The most common mistakes when building a bath

It happens – it seems like I took a steam bath, everything is as usual, but there was no desire to come here a second time. And the state of health is not very good – my head hurts, some kind of fatigue … This may be proof that the bath was built with mistakes. Let’s figure out what mistakes are made most often..

The most common mistakes when building a bath

The first mistake – small size

One of the indispensable bath procedures is to take a steam bath. Now imagine a steam room in which the attendant cannot even swing a broom at a person lying on a shelf normally. Moreover, he cannot work with two hands. Inconvenient, right? According to experts, one person in a family-type steam room should have at least 1.3 m2. Experts call a cube the ideal shape for a steam room, the minimum dimensions of which are 2.65 m in length, width and height. For this reason, barrel baths are criticized by professional bath attendants, because it is usually very difficult to soar in two hands in them..

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Second mistake – wrong shelves

The width of the shelves in the steam room should be at least 80–85 cm so that the person lying on them does not hang their hands. Experts advise to make the lower shelves folding. If a person is lying at the top, the attendant will be able to approach him closely with brooms and not rest his feet on the lower tier. You should also choose the optimal height of the shelves, especially if children and the elderly will visit the steam room – they should be comfortable climbing.

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Error three – improper ventilation

We wrote in detail about the importance of arranging ventilation in the bath and its options. If there is no proper ventilation in the steam room, carbon dioxide will quickly accumulate in the room, which will lead to headaches for people there. According to experts, the bath should have three levels of ventilation: supply, exhaust and control. The supply channel is equipped in the area of ​​the door, at the bottom of the stove. Regulating – on the wall opposite to the stove, not high from the floor, and the outlet duct – on the ceiling, it will allow you to quickly lower the temperature if the bath is overheated.

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Mistake four – wrong choice of oven

The most important thing is that the chosen stove matches the size of the steam room. You should carefully read the instructions from the manufacturers of ready-made ovens – it should indicate how much room they are designed for. Too weak stove will not allow heating the steam room to the desired temperature, too strong – it will quickly overheat. Experts advise choosing a stove with a small margin. For example, if you have a steam room with a volume of 15 m3, then it is advisable to choose a stove designed for a room with a volume of 20 m3.

Important! Professional bath attendants strongly recommend placing the stove closer to the door. This will ensure ventilation, and the rest of the space can be used to the maximum..

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Error five – short and incorrectly installed chimney

If the chimney for the stove is too short, it will not give normal draft. According to experts, for a heater designed for a steam room with a volume of 15 m33, the length of the chimney should be about 5 m. In addition, it is very important to make a fire-fighting unit at the place where the chimney passes through the roof in order to protect the bath from fire. Today, sandwich chimneys are popular, double-circuit, with an insulating layer inside and a protective shell. Ideally, the chimney should be straight – bends can lead to a loss of draft and burnout.

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Errorsixth – improper arrangement of water supply and sewerage

It is very advisable to run a water supply to the steam room, so as not to run around with buckets and buckets. It is convenient if there is a mixer in the main room of the bath to draw water for pouring and creating steam. In addition, experts insist that the steam room should have a channel for water drainage, in which case the room will simply be washed out of the hose. Sewer drains can be round, linear, square. Linear is usually placed along the door, and round or square – in the center. In order for the water to drain into the canal, the floor is made at a slight slope.

Important! If the floor in the steam room is tiled, it is imperative that you need wooden coasters and flooring so that you do not step on the cold ceramic surface when descending from the hot shelf. Even better – warm floor under the tiles.

The most common mistakes when building a bath

Error seventhMay – lack of accessories

You will say that all these watering cans, brooms, hats, towels and sheets are overkill, you can do it. Meanwhile, it is all these little things that are actually convenient and useful accessories for the bath, making it comfortable and especially pleasant to visit..

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