Pouring bucket for a bath: features of selection and installation

Fans of bathing procedures cannot imagine how they can refuse tempering. It is good if the bathhouse is located next to a reservoir, a swimming pool, where you can plunge after a hot steam bath. Otherwise, many bathhouse owners buy a douche bucket, the choice and features of which will be told by our advice site.

Pouring device

Like so many bath accessories, the varieties of which the portal wrote about, the douche bucket has practically not changed over all the centuries of its existence. Modern douche buckets look and are used the same as hundreds of years ago, when our great-grandfathers carried out hardening procedures..

Of course, you can pour cold water after a steam room just from a basin or tub. But the douche bucket is more convenient to use. It is mounted on the wall in the washing area, next to the steam room. The mechanism operates according to the “changeling” principle. I pulled on the rope or chain – all the water from the bucket suddenly pours out onto the head. The effect is amazing!

Water bucket

It is important not only to choose a place for hanging the bucket, so that it matches the height of the homeowners, and is convenient and with a drain. It is also necessary to organize the supply of water to the container. The system works on the principle of a toilet bowl flush – water is supplied through a flexible hose inside to a certain level, thanks to a special valve, it does not overflow. It is highly desirable that there is a tap on the hose to shut off the water supply while the bath is not being used, this will ensure that there are no possible leaks.

The whole structure, therefore, includes:

  1. The bucket itself, most often classic, wooden, with hoops. This helps it to serve as a decorative element, to fit perfectly into the interior of the bath. Of course, you can use a stainless steel container, as bath owners often do when they make a pouring device with their own hands..
  2. Wooden brackets that attach to the wall.
  3. Rotation system, bucket flipping.
  4. Water supply system so that you don’t have to manually pour it into the bucket every time. However, our ancestors did without automation, so it’s up to you whether to spend extra money on comfort.

Pouring bucket with stainless steel insert and valve

Important! Modern wooden buckets usually have a plastic liner. It will protect the wood from drying out, mold, and extend the life of the container.

Pouring bucket with plastic liner

Pouches are made most often from larch and oak, wood that is least afraid of moisture and lasts a long time. Coopers made of stained wood are especially appreciated, but they are the most expensive. The volume of the pouring bucket is usually from 10 to 20 liters, just for one powerful shower.

Pouring device for a cedar bath

Important! Some summer residents specifically install a dousing bucket on the street in order to quickly cool off after working in the beds. This is a variant of a simple summer shower.

There are models of pouring buckets, in which the bottom folds back. They do not need a “rollover” mechanism, the container always remains in one position on the brackets. This version of the pouring bucket is called “rainfall”, while overturning models are usually called “waterfall”.

Pouring bucket

Ready-made pouring buckets are always sold complete with a water supply system, brackets, bottom opening or flipping mechanism. Wooden models with a volume of 15 liters are about 5 thousand rubles. The owners of the bathhouse can only choose a suitable place for attaching the bucket, recall: at a height of about 2 meters, with an indent from the wall, in a place with a drain and water supply.

The accessory is useful, because hardening procedures rejuvenate the body, remove toxins, improve the condition of the skin and its appearance, and help boost immunity. The pouring bucket allows such hardening even if there is no pool and hot tub in the bathhouse or next to it.

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