Modular buildings – a new format for buildings for business and not only

World practice shows that modular buildings are the technology of the future. For example, Toyota Housing has been building residential buildings for over 40 years. The factory assembles blocks with a diameter of 6 m from steel structures. They are filled with engineering systems. In just 6-12 hours the company assembles the house on the owner’s site. Annual production volume – 5000 pieces.

At the beginning of the 21st century, modular buildings confidently entered the Russian market. Construction companies were the first to appreciate the convenience of the technology. They began using modular buildings as construction headquarters, mobile offices, and construction dormitories..

Modular buildings - a new format for buildings for business and not only

Was it really a profitable solution? Let’s count. A module for accommodation of 6 people costs from 100,000 rubles. The construction of the facility takes an average of 12 months.

100,000 rubles / 6 people / 12 months = 1,388 rubles for the accommodation of one builder per month.

But this calculation was made for only 12 months, and if the module is transported to the second facility for another year, then we get:

100,000 rubles + 20% transportation costs / 6 people / 24 months = 833 rubles per month for 1 person.

The UK, in addition to the low price and tight construction time, assessed the possibility of construction without an additional building permit (since modular buildings are classified as temporary structures) and the high mobility of modular buildings. Moving a building to a new location is estimated at 20-25% of the cost of a new building.

Today, modular buildings are used by all types of businesses, as well as by municipal organizations and individuals. Range of applications:

  • offices – one- or two-storey buildings, made in the corporate colors of the company to accommodate employees and meetings with clients;
  • warehouses – large industrial and compact for storing goods;
  • retail space – from small retail outlets to three-storey shopping centers;
  • hotels – roadside hotels and additional buildings of sanatoriums in recreation areas;
  • Checkpoints, security points – for private houses and large enterprises;
  • change houses for storing inventory and changing rooms at construction sites or sports grounds;
  • establishments of the service and catering sector – canteens, hairdressers and first-aid posts, etc.;
  • country houses of any size up to 3 floors;
  • production workshops, etc..

Modular buildings - a new format for buildings for business and not onlyGeneral sports locker room

If you live in Moscow, take a look around. Even sports schools have taken full advantage of the technology. And modular offices meet modern aesthetic and architectural requirements: bright facades, panoramic windows. Modular buildings – a modern city format.

Reasons why modular buildings became popular:

  1. the possibility of construction in those areas where the construction of a capital object is impossible;
  2. minimization of project risks;
  3. assembly of buildings all year round;
  4. short construction time;
  5. flexible technology – the building can be modified, expanded and reduced depending on the needs of the owner;
  6. connection of engineering systems in 1 hour;
  7. modern design;
  8. mobility;
  9. safety;
  10. comfort;
  11. durability;
  12. availability.

The list goes on. There are more advantages than disadvantages, but only if the modular building manufacturer is chosen correctly.

How to choose the right modular building

Andrey Kulakov, a representative of Kraus, a leader in the production of modular buildings in Moscow, answered the question..

“One of the important advantages of modular buildings is their assembly in the factory. At the production of the Kraus company, from the moment of launching the project to sending the shipping pack, the products undergo 4 mandatory checks by the quality control department: compliance of the quality of materials with GOST requirements, checking the quality of welds, checking the strength of the structure, completing the transport pack.

We also pay special attention to the accuracy of the frame assembly. This criterion determines not only the reliability of the structure and the prevention of project risks, but also the speed of assembly of the structure at the customer’s construction site..

Other criteria, such as the degree of insulation of the structure, features of engineering systems, materials for interior decoration of the premises, the choice of the color of the structure are determined by the customer at the stage of concluding the contract. Therefore, when drawing up a contract, the cost of a modular building may vary. If the range of tasks of a modular building includes an image component and the comfort of employees, it should be understood that the final cost will differ from the cost of a change house. But at the same time, it will be several times less than the cost of capital construction.

Modular buildings - a new format for buildings for business and not onlyModular building Kraus Construction headquarters

If we continue to talk about the cost – it depends on the class of materials used, equipment and design features of the building. Refusal of panoramic glazing reduces the cost of a modular building.

The structure is assembled by employees trained on the basis of the company, since it is important here to strictly adhere to the technology of connecting modules and sealing joints. Connecting engineering systems is a matter of technology, since all communications have already been laid, all that remains is to power them.

Installation of a building up to 50 sq. meters with the connection of communications is made in 1-2 days. And, for example, a three-story building of an endocrinological center of 96 modules, an area of ​​1300 sq. Our team assembled meters in 10 days. “

Modular buildings - a new format for buildings for business and not onlyInterior decoration of the modular building Kraus

P.S .: buy a modular building from a reliable manufacturer. Get undeniable benefits:

  • for areas unsuitable for capital construction;
  • without a building permit;
  • flexible technology;
  • minimization of project risks;
  • construction at any time of the year;
  • control of all processes in the factory;
  • installation of windows and doors in the workshop;
  • installation of engineering systems at the factory;
  • short construction time;
  • modifications;
  • dismantling – transportation – installation.

Buy right. Buy from a trusted manufacturer – Kraus.

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