Staircase with glass steps

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To create an “air” staircase with glass steps on your own is a very real idea, which we will consider in more detail in this article. You can choose a more expensive version with stainless bowstrings, or you can create a construction of “black” steel.

Staircase with glass steps

Important points when creating a staircase with glass

When designing and manufacturing a structure with glass steps, it is important to adhere to a few tips:

  • use triplex glass – in case the elements break, the fragments will remain in a single assembled form (the intermediate film ensures adhesion of the glass layers);
  • use rubber seals at the junction of glass with metal – so that no chips, cracks occur;
  • lay gaps between the elements – the glasses may have an error during manufacture, therefore the minimum deviation should be taken as 2 mm;
  • order glass only after the creation of the metal structure – the actual dimensions may differ from the design ones, which should be taken into account.

Project development

1. Taking measurements. It is necessary to measure the main dimensions of the room, find out the distance between the “clean” floors.

Staircase with glass steps

2. Creation of the main stair project.

Staircase with glass steps

3. Development of detailed drawings.

Staircase with glass steps

Staircase with glass steps

Staircase with glass steps

Staircase with glass steps

4. Counting the number of materials and consumables. The calculation will be carried out for a staircase made of stainless steel (for “ferrous” metal, we will give the costs and prices below).

To create a staircase, you need the following material:

  • stainless steel 3 mm 1250×2500 – 1 sheet;
  • pipe 40×40 (stainless steel) – 12 m;
  • strip 60×6 mm (stainless steel) – 4 m.
  • screw М8х40 – 20 pcs .;
  • screw М12х120 – 8 pcs .;
  • anchor М12 – 8 pcs .;

Ordered items:

  • triplex glass – 5 pieces.

Consumables, tools:

  • Bulgarian
  • cutting discs
  • cleaning discs
  • ruler
  • marker
  • welding machine
  • argon welding wire
  • argon gas beam
  • perforator
  • drill for М12
  • sanding belt
  • felt circles
  • silicone sealant

5. Calculating the cost of manufacturing a structure.

  • expenses for materials will be: 500 USD e .;
  • expenses for consumables: 300 USD e.

The total cost of creating a staircase will cost $ 800. e.

6. Calculating the cost of creating a staircase from “black” metal. To make the ladder cheaper (in the event that it is located in a room where there is no dampness, moisture), you will need to use almost the same items for work, except for a sanding belt, felt discs, items for argon welding. To make a cheaper structure, you will additionally need:

  • metal primer
  • putty for metal
  • paint
  • welding machine
  • electrodes

In this case, the cost of creating a staircase will be as follows: $ 200 e. (cost of materials) + 300 USD e. (price of consumables) = $ 500 e. (total cost).

Construction production

1. Cutting sheets and pipes into parts using a grinder and cutting discs.

2. Welding of structural elements, creation of basic assemblies.

3. Checking dimensions, cleaning seams.

4. Processing elements with a sanding belt and felt discs to a polished state. In the case of using “black” metal, primer, putty and painting of assembly units are carried out.

5. Ordering glass elements in special organizations.

Ladder installation

1. Marking of heights, base points of attachment of the stairs.

2. Installation of M12 anchors.

3. Fastening the bowstrings with anchors and M12 screws to the wall of the opening.

4. Installation of glass parts, fixing them.

5. Checking the rigidity of the structure, compliance with the design dimensions.

6. Carrying out the sealing of joints using silicone sealant (relevant for the street, wet room).

A staircase with glass steps is a stylish and modern solution for your own home. This design will be ideal for both outdoors and indoors, in places with high humidity..

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