Ladder stool: all about the design and features

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A stool ladder will be a practical solution for home and summer cottages, which is easy to make yourself. In this article, we will consider the main parameters required for its manufacture. We will also learn about the different versions of the stepladder chair and the important features of each type.

Ladder stool: all about the design and features

The main parameters of the stool ladder

Step size

For a step-ladder-chair, the ratio of the height and length of steps will differ from the formula for a regular ladder (so that this product can be used as a chair, and not just a ladder):

2h + s = 400 … 450 mm, where h is the height of the riser (optimal value: 150-200 mm); s – tread length (optimal value: 100–120 mm).

Inclination of steps

Should be 50-60 ° – a steep rise will provide a comfortable seat on the chair.

Item Height

The step-ladder should not be very high, maximum – 500-700 mm. This is due to the height of the chair (it is inconvenient to sit on a strongly raised seat), as well as the angle of inclination of the stairs (it is dangerous to move on a steep structure).

Ladder stool: all about the design and features

Departure of steps

The distance from the edge of the seat to the beginning of the steps should be less than 400 mm – for ease of use of the chair.

Seat size

The upper plane should support not only a sitting person, but also a standing person. In this case, the area of ​​his feet should be mostly on the pedestal. Minimum seat dimensions: 300×400 mm.

Ladder stool: all about the design and features

Varieties of ladder stool


Easy to manufacture and relatively inexpensive option. Ladder-chair can be created from wood or metal, various remnants of building materials. The only drawback of such an item: unchanged dimensions, which is why it is necessary to have a place for its storage.

Ladder stool: all about the design and features

Features of the stationary stepladder chair:

  • when using a stepladder in the house, rubber seals should be glued to the bottom of the racks – so as not to damage the surface of the flooring, and also to prevent the structure from sliding;
  • anti-skid strips should be glued to the surface of metal steps – in order to protect a person when moving up the stairs;
  • make a step-stool of a small height – so that the structure remains rigid when used as a ladder.


A compact and easy-to-store product that can be easily transported and used wherever needed. It is more difficult to create such a structure than a stationary object – it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the assembled and unfolded states, to provide for the correspondence of the heights to the design values.

Ladder stool: all about the design and features

Features of the folding option:

  • realistically create not only folding ladders, but also retractable products – with the main upper block and a retractable lower one;
  • it is necessary to observe the heights of the steps – in the unfolded state, all sizes of the risers must be the same, since different values ​​of heights can lead to injuries;
  • in the unfolded state, the ladder must be stable – the structure must be securely fixed in the open state.

A step ladder is a useful item for multifunctional use. At the same time, you can independently create such designs that are optimal for specific situations..

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