Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

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A spiral staircase is ideal for a small opening. In this article, we will consider the creation of a similar metal structure, which is built relative to the central pillar. You can make such a metal structure with your own hands, spending up to $ 700 for this. e.

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

Features of creating a spiral staircase

A spiral staircase is a structure that consists of winding steps that can be placed in small spaces, connecting different levels of the room. In order for such a ladder to be suitable for use, some points must be considered:

  • calculate the heights when the staircase connects several floors (so that a person can freely pass under the spans of an upward march);
  • adhere to the rule of optimal pitch along the center line (2h + s = 550… 650 mm);
  • do not make too “steep” stairs so that it is convenient to descend;
  • securely fasten the central post – it is the basis of the structure;
  • make the ladder wide enough, at least 600 mm.

Structural design

1. Carrying out measurements of the opening.

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

2. Drafting a staircase indoors.

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

3. Elaboration of detailed drawings.

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

Spiral staircase made of metal on a central pillar

4. Counting the amount of required material, consumables.

To make a staircase, we need:

  • sheet “black” 1250x2500x3 mm – 1 piece.
  • pipe “black”? 219 – 2.5 m
  • sheet “black” 8 mm – 500×1000 mm
  • anchor М16 – 12 pcs..
  • screw М16х30, c / b – 12 pcs.

We will use as consumables and tools:

  • welding machine
  • electrodes
  • Bulgarian
  • cutting discs
  • cleaning wheels
  • perforator
  • drill for М16
  • roulette
  • square
  • marker
  • metal primer

5. Calculation of the cost of work:

  • the cost of the material will be about 400 USD. e .;
  • the cost of consumables will be approximately $ 300. e.

As a result, you can make a spiral staircase for $ 700. e.

Product manufacturing

1. Metal cutting. On a metal sheet, mark out the contours of the parts with a marker and tape measure. Then we cut out the necessary elements with a grinder and cutting discs. We immediately prepare the embedded elements, cut the pipe.

2. Assembly of the structure in the workshop or in a separate room. We choose a flat surface, on the basis of which we will assemble the structure. We weld the steps by elements (risers with treads), fasten the steps to the pillar with tacks, check the main dimensions. Then we make marks on the pipe where the steps should be. We disassemble the assembly into elements.

3. Cleaning of welding irregularities. We remove all nodules with a cleaning wheel, bring the details to a neat look.

4. Priming of staircase elements. We process all parts of the stairs for their longer use.

Installation work

1. Marking the levels of “clean” floors, ladder attachment points. In the building, mark the heights of the steps, the extreme points of the stairs.

2. Installation of embedded elements. Trying on the central pillar. We mark the places where it should be attached. We install the M16 anchor using a hammer drill and a drill. We fix embedded elements.

3. Installation of the central post. We install the pillar on the mortgages, weld it to the flanges.

4. Fixing the steps to the pipe. We install steps on the previously marked places of the pillar, fasten them on tacks to the pipe.

5. Control of important dimensions. We check the compliance of the sizes with the project, if necessary we correct.

6. Final strengthening of the structure. With the correct arrangement of the assemblies, we carry out complete welding of the elements among themselves.

7. Treatment of uneven seams, primer. We clean the weld beads on the stairs. We carry out a priming of all elements that have been cleaned and welded.

After completing all the above steps, we get a reliable and comfortable ladder for a small opening. After that, you can choose the desired fence, revet the steps with stone or wood, or you can leave it as it is – it all depends on the purpose for which the staircase will be used.

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