Mini-log buildings: features, pros and cons

Construction from a bar is a technology that has become widespread and is popular in different countries of the world. There is such a variety of this material as a mini-bar. Our site of advice will tell you about the features of construction from it, paying attention to the pros and cons of such a choice.

Minibar bath

In its article on the advantages and disadvantages of profiled timber, the portal already wrote that the standard dimensions of such wood products start from 95×95 mm, and for external walls, a timber with a size of 145×145 mm is chosen. The main difference between the mini-bar is the reduced width. It is only 40 or 50 millimeters. Actually, such a bar looks like a regular board, but has the same spike-groove system as full-size products for the construction of private houses.

Mini bar

Construction of a house from a mini-bar

The reduced width of the mini-bar and its other features give this building material the following advantages:

  • The material is environmentally friendly – only wood that has been processed and dried.
  • The mini-timber weighs a little, which allows you to use a lightweight foundation, that is, save on construction.
  • The light weight also facilitates the installation process, which even a non-professional can handle. No special technique required to move even the longest parts.
  • You can build a house from a mini-bar in a few days, all materials and components are offered by manufacturers in a set.
  • Decorating the mini-timber is practically not needed. Walls inside and outside will look attractive without hiding the beauty of natural wood.
  • The building will not shrink, unlike a log house.
  • At the price, a mini-bar is cheaper than a full-size one, which allows you to significantly save money. And this is one of the main factors for land owners.

Mini-bar house

The disadvantages of the mini-bar, of course, also exist:

  • The dimensions of buildings made of this material will not exceed 6×6 meters. This is maximum. It is impossible to build a two-story house, even an attic is undesirable due to the additional load on the walls.
  • The construction will be summer. The walls are thin, additional insulation is needed. In Finland, this minus is bypassed as follows – they build double walls, laying a reliable insulation inside. For example, mineral wool at least 50 centimeters thick. Or they use bulk insulation between the walls from a mini-bar. But this technology can no longer be called budgetary, because the mini-bar is required twice as much, there are costs for insulation.
  • It is important to choose a high-quality timber so that the joining of the crowns is as accurate as possible. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to eliminate cracks on thin walls..
  • Like all wooden buildings, mini-timber houses need protection from fire, fire retardant treatment is desirable and compliance with all fire safety rules in the process of laying electrical wires.

Country house made of mini-timber

Country house made of mini-timber

Country house made of mini-timber

Minibar gazebo

We state: an inexpensive and lightweight mini-bar is ideal for the construction of a barn, an outdoor country toilet, a summer shower, a small garden house, a gazebo and a change house, as well as a terrace, pergola, veranda. Such a house can be used as a summer residence for living in the warm season. It is not difficult to build from a mini-bar, you can buy a ready-made house, which will be assembled on your site in a matter of days. However, for a full-fledged residential building, it is better to choose a different material..

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