Making stairs to the pool

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A ladder in the pool is, of course, necessary for a comfortable and safe descent, it must correspond to the special conditions of use in the water. In this article, we will learn how to independently make a simple stainless steel structure, which will cost from $ 700.

Making a ladder for the pool

Features of making stairs to the pool

When making such a product, several tips should be followed:

  • all structural parts are made of stainless steel (or from materials that are not subject to corrosion, decay);
  • the places of fasteners should be properly sealed – so that over time there is no destruction of critical elements, violation of the rigidity of the stairs;
  • firmly connect all parts to each other – to minimize the risk of injury due to “loose” elements;
  • it is imperative to create a staircase with a handrail – a fence is necessary for safety;
  • make treads of steps with anti-slip elements, made of rough material or from a special corrugated sheet – so that a person does not slip on a smooth surface.

Design work

Taking measurements

Making a ladder for the poolPool opening

Creation of a project of stairs, detail drawings

Making a ladder for the poolStaircase project

Making a ladder for the poolStair railings – 2 pcs. Pipe? 51 mm, stainless.

Making a ladder for the poolStep assembly – 7 pcs.

Making a ladder for the poolMounting flange – 4 pcs. Sheet 6 mm, stainless.

Making a ladder for the poolMounting sleeve – 28 pcs. A circle ? 12 mm, stainless.

Counting the amount of materials required

To create a staircase, you will need the following materials and standard products:

  • corrugated sheet 3x1000x2000 mm (stainless steel) – 1 pc .;
  • sheet 3 mm (stainless steel) – 400×800 mm;
  • pipe? 51 mm (stainless steel) – 15 m;
  • pipe 20×10 (stainless steel) – 4 m;
  • a circle ? 12 mm (stainless steel) – 0.6 m;
  • anchor (casing) M10 – 16 pcs .;
  • screw М10х120 (stainless) – 16 pcs .;
  • screw М8х30 – 28 pcs.

Equipment and tools required for the manufacture of the structure:

  • marker
  • ruler
  • roulette
  • square
  • clamps
  • water level
  • Bulgarian
  • cutting discs
  • perforator
  • drill for М10
  • drill
  • drill? 12
  • welding machine
  • gas bottle
  • sanding belt
  • felt or felt circles

Calculation of the cost of manufacturing a structure:

  • the cost of materials will be 400 USD e .;
  • the cost of consumable tools, equipment (not including a welding machine, grinder, drill, perforator) will cost 300 USD. e.

As a result, the cost of creating a staircase will be about $ 700. e.

Construction production

1. Cutting metal into parts. Treads are cut out of a corrugated sheet, and kerchiefs of steps are cut out of a regular sheet. The pipe is cut into blanks (it is recommended to give an allowance of 30–40 mm for further adjustment). Mounting flanges are prepared from thick steel.

2. Welding of assembly units. Are the same pipe fence structures created on a flat surface? 51 mm (we will weld the flanges during installation – for the possibility of “maneuvers” in case of any discrepancies), steps are created from a sheet with a pipe.

3. Pre-assembly of the ladder. In the free room, parts of the fence with steps are interconnected (using clamps, tacks), levels are set, the design dimensions are respected. Are holes marked and drilled on fencing pipes? 12 mm for the installation of mounting bushings (correspond to the location of the holes in the gussets of the steps), bushings are welded into the pipes.

4. Metal processing. All parts (including screw heads) of the assembly are sanded with an abrasive belt and then polished.

Ladder installation

1. The ladder is tried on in the existing opening, observing the design heights. The points of the location of the M10 anchors are marked. If necessary, the fencing pipes are cut, the attachment flanges are welded to the pipes (the seam is applied from the invisible side), the yellowness that has appeared is removed with the help of felt circles.

2. Anchors are installed according to previously prepared markings. All gaps are carefully sealed with silicone sealant.

3. The ladder is installed in the pool in stages. Flanges with fences, steps to handrails are screwed with screws.

4. The rigidity of the structure, size compliance is checked.

A ladder in the pool is an essential element for a comfortable descent. If desired, you can make a beautiful design on your own – you just need to be patient, accurate and striving for the goal.

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