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In private housing construction, strip foundations are widespread. In the classic version, such a structure must first be erected, then insulated. However, the innovative solution of the PENOPLEX SPb company presupposes an elegant combination of these two stages. Let’s tell you more about everything.

The formwork required for concreting is not built of expensive wood today, but of high-quality PENOPLEX® heat-insulating boards. After the concrete has hardened, such formwork is not dismantled, but remains in the foundation structure, providing reliable thermal protection. This technology is called permanent formwork..

Economic benefits

In addition to the costs of purchasing wood, permanent formwork will save time and labor costs for the manufacture of a wooden structure and its dismantling. Note that when arranging a strip foundation, the construction of removable formwork is one of the most expensive processes..

If we compare two options for erecting a strip foundation (the first – with removable formwork and subsequent insulation with PENOPLEX┬« slabs, the second – with fixed formwork from such slabs), then the first will cost 20% more.

In addition, due to the combination in one stage of the operations of formwork erection and insulation of the foundation, the work is simplified and accelerated, the construction time is reduced..

Advantages of PENOPLEX® thermal insulation

For the manufacture of permanent formwork, we recommend using the particularly durable PENOPLEX FUNDAMENT┬« thermal insulation. These slabs, along with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity (up to 0.034 W / m ┬Ě K), have a compressive strength at 10% linear deformation of at least 0.3 MPa. Therefore, under the influence of the concrete mixture, the material does not change its configuration, and after the concrete has hardened it becomes a reliable part of the foundation structure.

Permanent formwork PENOPLEX FOUNDATIONConstruction of permanent formwork from PENOPLEX FUNDAMENT® slabs at the facility

An important quality of PENOPLEX┬« is water resistance, which allows it to maintain its heat-shielding ability, otherwise water, a good heat conductor, penetrating into the structure of the material, significantly increases its thermal conductivity coefficient. PENOPLEX┬« is characterized by practically zero water absorption, which retains its strong heat-shielding properties throughout its entire service life, moreover, at the stage of concrete hardening, it prevents the penetration of “concrete milk” into its structure. The absolute biostability of PENOPLEX┬« prevents the development of fungi and mold.

Fastening of PENOPLEX® fixed formwork

For this purpose, a universal tie is used, to which you can attach an extension element that can increase the thickness of the concrete structure being erected up to 40 cm.

Permanent formwork PENOPLEX FOUNDATIONUniversal tie for fixing the PENOPLEX® fixed formwork in assembled form

Permanent formwork PENOPLEX FOUNDATIONAn extension piece and two reinforcement clamps for fixing the PENOPLEX® permanent formwork

The universal tie simplifies and makes installation convenient, allowing the reinforcement to be fastened directly to the tie.

Permanent formwork PENOPLEX FOUNDATIONFragment of the assembled fixed formwork from PENOPLEX® slabs with a universal tie

The manufacturer of PENOPLEX┬« thermal insulation boards PENOPLEX SPb LLC has extensive experience in the use of permanent formwork technology in private housing construction. The company’s specialists are ready to advise customers and carry out installation supervision. To help those wishing to take advantage of the company’s achievements in the field of application of this technology, PENOPLEX SPb LLC has developed a “Technological map for the construction of strip monolithic foundations using the technology of permanent formwork using PENOPLEX┬« boards and universal polymer screeds”. The document describes in detail the procedure for organizing and technology of installation work, reflects issues of safety, quality control of work, provides a list of required regulatory documents.

The process of erection of permanent formwork using PENOPLEX® boards is presented in a simplified and visual way in the video:

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