Kazanok is an unpretentious dish, and a hearth for it can be built with a little effort. And the food is tastier on your oven.

Stove for a cauldron from a metal pipe

This type of oven requires virtually no investment. You can make it yourself in a few hours..

You will need:

  1. A cut of a metal pipe (the diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of your cauldron, and the height should be 45-60 cm).
  2. Chimney pipe cut, about 10 cm in diameter.
  3. Metal grill (for the bottom).
  4. Iron legs for legs.
  5. Bulgarian.
  6. Welding machine.

You can choose the height of the oven (the height of the legs) yourself, depending on your height and preferences. This is the beauty of a homemade design that you make it “for yourself”. After you have decided on the height of the stove, draw a diagram of the stove, this will greatly simplify your work..

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

At the bottom of the pipe, draw a marker for the future door of the firebox, and on the back of the firebox at the top of the future stove – a hole for the chimney. Now it’s time to work with a grinder. Carefully cut a hole for the firebox. Do not throw away the cut piece of metal, it will be useful for you in the future for the door.

Also carefully cut a hole for the chimney. We put aside the grinder and take the welding machine. We weld the grate and legs to the bottom. Lattices can be different.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

Then we cut the chimney pipe at an angle of 45 degrees, turn one piece so that we get an L-shaped pipe. We weld two trims and weld the resulting chimney to the stove.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

You can do without a chimney, but for this you need to make several slots in the upper part of the stove..

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

Weld the hinges to the firebox door and fit it in place. For ease of transportation, handles must be welded to the stove.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

If you didn’t guess the size, and the cauldron falls inside, find the top of the standard wood-burning stove. It is enough to weld one ring to the upper part of the pipe, and with the rest of the rings it will subsequently be possible to adjust the cooking temperature by adding or removing them. Now it remains only to bring beauty. To do this, carefully clean the stove from burrs and weld beads and paint it with heat-resistant paint..

Stationary oven for cauldron

It is in vain that people fear that a stationary stove for a cauldron will make the design of a site or gazebo heavier. On the contrary, it can become a real decoration. There is more work and costs here than with a portable design, but you can cook dishes with a “smoke” at any time of the year and in any weather.

Materials for making a stationary furnace for a cauldron:

  1. Red refractory brick.
  2. Masonry mortar (sand and chamotte powder).
  3. Grate grate.
  4. Doors for firebox and ash pan.
  5. Steel corners and finished top plate with rings.

Standard slab heights vary from 80 to 85 cm, depending on your convenience. For such a furnace, a foundation is not needed; it is enough to fill in the formwork and reinforce it with steel rods. A perfectly flat surface is very important, do not forget to check it with a level.

Let’s start laying

The first two rows: the bottom of the stove is laid out.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

3rd row: install the ash pan doors, and fasten them with steel wire to the neighboring bricks. We lay the wire with a solution.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

We continue to lay out the walls of the stove, close the ash pan door and begin to lay out the inside for laying the grate and the hole for the chimney.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

The next step is to fasten the firebox doors in the same way as the ashpit doors with steel wire.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

We continue to lay out the inner part and outer walls.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

We put iron corners on top of the stove and attach to them an iron sheet with a round hole for a cauldron. We make sure that the hole is located directly above the future fire.

Do-it-yourself stove for a cauldron

If the masonry turned out to be quite even, then no additional work is needed. However, if you still want to improve the appearance of the stove, cover it with refractory tiles..

That’s it, after drying, which usually lasts 7-10 days, your stove is ready for use.

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