How to make buleryan with your own hands

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Making a stove with your own hands for heating small utility rooms, a garage and other needs is quite realistic. Having the skill of working with welding, a little metal and a desire, you can easily make buleryan yourself. This article offers practical advice and installation instructions.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

The average efficiency of buleryan is about 80% (the indicators of an ordinary potbelly stove are 10-15%), with minimal fuel consumption it will easily heat an average garage. Here are just the popularity and efficiency of this heating device is clearly reflected in its price, and this is on average about 15 thousand rubles. If you wish, you can make such a stove yourself, having the skill of working with welding and the necessary tools.

Materials and tools required for work


  1. Inverter welding machine.
  2. Angle grinder.
  3. Drill.
  4. Various tools at hand (pliers, hammer, file, etc.).

Materials you need:

  1. Square pipe 50x50x4.0 – 27 m.
  2. Profile pipe 30x20x2.0 – 0.76 m.
  3. Profile pipe 40x25x2.0 – 2 m.
  4. A tube ? 15 mm – 60 cm.
  5. Sheet metal 5 mm – 3 m2.
  6. Sheet metal 100 mm – 0.1 m2.
  7. Pipe? 95×5.0 – 1 m.
  8. Wire? 10mm – 0.5m.
  9. Garage hinges – 2 pcs.

Frame fabrication

We divide the profile pipe into segments of 1500 mm, from which, using a grinder and a welding machine, we make the following parts:

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Such elements will need exactly 18 pieces. Four of them should be slightly different: you need to remove one nozzle from each, which is a tube with a diameter of 15 mm and a length of about 100 mm.

How to make buleryan with your own hands 1 – air movement; 2 – tube? 15 mm

We put the resulting blanks on top of each other in a pile so that they form a frame in the form of a regular hexagon, lightly tacking with welding.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Attention! Parts with nozzles should be at the bottom, two on each side. They will supply air to the afterburning chamber.

We carefully weld the resulting frame with an inverter and clean the welding seams.

Manufacturing of afterburning chamber

Cut two blanks from 5 mm sheet steel.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

And we weld them inside the resulting contour, while forming an afterburner chamber. Do not forget that the tubes with nozzles must remain in front of the partition, just in the path of gas movement.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

We sheathe the frame with iron

From sheet metal (3 mm) we cut steel strips 400×50 (18 pcs.) And 350×50 (36 pcs.). We scald the sidewalls of our buleryan with them. Keep track of the quality of work – any gap left is a “loophole” for smoke. The result should be a kind of hexagonal pipe, 900 mm long and divided into two chambers by a fire separator in a ratio of 1: 3.

Let’s make the front and back walls of our furnace from the same sheet metal as the strips for the frame sheathing.

Using a grinder, we cut out two regular hexagons with a side of 40 cm. In the part that will serve as the back wall, at the top of one of the corners, will we have a hole for the chimney? 85 mm, which after fitting should be completely in the smaller chamber – in the afterburner.

In the front plate we make a hole in the center of the lower compartment in the form of a square with dimensions of 250×250 mm. It is through it that firewood will be fed into the firebox..

When the technical holes are cut, we weld both blanks to our workplaces.

Important! Do not forget to grind all welding seams in the process of working with a grinder. Firstly, in the future, it will be problematic to grind in many places, and secondly, after cleaning the seam, its quality is especially clearly visible..

Chimney making

As a chimney, we will use a thick-walled pipe (? 95 mm) 50 cm long. It is also necessary to make a valve for the chimney, with which it will be possible to control the speed of movement of the outgoing gases. To do this, we cut out a circle from sheet metal that corresponds to the inner diameter of the chimney (? 85 mm) according to the diagram. Also do we need wire? 10 mm.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Before installing the chimney to the stove, at a distance of 70–100 mm from the beginning of the pipe, in its walls we drill a through hole with a diameter of 1 cm. We pass through the wire we have, previously bent with the letter “G”. And to it, right in the chimney, we grab the damper itself.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Important! In the process of work, make sure not to accidentally weld it to the pipe wall, and also do not leave scale inside.

After installing the valve, we carefully weld the chimney to the back wall of Buleryan, along the edge of the previously made hole.

Manufacturing of a furnace hatch

We proceed to the installation of the firebox door. We “tighten” the combustion hole on the front cover around the perimeter with a profiled pipe 40×25 mm.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

From sheet metal 10 mm thick, we cut a square with sides of 330 mm (this will be the front side of the door). We retreat 42 mm from the edge of the plate, draw on it a second, slightly smaller square with sides of 246 mm and also scald it with a 40×25 profiled pipe. We weld the resulting frame with a 5 mm thick steel lid. The door is ready.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Blower or organization of air supply to the furnace

We turn to the installation of the blower by analogy with the design of the chimney, with the only difference that the sliding petal here will be in the form of a solid round, without a cut out quarter, and the length of the pipe? 95 total 140 mm.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

In the cover already made by us, we make a through hole with a diameter of 95 mm and weld the blower into it. With its help, it is convenient to regulate the air supply to the furnace, and therefore to maintain the intensity of combustion..

Installation of awnings on the firebox door

Before weld the awnings to the door, it must be set up and immobilized by welding it in 2-3 places. Then, across its entire area, at a distance of 40 mm from the ends, we weld two profile pipes 30x20x2 380 mm long so that they protrude 50 mm beyond the perimeter of the hatch from the side of the awnings. It is to them that we will weld garage hinges.

How to make buleryan with your own hands

Advice:if the hinged hinges do not reach the front plate of the furnace, you can also weld a couple of scraps of a profile pipe to it.

Installation of the lock

To make a lock, we need a lathe, or, in the absence of one, you can order a lock for the furnace and then weld it to the furnace hatch. Only after the lock has been welded can you cut off the welding points immobilizing the door and finally grind all the welding seams of the finished furnace with a grinder.

On request, for better stability, they are mounted to the stove from a profiled pipe or metal corner 4 support posts.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the technology of making buleryan. Having patience, desire and the necessary tool, every person with minimal experience in working with metal can make a stove..

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