How to make a tree house with your own hands

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Do you want to keep your child busy in the fresh air? Build him a treehouse! No child will refuse such a “home”. Our article discusses in detail all stages of construction, from choosing a tree to building interesting play structures. You just need to follow the instructions.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Choosing the right tree

Species of trees that will serve as a reliable support for the house: oak, beech, maple, ash or fir.

The tree must have a well-developed root system, healthy and straight, the deviation of the trunk from the vertical is within 5 °. The optimal thickness of the trunk where the house will be built is 30–50 mm. The thicker, the more reliable.

You cannot start construction if the tree grows in sandy soil, too young and too old trees are also not suitable.

It is desirable that the lower branches of the tree be spreading and thick, about 20 cm in diameter. This will create more support points for the base of the house..

When choosing a tree, it should be borne in mind that the house for children should be located at a height of 1.5-2 m.

Can be built on multiple trees as long as they are thick enough and close to each other.

Building design

Consider the process of building a house on three trunks or branches.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

List of consumables and tools

Expendable materials

Name of materialsUnit price, cu e.amountCost, cu e.
Wooden beams 50x200x6000818
Edged board 30x150x4000 (3000)1.8ten18
Wooden beams 50x150x60008.6434.4
Wooden beams 50x100x30003.6310.8
Anchor bolt with nut, galvanized 20×2501.534.5
Anchor bolt with nut, galvanized 20×2001.523
Perforated metal fasteners for timber structures1.4sixteen22.4
Moisture resistant OSB-board 1250×25007.8323.4
Tarpaulin 2х3 m47.5147.5

Required tools:

  1. A hammer.
  2. Drill.
  3. Jigsaw.
  4. Saw.
  5. Level.
  6. Roulette.
  7. Self-tapping screws, nails.
  8. Adjustable wrench.
  9. Ladder.

Installing a solid foundation

Step 1. Installing the main supports

For support, you need to cut 2 pieces of 2.5 meters from a bar 50x200x6000. Next, attach one support bar to the trees at a height of 30 cm below the floor level of the future house. Align the beam to the level and fasten with nails. On the other side of both trunks, fix the second similar beam, while you need to make sure not only that the support is strictly horizontal, but also that both beams are located at the same height. Now you need to drill a hole with a diameter of about 15 mm in the tree trunk. You need to drill directly over the nailed supports. On the uneven bars, mark the place where the anchor bolts will be screwed.

Now the support bars need to be removed. From each mark of the future attachment to the tree, you need to retreat 3-5 cm in both directions. Drill holes with a diameter of about 20 mm in these places.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Using a jigsaw, connect these holes so that you get a 6-10 cm groove. It will allow the tree to move freely without destroying the house.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Now all that remains is to screw the bases to the corresponding trunks. To do this, use anchor bolts with nuts. Long bolts – for trees with one fastening, short – for trees to which the beams are fastened on both sides.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Step 2. Building the platform

The platform requires 50×150 wooden beams. The platform size is 1800×1800, so the beams must first be cut to the desired size.

Four beams are placed perpendicular to the base. The step between them is about 45 cm. If you need to go around the tree trunk, then the logs can be laid at an angle. Further, one end part is attached to them with self-tapping screws. Now we need to make sure that the platform is square. To do this, you need to measure both of its diagonals – they must be equal. Only after that the second end bar is attached.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Using metal fasteners, attach the platform to the support bars. In this case, you need to use galvanized nails, and not screws and self-tapping screws..

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Step 3. Construction of the support

Diagonal supports for the platform need to be built from 50×100 beams. At the intersection, they must be attached to the tree with an anchor bolt..

How to make a tree house with your own hands

If you are going to build a house on one tree, then you will need to make two supports.

Step 4. Flooring

The floor in the house will be made of edged board, which must first be cut into pieces 180 cm long. Then each board is attached to the platform with self-tapping screws. A 1 cm gap should be made between the individual boards for drainage. For trunks, you need to cut holes with a margin so that the tree can move and grow freely.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Arrangement of stairs

As a bowstring (base) of a ladder, two wooden beams 50×100 are suitable. They need to be cut at both ends with an angle and secured at a distance of 40 cm from each other. Further, along the entire height of the beams, boards are attached, it is possible from scraps.

A hole is made in each board with a drill and jigsaw for an arm and a leg. The holes should be staggered. So that no one gets hurt, they need to be sanded and polished with a router or manually..

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Railing and roof erection

For the safety of children, the height of the railing should be at least 1 m. For railing, 50×100 boards are suitable, they need to be chamfered and sanded well. Two such boards connected together will serve as a corner support. The space under the railings can be sheathed with OSB, plywood, clapboard or remnants of boards.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

To build a roof at a height of about 2 m above the floor level above the opposite sides of the house, two hooks must be hammered into the tree. Pull a cord between them, through which to throw a tarp. Make small outriggers at the four corners of the railing, to which to attach a stretched tarpaulin.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

Painting, adding game elements

All wooden elements of the house must be treated with an antiseptic, impregnation and covered with paint or varnish.

After the paint has dried, you can start arranging the house from the inside. It has enough room for two single mattresses, don’t forget to add pillows and bedspreads there..

In addition to the main staircase, the building can be equipped with several more entry-exit methods. You can tie a thick rope to a tree trunk at roof level and hang it down, or throw a rope ladder off the platform.

To equip the swing, you just need to screw the hook into the base of the house, and tie a cord with a wheel or some other seat to it.

How to make a tree house with your own hands

The tree house is ready, it remains only to send the children there and watch their genuine delight.

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