Spiral staircase railing: options

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A spiral staircase is a compact climbing structure that must have a convenient guardrail. Consider in this article different options for its execution, manufacturing nuances, as well as approximate prices.

Spiral staircase railing: options

Important points when creating a railing for a spiral staircase

To get a convenient and practical enclosure of a spiral staircase, you must adhere to several rules:

  • observe the recommended height of the handrail: for a flat area – 1050–1100 mm, and for an inclined one – 900–950 mm;
  • the minimum pitch of the balusters must be at least 300 mm;
  • take care of the joints of different materials – provide overlays, washers, decorative elements;
  • think in advance about the method of attaching the fence to the stairs, install mortgages before facing the steps;
  • ensure smooth transitions of the handrail from an inclined part to a flat one.

Spiral staircase railing: options

The main types of fences

For a spiral staircase, you can choose any type of fence, but it is important to remember about the general ensemble of the room, the combination of elements. The main types include the following options:

  • glass fences – appropriate for offices, houses in a modern design style;
  • fences with “black” metal – a budget option for different cases, can be painted in different colors;
  • fencing with stainless steel – suitable for streets and wet rooms, fit into high-tech interiors;
  • wooden fences – suitable for classic-style houses, for rooms with large spaces;
  • combined options – suitable for different objects, depending on what materials are used.

Glass railing

A modern and stylish solution that will cost from $ 100 e. for running m. When designing such a fence, you must first take into account the minimum radius of flexible elements – in different companies it may differ. In this case, it is advisable to use tempered glass or triplex – so that if they break, they do not injure anyone.

Spiral staircase railing: options

Fencing made of “black” metal

The most affordable option that can look presentable (you need to use high-quality paints). The cost of such a fence will be from 80 cu. e. for running m. It is important to use profiles that are easy to bend and also look good in finished form (round pipes, rods, sheets).

Spiral staircase railing: options

Stainless steel railing

A long-lasting, beautiful option that will cost from $ 130 e. for running m. When creating such a fence, it is important to weld it correctly and process the surfaces with high quality – the finished result will depend on this..

Spiral staircase railing: options

Wooden fencing

A solid solution for a home, which will cost from $ 150. e. for running m. When creating fencing elements, it is important to lay allowances for the joints, as well as use good wood that will not crack, deform during operation.

Spiral staircase railing: options

Combined fencing options

The most expensive solutions that cost from 200 USD e. for running m. When creating such fences, special attention should be paid to the joints of materials, to think over all the junctions and combinations of different elements with each other.

Spiral staircase railing: options

A fence for a spiral staircase can be classic or modern, carved or in strict lines – the choice of one or another option depends only on your own preferences. Create amazing fences and enjoy beauty and sophistication!

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