How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard

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How nice it is sometimes on a hot summer day to sit in the shade, rest, relax, think about the beautiful. To do this, it is not necessary to hide under the crown of the nearest tree, you just need to build a light functional shed in your yard. If you have organized a family dinner in the open air or a home picnic with a noisy company of friends, nothing will spoil your mood, not a set autumn rain, or a sudden summer downpour..

And it is very practical to have a corner for household needs, sheltered from the scorching sun and bad weather, near the house, because many owners of private houses know how, with the onset of the warm season, life smoothly moves from the premises to the street.

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yardGeneral form

Why wood? Technology selection

The canopy should be convenient and practical, reliably perform its functions. It is very important that its appearance harmoniously fit into the overall style of home ownership, courtyard, landscape. In order for the canopy to turn out to be solid and durable, so that it pleases the owners of the house with the result of their work, it is necessary not only to perform all construction processes with high quality, but also to approach very carefully the choice of construction technology, suitable materials.

The use of wood as the main building material is due to the fact that it is plastic and easy to process, it is easy to work with it, therefore, labor costs are minimized, there is no need for expensive tools.

Subject to certain requirements, lumber products are very practical and durable, they are lightweight. In addition, it is the most beautiful, environmentally friendly material, structures built from it will easily fit into any design.

A canopy roofing device is best made from translucent PVC materials. Alternatively, wave plastic slate can be used. These materials are very lightweight, therefore, they do not impose any extra requirements on the strength of the structure. They are easy to cut and install, they are practical and durable. Manufacturers of plastic slate offer a variety of colors..

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard Blue plastic slate gives a pleasant shade

We draw up an action plan

Before proceeding with the installation, you should carefully consider the design of the future structure, its appropriate overall dimensions, height, configuration; draw up a drawing; make a markup. A detailed work plan will help to correctly calculate and purchase building materials in the required amount.

The easiest way is to make a canopy adjacent to the main wall of a house or an outbuilding, so it will be the most stable and reliable. However, it is also possible to arrange a free-standing structure..

When designing the dimensions of the canopy, it is worth starting from the working dimensions of the roofing material. It is recommended to spread all slate sheets on the ground with an overlap along and across the waves. Having received the exact dimensions of the finished roof, you can start installing the racks.

We install vertical racks

Pine timber with a cross section of at least 75×75 mm can be used as pillars. It can even be freshly sawn wood, the main thing is that there is no bark on the surface of the racks, traces of damage to the fibers by fungus or mold.

Before installation, that part of the timber that will be in the ground should be treated with bitumen mastic, paying special attention to the end, since it is along the wood fibers that moisture is best distributed.

Pillars are mounted with a distance of about one meter from each other, so that the roof has an overhang of 200 mm in front (bottom of the slope) and 50 -100 mm on the sides of the plane (along the waves). With a shovel or a special hand drill, we prepare wells with a depth of about 500 mm, placing them in one line (a cord may come in handy here). To mark a rectangular structure, it is necessary to measure and compare the diagonals (they must be equal).

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard The pillars are in one line

Further, using a plumb line or a building level, we install the racks strictly vertically. To fix the desired position, it is recommended to use auxiliary rails, with which they are fastened to each other (later they can be removed).

We fill the free space in the wells with rubble or concrete. For these purposes, crushed stone is even preferable, since it is cheaper and does not require time-consuming kneading, and such filling “holds” very well.

Only when the pillars are installed can they be cut in height, with a certain bevel, corresponding to the slope of the entire plane, so that the straps lie clearly on the upper end of the beam. We obtain a horizontal line using a hydro level and a chopping line.

It is advisable to make the height of the racks in the lower part of the slope at least 1800 mm (approximately the average height of a person + a small margin). It is possible and less if you plan a working area in this part of the canopy (table, rack, etc.).

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard The bottom of the slope at a height of 1.8 meters

We mount the rafter system

The rafters are a bar with a section of 150×50 mm. Its deflection strength is more than enough to cover a span of up to 6 meters, provided that a sufficient slope and the estimated weight of the roofing material are observed.

The distance between the rafter legs is the same as between the posts (about 1 meter). On one side, they are attached to the wall or to a pre-mounted support board. The other side of the rafters rests on the racks, perpendicularly passing their common line at the distance of the intended overhang. Of course, they must all be located in the same plane..

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard Fastening rafters in the wall

To connect structural elements (racks with rafters) corners of galvanized steel and “black” wood screws are used. To mineral foundations (brick wall), the rafters are also fastened with corners and consoles, using dowels (quick installation) or metal anchors.

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard Installation of rafter legs to the rack

We make the crate

On top of the rafters, perpendicular to them, a crate is arranged. For these purposes, it is best to use a board with a thickness of 25 mm and a width of 150 mm (edged or unedged).

They need to be positioned after about 850 – 900 mm along the axes, so that the board must fall under the joints of the slate sheets and under their middle (sheet size 900×1800 mm). The first and last lines of the crate should be located along the edges of the ramp. We fasten the board to the rafters “through the body” with black self-tapping screws or nail it down (90 mm).

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard The lathing protrudes 70 mm

We lay the slate

Having completed the construction of a wooden structure, you can proceed with the installation of the roofing. Sheets of plastic slate are screwed to the crate (along the top of the wave) with long galvanized self-tapping screws with heads with sweat. Special washers made of soft transparent plastic are placed under the heads. Each sheet will require about 10-12 self-tapping screws. If there are no such pads, you can use “Ranilovsky” self-tapping screws, or fasteners with a press washer.

Also, manufacturers of this kind of roofing material often complete their products with wave-shaped gaskets (round or trapezoidal). By placing them under the sheets at the attachment points, the self-tapping screws can be tightened with some effort, without fear of pushing anything or breaking the waveform.

The slate must be mounted from bottom to top, overlapping adjacent sheets of a row by one wave. Each new row overlaps the previous one by at least 100 mm.

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard Complete roof covering

For reliability, the front and side overhangs of the roofing material must be made minimal, within 50 – 100 mm.

If necessary, the wave PVC slate is perfectly cut with a “grinder” with an abrasive wheel.

We treat wood with antiseptic impregnation

All wooden elements of the canopy require processing with special compounds that provide protection against weathering, mold and mildew damage, and create a unique decorative effect.

Modern impregnations can be either colorless or tinted. They imitate noble types of wood, emphasizing the natural texture.

It is very convenient to process all sawn timber on the ground, before installation, and after that it remains only to touch up the places of cuts and damage. Dry, free from dust and sawdust residues, the tree is opened 2 – 3 times using a spray gun, brush or roller.

Nice additional “options”

Around the racks, you can make a fence of unedged board (shalyovka), OSB, blockhouse.

Be sure to pay attention to the floor, it can be a concrete screed lined with flat sandstone; board flooring; simple filling with medium fraction crushed stone and many other materials.

It will not be superfluous to hold a light and a couple of sockets under the roof.

The style and functionality of the canopy will be given by a garden barbecue hearth, a cooking stove, a barbecue. The decor possibilities of this design are limited only by your imagination..

How to quickly and inexpensively make a simple wooden shed in the yard Excellent results every time

You can “age” a tree using a wire attachment on a drill or an angle grinder (grinder), which is popularly called a “witch”.

Experiment with climbing plants, bamboo blinds, clay vases, wooden shelves of different sizes and uses, rustic outdoor furniture.

Contemplating the excellent results of your work, you will get real pleasure from the work done, a sense of beauty and harmony with nature.

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